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YMMV / Class of 1984

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  • Awesome Music: The theme song, "I am the Future" by Alice Cooper.
  • Catharsis Factor:
    • After seeing such rotten teens get away with everything, it becomes very satisfying when Terry Corrigan brings a gun to class and threatens members of the gang. For a moment, both Fallon and Patsy are knocked down a peg.
    • One ordered by the studio no less. Stegman's death was a straightforward Disney Villain Death. But executives found the character so evil they had Andy punch him to his death, and a caption says that he never got prosecuted for it.
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  • Chaotic Evil: Peter Stegman and his Neo-Nazis gang.
  • Complete Monster: Peter Stegman and his gang run the Inner City School with an iron fist. Even the teachers are understandably scared of him, as he's a brutal sociopath who runs drug and prostitution rings and has kids stabbed for ratting out his criminal activities. After Mr. Andrew Norris refuses to let Stegman play piano in his band due to Stegman's attitude problems, Stegman makes it his mission to torture him. He attacks his friends, has a lab full of animals skinned alive just to hurt Norris and his fellow teacher friend, and eventually leads a gang rape of Norris's wife before kidnapping her to lure Norris in with the intention of killing them both.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Teacher threatening his students at gunpoint? Terrifying. Teacher threatening delinquents to answer questions correctly - which they do? Hilarious.
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  • Cult Classic: Although it was a hit at the time, its cult popularity has prevented it from descending into obscurity. A special edition was even released in 2015 because of it.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Patsy, especially in the sexy black outfit she wears in the climax. It helps too that her actress, Lisa Langlois, is drop-dead gorgeous.
  • Les Yay: Patsy shows lesbian or bisexual tendencies towards a girl that Stegman has strip off for the gang. According to her actress Lisa Langois, it was an improv moment from her, who decided that Patsy would be turned on by violence.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Stegman and his gang crosses it by torturing and raping Ms Norris and then taunting her husband after the incident.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Michael J. Fox in one of his earlier roles, where he's credited just as Michael Fox due to an SAG technicality.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny:
    • The director himself said that the film's depiction of violence in schools looks tame compared to what ended up actually happening in Columbine, Sandy Hook etc.
    • The cast themselves and the screenwriter were shocked at the violence shown in the film, some of which pales in comparison to the Torture Porn of the 2000s. It's arguably tamer than the most brutal Game of Thrones episodes!
  • Values Dissonance: The students are still able to sneak weapons pass the metal detectors quite easily, which looks incredibly strange to viewers who grew up in a world where schools have zero tolerance policies around any kind of weapons (people have been expelled for bringing dinner knives in, as well as just making the shape of a gun with their fingers!)


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