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Recap / Deadly Class

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An episode and summary list for Syfy's original series, Deadly Class.

WARNING: All episodes will have unmarked, uncensored spoilers. Proceed with caution!

  1. Reagan Youth: Homeless teenager Marcus Lopez Arguello is recruited to attend a school for assassins led by the mysterious Master Lin—and is immediately tasked with tracking down and murdering someone before the night is over.
  2. Noise, Noise, Noise: After surviving a deadly pop quiz, Marcus and his friends attempt to unwind at a house party hosted by Shabnam. Meanwhile, Chico takes Maria for a night on the town.
  3. Snake Pit: The Legacy students prepare for a dance, while Marcus and the other Rats simply try to survive the week. Denke tells Lin his reservations about the work that they do, with devastating consequences.
  4. Mirror People: Several students sent to detention over the Legacy dance, including Marcus and Saya, find their lives in danger when a pair of Yakuza assassins hunting for Saya slaughter their way into the school. Elsewhere, Billy learns that his father's abusive behavior is escalating and resolves to take matters into his own hands.
  5. Saudade: Marcus, Saya, Maria, and Willie accompany Billy to Las Vegas so they can assassinate Billy's dad. However, Marcus's trip gets worse after he takes too much acid and begins hallucinating—and then gets much worse than that when he's attacked by both Maria's boyfriend Chico and his old roommate Chester.
  6. Stigmata Martyr: One month after returning from Vegas, Marcus tries to manage his relationships with the frustrated Saya and the increasingly unstable Maria. Billy flirts with Petra, to no avail. Gao tries to remake the school according to her own principles. And Chester continues his efforts to set up a deadly duel with Marcus.
  7. Rise Above: Marcus, Saya, and Billy go on a field trip with the Scorpio Slasher to track down Chester, while Chester—inspired by Chico's severed head—goes on a trip of his own to cause mayhem. Willie deepens his relationship with Gabrielle. Gao discovers one of Lin's closest secrets, further straining their relationship. And Maria is pushed to extremes when her cartel overseers arrive and order her to make more progress tracking down Chico's killer.
  8. The Clampdown: Lin institutes a lockdown until he can determine who killed Chico and Yukio. Tensions boil over between the Kuroki and Soto Vatos, with Saya and Maria caught in the middle. Meanwhile, some of the students begin exploring an alliance with Gao.
  9. Kids of the Black Hole: Marcus and his friends prepare to take the battle to Chester, and Marcus separately tries to balance his feelings for Saya and Maria. Saya is forced to choose between her duties to Lin and her love for Marcus. Willie's loyalty to his friends is tested by his pacifist ideals. And Lin implements his plan to deal with Gao, but she proves to be one step ahead of him.
  10. Sink With California: Marcus and his friends invade Chester's hideout and find themselves in pitched battle with his family. Elsewhere, Lin works frantically to keep his daughter alive and stay ahead of El Alma Del Diablo's forces.

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