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  • How do the guns work without including some sort of propellant like gunpowder in the ammunition? They could work without it but that would make them coil/railguns, and if they are why would they leave bullet casings in a Spent Shells Shower?
    • The Spent Shells Shower is really just the result of Rule of Cool and it's also possible that the guns are powered by compressed air or something. Besides. It would kinda suck for balance purposes if you had to go and make gunpowder in order to make bullets. Maybe the guns use some sort of propulsion that DOESN'T require gunpowder.
    • Or it's just another example of Anti-Frustration Features. Having to gather another resource to craft such an essential item like ammunition would make the game harder. Sure, they could simply make you craft bullets with iron plate and coal instead of just iron plate, but apparently it was better idea to just ignore coal for the sake of simplicity.
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    • Bob's Mods avert this with their Military Pack mod, which adds a brass Gunmetal alloy for making casings for the new, higher-tier ammunition, as well as petrochemical-derived Cordite propellents.
    • Gameplay and Story Segregation. If the player had to gather gunpowder, it would make guns somewhat border on Awesome, but Impractical
    • Since the game also have "diesel train" that couldn't run on oil, maybe the guns here are just railguns with a Non-Indicative Name?
  • Why is the Personal Defense Laser module for Powered Armor more powerful than a full-sized Laser Turret at the same tier? It deals significantly more Laser damage per shot for less energy.
    • Mass producing a weapon often means you can't customize it, and the focus is often on quantity, not quality. Plus, you're likely going to have more than 1 Laser Turret covering 1 area - so the PDL has more firepower to make up for the fact that you can only hold 1.
    • That's incorrect though; a single suit of power armor can have a small arsenal of PDLs fitted into it. This gets more extreme and dangerous when you consider that PDLs also function while driving a tank, resulting in a mobile death platform.

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