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YMMV / Mini Robot Wars

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  • Awesome Music: Each theme is very engaging, especially the ones in the Waste Sands, South Ocean, and Iron Fortress levels. The Mission Stages also have catchy music.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • The Mole is this if you don't have a way to reveal Stealth, since your units won't even attack them, and their attack hits an entire column of minirobots at a very rapid pace. Once you do have Stealth removers or revealers, much of the pain is taken out.
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    • The knights, but only in Meteoric Army (See That One Level below). They're Goddamned Bats otherwise.
    • The Titan. While the Giant wasn't much of a pushover with its huge health pool & powerful attack, the Titan takes it up several notches by having around twice as much health & being able to destroy three minirobots with 1 attack! It also doesn't help that it has the same movement speed, damage and lives taken as the Giant.
  • Fridge Logic: The Minirobots are supposedly peaceful. Sure, and they just happen to have guns, missiles, explosives, swords, plasma guns, sniper rifles... you get the idea. Most probably, they had to weaponize themselves when the Machines attacked.
  • Funny Moments: The remove option, where a metallic claw(known as "Remover Bot") looms over the chosen minirobot before swiping it off screen, accompanied by the classic cartoon swiping sound.
  • Goddamned Bats: Jumpers are fast and are pretty hard to hit with a straight-firing minirobot due to their constant jumping. Thankfully, they don't have much health at all.
    • Jetpackers, which are fast air units that deal good damage to flying units. They tend to appear at the start of a level, and they hurt a lot if you let one escape.
    • Rocket Wagons will fire missiles at a random lane. This doesn't sound so bad until you realize that if a missile goes off the screen to the right, it also damages you, meaning that you better have all your defences up on all lanes to shoot any incoming missiles.
    • Speeder Subs are fast and can change the lane they're on, forcing you to place minirobots to cover multiple lanes.
    • Drillers can't be hit by straight-firing attacks unless they're hit with the radar or are attacking a minirobot. And they come in large numbers on later waves.
    • Knights are pretty fast, have a good amount of health, and can damage 2 minirobots in one go with a painful piercing attack.
  • Game-Breaker: Missiler Bots. They function like Cattails from Plants vs. Zombies, which means that they can attack enemies anywhere on the screen! Also, unlike cattail spikes, their missiles find another enemy if their current target is destroyed! The upgrade makes them fire missiles even faster! One can build nothing but these, Fusors, and anti-stealth units to solo many stages. It also costs just 50 energy & can be placed on any surface that can be stood on by the minirobots. The developers noted this, and nerfed the Missiler Bots in the second game.
    • Another Game-Breaker is the Surveyor Bot, which allows any Minirobot that is placed on it to see camouflaged machines. Unsurprisingly, this is commonly used with Missiler Bots.
    • The Atomic Bot's explosion covers the entire screen, dealing massive damage to all enemies on screen & completely depleting it of spikes in the Iron Fortress levels. An upgrade makes it powerful enough to kill a Giant in 1 shot.
    • Both place on upgrades for the Gunner Bot & Cannon Bot. The Gunner Bot gets a powerful gatling gun, while the Cannon Bot turns into a powerful Mortar Bot, which can fire Mini Bombers at any enemies infront of it. Of course, this is offset by being obtained in the very last few levels before the final boss.
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Star Travel Inc. crosses this for creating the machines that attack the green planet. They cross it even further in "The Last Stand" for the dirty tricks (read: screwing around with the ecosystem) that they try during their third attack.
    • They also caused a power shortage during their second attack in episode 2(The Revenge).
  • That One Attack: Destroyer's Mouth Beam, which kills 2-3 rows of units very quickly. It's like Dr Zomboss' Winnebago attack combined with his fire/ice balls, but unlike Zomboss' very predictable attacks, Destroyer's beam comes out from nowhere.
  • That One Level: The "Mission Stage" Meteoric Army, due to four reasons.
    1. You have a slot machine, which you have to time correctly in order to get your Minirobots. In order to get three in one go (which is essential here), you'll need to match all three. You can't afford to take too long timing the slots or else the machines WILL overwhelm you.
    2. The enemies fall down from the sky via Meteors. Not only can they randomly fall around the middle of the area, allowing the enemy troops to get behind your front lines, they also happen to be One Hit Kills on your units (that includes both defense-based units you can get here). If a whole bunch of them fall on your middle area, tough luck!
    3. Knights. When coming from the meteors dropping in the middle of your troops, these guys will easily take out your back rows due to their piercing attack ability. Worse still, these have quite a bit of health, hurt a lot (on both your Minirobots and your health), AND are fast!
    4. The final wave? A Heavy Smasher, 2 Ultra Cyclers, and a Mega Smasher (which WILL destroy any non-defensive unit in a hit) will land on the area, along with some Knights and some Cyclers. Good luck beating these after your defences have been ruined by the previous attacks.


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