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Nightmare Fuel / Deadly Class

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The comic book series

  • The various tortures devised by the cartel and the Yakuza are all nightmarish.
  • Petra's betrayal and murder of Billy, and her completely calm reaction to watching him die in agony.
"Die for me, Billy."

The TV series

Mirror People
  • The sudden arrival of the Yakuza assassins. One minute, the kids are ramping up for a stupid stunt. The next moment, Jaden's hand gets cut off and Petra and Viktor get stabbed.
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  • Petra's horrifying origin is revealed: Originally a devout Christian girl, her parents suddenly fell under the sway of a Satanic cult, and when her father took over the cult, he murdered her mother, tore out her eyes, and forced Petra to look at them.
  • Marcus has to fight an enraged Chico while he's stoned out of his skull. It goes about as well as you'd expect.
Stigmata Martyr
  • Maria goes off her meds, swinging between hypersexuality, severe depression, and murderous paranoia, eventually reaching the point where she becomes convinced that Marcus is cheating on her and tries to kill him.
The Clampdown
  • Cooped up in their dorm rooms with several bad influences, Maria and Saya each become convinced that the other is trying to kill them.
  • Master Lin interrogates Marcus by coldly beating him across the face with his cane. Repeatedly. He also lays out just how fucked Marcus will be if he doesn't reveal who killed Yukio - he will be kicked out of Kings Dominion, thrown back into the street, and lose the family he has created for himself.
Kids of the Black Hole
  • Madame Gao sends Diablo after Master Lin's wife and daughter. Lin and Shu put up a hell of a fight, but Diablo's got several men, and Shu ends up with her brains splattered on the wall.
Sink With California
  • Lin and his daughter are reduced to desperately holding their breaths in the hope that the cartel hitmen won't find them.
  • Chester's entire family is terrifying. Highlights include Sue Ann, a screaming lunatic who is so high on PCP that she's virtually immune to pain, and the gigantic minion whose sheer size enables him to shrug off most attacks and who goes on a rant about being a god.

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