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YMMV / Joy Mech Fight

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  • Broken Base: Whether the game's large cast and unique mechanics make it stand out among fighting games, or make it drag on for way too long.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Certain characters have projectile fields that pass over themselves. If you repeatedly pause the game, they will somehow take damage from this. It's another odd similarity to Mega Man 1, where a pause glitch could be used to multi-hit bosses with a single projectile.
  • That One Boss:
    • Jibber. His attacks, especially Broken Arm, have extremely long ranges, making it difficult to approach him.
    • Ho-Oh (Houou in the translation), by virtue of being the Final Boss, has extremely powerful attacks, one (Ho-Oh Upper) that does 24 units of damage, over a quarter of your health bar. He also has fast forwards movement and a projectile that is quick and deals half as much damage as Houou Upper.

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