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YMMV / Dark Disciple

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  • Broken Base:
    • The Ventress/Vos romance, besides those that shipped the two with others, Ventress with Obi-wan and Vos with Khaleen (his Legends love interest), some just found that the romance dragged on the story.
    • Killing off Ventress was very divisive, with many feeling that her death was cheap and that she should have lived due to being a more prominent and popular character than Vos, while others felt that her embracing the light in death properly ended her story arc.
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  • Continuity Lock-Out: Dark Disciple relies on the events that occurred in The Clone Wars in order for the readers to understand the general events of the novel.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
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  • Magnificent Bastard: The way Dooku reveals the truth about Tholme's death to Quinlan, is awesome in it's assholishness. First he just says it was Ventress, then shows him a holo-record of the event, then when Quinlan still refuses to believe him, he gives Quinlan Tholme's lightsaber to read with his Psychometry. Mind you, Dooku's not forcing Quinlan to touch it. He just leaves it in his cell, knowing full well, the doupt he planted, will eventually force Quinlan to give in. And let's not forget, it's a lightsaber. He gives a Jedi weapon, to a Jedi prisoner, since if he's got to touch it if he wants to use it to escape, which would mean reading it.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dooku's committed plenty of atrocities throughout the Clone Wars, but the massacre of the Mahran race just for being Republic citizens may as well be one of the most abhorrent things he's explicitly done in the Canon. It's even considered as such in-universe, as this act is what prompts the Jedi Council to finally consider assassinating him (something that Jedi are traditionally against).
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot:
    • Aayla Secura, who used to be Quinlan Vos' Padawan, and even claimed that he had been like a father to her, is completely absent from the novel, and isn't even mentioned. This is probably in part the result of Golden's research extending only as far as watching The Clone Wars, where Aayla doesn't give the name of the master she's talking about, and their relation was only confirmed in the episode guide for "Jedi Crash".
    • Similarly, when the Council contemplates executing Vos without fair trial, they bring up Barriss Offee's treason as an example of them having grown too placate. The fact that during the same unfortunate affair, they readily sent Ahsoka without fair trial to the hands of the Republic Military Tribunal and very nearly to her death in an eerily similar manner to the one proposed, isn't brought up at all.

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