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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

The comic series

  • Petra and Helmut fantasizing about a burrito-themed Batman knockoff is one of the funniest moments in the series.

The TV series

Reagan Youth
  • Marcus picks up and smokes a joint that turns out to be laced with PCP, and hallucinates that he's being accosted by Ronald Reagan.
    "Looks like that joint was laced with angel dust, son. Bad call."
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  • Willie is an avowed pacifist, but still pulls a gun on Marcus when he expresses disdain for The Dark Phoenix Saga.
Noise, Noise, Noise
  • Viktor running around naked for half the house party.
    Willie: White people.
  • "There is old wisdom in Russia - sometimes you are dildo, and sometimes you are face!"
  • Lex dressing up in Shabnam's mother's clothes and beating him with her giant dildo... until Saya cuts it in half, with Marcus staring at the half that lands near him in dumbfounded shock.
Snake Pit
  • The various reactions to the hallucinogenic poison are comical. Viktor in particular winds up screaming that Baba Yaga is coming to kill him.
Mirror People
  • A couple of episodes after the house party, it's revealed that Shabnam not only didn't clean the place up, but the old weed dealer Dwight Shandy is still crashing there. He proceeds to pull a Risky Business move of dancing around in his underwear, before being shown discussing the movie with someone over the phone. The kicker of all this being the way the identity of the other person is revealed:
    Shandy: Fuck you, mom! (tosses phone away)
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  • Chico accuses Macus of getting them all thrown in detention with his "queefy darts".
    Marcus: You think that queefy dart was faster than The Flash?
    Saya: No, but he could out-queef Superman for sure.
  • Somehow, Chico and Marcus' argument about Ted Bundy and whether trauma played a role in his transformation into a serial killer segues into an argument about anal stimulation.
    Petra: Well, by that logic, I made Viktor three fingers more deadly.
    Viktor: She is lying. My "shoofla" is exit-only.
    Saya: Whatever broken shit is inside of us is there the day we're born. People are what they are.
  • When the gang arrives at the Deadheads camp, they're naturally confused about why they're making a pit stop, until Saya finally explains that they're scoring drugs.
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  • Saya and Maria ask Marcus to give them his money so that they can score drugs for him, but he refuses, insisting that he can find his own. Marcus ends up blowing his money on a sheet of weak LSD. Saya and Maria proceed to give him a lot of shit over it.
    Saya: I warned you about these crunchy hippies and their bunk drugs!
  • Maria tries to hit on Marcus while buzzing on cocaine. She ends up literally hitting him because she's so buzzed.
    Maria: I want this to be fun. I want to have fun with you, guapo. Do you want to have fun?!
    Marcus: Sure. Usually, fun has less aggressive chest-poking. Or none.
  • The kids get samples of acid. Maria, Saya and Willie each take one each and have a fun day. Marcus takes seven and gets stoned. He ends up under the car, ranting about digital mountains.
    Maria: Marcus, sweetie, the mountains aren't going away. But you have to come out. They won't infect you with the digital consciousness. Promise.
Stigmata Martyr
  • Towards the beginning of the episode, Fuckface tries to make a video documenting his latest kills. He tries to kill a pizza guy, but only manages to mortally wound him before discovering that he's been watched by some female bystander, so he goes to kill her, then hurries back to finish off the pizza guy, then puts up graffiti announcing his name to the world and gets ready to film it... then discovers that he forgot to put a tape in his camcorder.
  • "All our asses are riding on his boner!"
  • Marcus comes across Viktor and his gang about to shove a stick up Shabnam's ass, and saves Shabnam by raising the question of why Viktor chose the showers as a place to assault someone. Viktor lamely insists it's for the sake of cleanliness, but his goons note that they do carry out a lot of business in the shower.
  • Billy flirts with Miss De Luca to make Petra jealous. This leads to him seemingly talking her into sex... and when it cuts back to them shortly after, he's been left hogtied in his underwear on the floor, while she reads insults at him out of a book, in the most deadpan tone possible.
    • Even better, Lin and Gao were just having an argument about the proper amount of discipline necessary for the students, when they come across this.
    • Instead of using this as another example of Lin not having a firm grip on the school, she says that they need more of it.
Rise Above
  • Fuckface spends almost the whole episode chatting with Chico's head. While in the bathroom.
    • Shandy complains about being stabbed by one of Fuckface's relatives, with Fuckface writing it off as letting them blow off steam. What sells the scene is how casual Shandy is during the whole exchange.
  • Desperate to find Fuckface's hideout, Marcus, Saya, and Billy reluctantly release Scorpio Slasher. Not being complete idiots, they keep him on a leash. Poor Billy gets stuck holding the leash.
  • Fuckface fanboying over meeting the Scorpio Slasher and watching him overpower and disembowel Jimmy Jon with his own knife in ten seconds.
    Fuckface: It's an honor to meet you sir. They say to never meet your heroes, but screw that. This is better than a car show with Adam West.
The Clampdown
  • While Marcus is being interrogated and Maria and Saya are trying to get out from under their respective gangs, Billy, Lex, and Petra are locked up together and getting on each other's nerves. Finally, an annoyed Petra offers to let Billy and Lex have a threesome with her. Billy and Lex being, well... Billy and Lex, they spend so much time trying to figure out a sexual configuration that will minimize the risk of homoeroticism that by the time they agree on a position, the lockdown is over, and Petra goes off to get dinner.
  • The exchange between Brandy and Maria before Brandy manipulates the other girl into attacking Saya.
    Brandy: I hope I'm not speaking out of turn-
    Maria: Your lips are moving so one can assume.
Kids of the Black Hole
  • Fuckface delivers a musical tribute to Shandy.
  • Marcus' epic Oh, Crap! moment when he realizes that he's stumbled into a Betty and Veronica situation with a bipolar cartel asesina on one side and a cold-blooded Yakuza assassin on the other. And this is only the start of a hilariously terrible day full of mishaps that ends with him crapping his pants so badly that he renders nearly his entire outfit unwearable. And then his friends show up while he's still naked and waiting for his clothes to dry.
Sink with California
  • Chester's plan once he captures Marcus is to put him in a cheery, cheesy makeshift newsroom and begin conducting a report on why society has a Serial Killer problem.

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