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YMMV / Deadly Class

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Tropes applying to both the comic and the TV show:

Tropes applying to just the comic:

  • Hollywood Homely: Shabnam gets called 'ugly' a lot, but while he's portly, he's not otherwise drawn as being unattractive. At least until issue 38, which is the first time we see him after the pep rally.

Tropes applying to just the TV show:

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Fuckface's alleged Freudian Excuse. He tells Chico's severed head that his father made him do something that messed him up because he didn't like the way he loved his dog. Did his father actually make him have sex with his dog, triggering his obsession with bestiality? Or did his father catch him having sex with his dog and made him kill it as punishment?
  • Complete Monster: Chester "Fuckface" Wilson is an aspiring Serial Killer. After he murdered his father, he was sent to Sunset Boy's Home, where he often tormented Marcus Lopez Arguello. After Marcus detonated a bomb that disfigured his face, Wilson used the ensuing confusion to murder the residents and staff of Sunset Boy's Home. When Marcus is painted as the most likely suspect, Chester vows to hunt him down as vengeance for stealing his attention. He sets up base in Shabnam's house, where he holds Shabnam's parents and Dwight as slaves for him and his family to torture, as well as a few dogs for him to have sex with. When he begins his killing spree proper, he videotapes a random person he killed, and then kills a woman who witnessed what he did. He follows Marcus and the gang to Las Vegas and takes Chico's severed head to use as leverage to lure Marcus out.
  • Les Yay:
    • Saya and Maria spend a lot of time together, and Saya seems very jealous of Chico. After Chico is killed and Maria doesn't seem sufficiently broken up about it, her fellow Vatos insinuate that maybe she was cheating on him with Saya.
    • In "The Clampdown", Brandy Lynn gets surprisingly chummy with Maria as she advises her on how to deal with Saya. Given that she and her Dixie Mob stand to benefit if the Vatos and Kurokis all kill each other, this is probably opportunism.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: In "Saudade", Marcus' drug trip leads to some of the series' most impressive visual effects.
  • Wangst: While Marcus is often justified for his depressing inner monologues considering his current state of living, it can get grating as it slowly approaches Emo Teen edgelord levels of whining.

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