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  • Darker and Edgier:
    • When Factorio is compared to Minecraft (which it has been, given the sandbox nature and that its development was inspired by several early Minecraft mods), Factorio is positively grimdark. While in Minecraft the "goal" is to build whatever your heart desires, possibly at the cost of digging up significant resources and exploitation of the countryside, even in its most destructive constructions the visuals are still bright and positive. In Factorio, you start on a perfectly happy world, and very quickly tear it to pieces. The trees, originally green and red, fade to brown and black (or are outright demolished by shotguns, explosives, or drones). The land is paved with concrete and covered in belts, machines, robots, and trains. The air is filled with pollution clouds from the boilers powering the machines. And the native aliens object to the intrusion, and are calmly cut down by gatling guns, lasers, and flamethrowers. And even starting from the main menu background, the game's visuals are dim, metallic grey, and industrial. And once you unlock Nuclear technologies, the fuel-burning generators are replaced by glowing green reactors, with a growing farm of centrifuges lighting up the land with a green cast as you pour barrels of acid down your mining drills to wring out raw uranium from the land to convert into fuel rods and atomic rockets.
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    • Heck the game's Green Aesop has been inverted so hard by the fanbase that to many players the game's ultimate enemy is not the aliens, but the trees, because they get in the way of further expanding the factory, and the wood they produce is only useful to make shotguns, early chests, early power poles, and, if you're desperate, the worst fuel source in the game.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Modules make the mid- and late-game a lot less taxing on your resources. Speed improves the rate you process materials, Efficiency reduces power draw, and Productivity gives extra output every so often. The impact of Productivity in particular is so strong that they actually nerfed it to only be useable with intermediate products to prevent you getting, say, "free" roboports once every so often, or even extra U-235 and U-238 via Kovarex enrichment processing.note 
      • This is made even more pronounced in mods. For example, Bob's Mods adds combined-effect Modules that give you all the benefits of the modules without their normal balancing drawbacks: Raw Speed doesn't cause power consumption to go up, Green Modules reduce both power consumption and pollution production, and Raw Productivity increases Productivity without reducing crafting speed or increased power consumption. Finally, God Modules, which can be disabled in the mod's configuration settings, grant every single Module boost in a single module slot.
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    • Logistic Bots, once you have the infrastructure and power grid to support them, completely shatter the difficulty of designing your facilities to accomodate an increasingly large maze of conveyors and pipes, as once you have Logbots, you can essentially run all your processing/production via a large network of Provider, Requester, and Storage chests, and use fluid barrels to transport oil/lubricant/acid instead of a network of pipes and pumps
      • There are mods that add Nuclear Bots, which never need to stop to recharge at your roboports and thus further reduce the strain on your power facilities, although they do require nuclear fuel to produce and explode if destroyed.
    • Arguably, the tank qualifies as this. Once you get it, the alien hordes are simply not a threat anymore.
  • Good Bad Bugs:
    • FFF 285 has the developers talk about some minor graphical bugs that were spotted and then quickly fixed during the early phases of version 0.17 testing and development. Of all the graphical glitches shown, the playerbase liked the "biter blood-stained grass" effect the most.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • Spaghetti Conveyor Belts explanation 
    • “The factory is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding factory.” explanation 
  • Moment of Awesome:
    • When the rocket silo finally opens up after inputting enormous amounts of resources to build the rocket is a ridiculously satisfying moment, especially on the first playthrough. Seeing the silo open up, setting off a Red Alert siren and having it reveal the fruits of your labour is incredible.
    • When playing with the Biter difficulty turned up and having to deal with Death World levels of wildlife attacks, it can be immensely gratifying to finally get your weapons and defenses strong enough to not only halt attacks on your growing factory, but drive them back to reclaim land that was being overrun by budget Zerg. Extra points if you drive them back with careful use of the Rocket Launcher with an Atomic payload.
  • Slow-Paced Beginning: The first hour or so of any new campaign consists mainly of mining resources by hand, running back and forth between a bunch of crappy burner equipment, chopping down trees to clear construction space, and fending off minor biter incursions every once in a while, all so you can handcraft your first science packs to unlock automation technologies. Researching electrical equipment then marks the point where things start getting interesting. Unsurprisingly, mods that provide the player with a bunch of tier 1 gear to skip the tedious burner phase tend to be pretty popular.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: While even tier 1 electric equipment has useful applications throughout the whole game, tier 0 burner gear is really only viable during the game's Slow-Paced Beginning. It loses virtually any relevance the moment you unlock electricity, so if you continue to use it regardless, you're either out for a Self-Imposed Challenge or in need of something to get rid of excess wood.
    • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Since Burner Inserters run on coal, and can self start by feeding themselves coal, keeping one around to jump start your powerplant after a brownout is a common strategy.
  • Unwinnable by Insanity: If the map is of limited size, the total amount of ore is limited, making it possible to exhaust it completely before launching the rocket and making the map unwinnable. However, one has to deliberately try to do that by some combination of lowering the resource amount, deliberately wasting resources or turning on expensive and/or marathon mode.

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