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  • Awesome Art: As horrifying as "I Miss You" is, you have to admit that it's a very cool video. It helps that it was directed by John Kricfalusi.
  • Best Known for the Fanservice: The video for "Pagan Poetry" from Vespertine sticks out in memory because it features rotoscoped scenes of Björk and Matthew Barney having unsimulated sex. The piercings are also hard to forget.
  • Broken Base: Some find Volta, and to a lesser extent Biophilia, to be too "difficult" and/or "self-indulgent". For others, this have been the case since the Darker and Edgier Homogenic. And no, attempting to discuss this anywhere is not a good idea.
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  • Covered Up: Her song "It's Oh So Quiet" is a cover of the less well-known Betty Hutton song, "Blow a Fuse".
  • Crazy Awesome: Even if her music isn't for everyone, there's simply nobody like her. Seriously, try to find at least one person who thinks Björk has an average voice, decent lyrics and an unremarkable fashion style. Go ahead, try.
  • First Installment Wins:
    • Debut is her most popular album in the U.S.
    • Her first album with The Sugarcubes, Life's Too Good, is also their most popular album.
  • Heartwarming Moments: "Venus As A Boy", "Come To Me", "All is Full of Love".
    • "My Juvenile", a song she wrote for her son Sindri, definitely counts.
    • "Atom Dance", which is basically about coming to terms with breaking up and the aftermath.
    • In stark contrast with the previous release Vulnicura, Utopia is sweet and hopeful. It's telling when the cover art of the album is the first one on which she smiles.
    • Off Utopia, the opening track "Arisen My Senses" and the correspondent music video, in its own twisted way. It shows Björk hatching from a slug-like cocoon into a moth-woman, who then exchanges bows with Arca in front of a beautiful sunrise.
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  • Makes Just as Much Sense in Context: The origin of the "I Should Buy A Boat Cat" mentioned below.
  • Memetic Mutation:
  • Moment of Awesome:
  • Never Live It Down: The swan dress and the 1996 paparazzi incident (further paparazzi beatdowns go unnoticed).
    • Her song "I Remember You" is always going to be associated with Ricardo Lopez, who filmed himself listening and singing along to it before shooting himself in the head.
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  • Nightmare Fuel: Has its own page now.
  • Squick:
    • All the videos from Vespertine. "Hidden Place"'s video is a close-up shot of Björk's face as rainbow-colored mucus runs through her eyes, nose and mouth. "Pagan Poetry"'s controversial video is a highly stylized sex tape of herself and her partner with a bonus at the end as half-naked Björk expresses herself in front of the camera with her body all pierced with pearl. "Cocoon"'s shows Björk in a 'naked' bodysuit playing with red thread extruding from her nipples with a few squicky shots.
    • The "Cocoon" single cover.
    • She topped it all with "Mouth Mantra" video.
  • Signature Song: If you look closely, you can see she have her signature song for every album since they have their own personality:
    • Debut - "Human Behavior'' and "Big Time Sensuality" (particularly its video)
    • Post - "Army of Me", "Hyperballad" and "It's Oh So Quiet" are competing for the top spot.
    • Homogenic - "Joga", "Bachelorette" and "All Is Full Of Love".
    • Vespertine - "Pagan Poetry". "Hidden Place" and "Generous Palmstroke" are also not far behind.
    • Medúlla - Probably her most underrated album. People's favourites seem to be "Who Is It" and "Where Is The Line" with "Pleasure Is All Mine" and "Mouth's Cradle" as the runner-up.
    • Volta - "Earth Intruders" and "Declare Independence".
    • Biophilia - "Crystalline" and "Mutual Core".
    • Vulnicura - The 10 minute long "Black Lake" was widely praised by critics and quickly became a fan favourite, along with songs like "History of Touches" and "Stonemilker".
  • Tear Jerker:
    • On February 11, 2010, her longtime friend and collaborator Lee Alexander McQueen committed suicide. Björk performed "Gloomy Sunday" in his memorial. If this isn't enough to make you a teary mess, the performance itself will be.
    • The movie Dancer in the Dark, especially the ending.
    • "I've Seen It All", "Pneumonia", "Unravel", and "Mother Heroic".
    • "Pagan Poetry" should also qualify for a lot of people who don't find it to be Nightmare Fuel. Or maybe you find it to be both.
    • "Jóga" could fill this too.
    • "Possibly Maybe" is rather depressing as well.
    • The whole Vulnicura, especially "Black Lake" and "Family".
    • Some consider the story of Ricardo Lopez to be this. Feelings of inferiority and rejection controlled his life, veered him away from his dreams, and culminated with him growing so socially reclusive that he retreated into a celebrity-populated fantasy world. And while his actions of going after Bjork is terrifying, the point still remains: He was a broken and somber man who became obsessed due to his broken state and it lead to him almost hurting her and later on, ending his own life.

      "I Remember You" definitely counts, doubles as Nightmare Fuel. A stripped-down harp-and-vocals song made more distressing to most considering it was playing in the background when Björk's stalker Ricardo Lopez killed himself on tape. Makes it worse considering at the end of the tape, you hear Lopez shout (at least implied by some) "THIS FOR YOU!", as if saying it was all for Bjork.
    • "Hyper-ballad" can be interpreted to be about deliberately hiding your unhappy, unpleasant thoughts from your partner, in order to spare them your unhappiness and make the relationship work. That alone makes it pretty sad, and Bjork's performance doesn't help.
  • True Art Is Incomprehensible: Compounding that she was married to the artist who made these films, and they collaborated and starred in another film (she also did the soundtrack).
  • Uncanny Valley: The robots in the "All Is Full Of Love" video.
    • Her... manifestations in "Losss" and "Tabula Rasa".
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: All her music and music videos are surreal.
  • Win Back the Crowd: After Medúlla, the political Volta and nature-centered Biophilia didn't quite live up to the expectations of both critics and her fans (the former kind of lacking in delicacy and too avant-garde for the 'return-to-pop-roots' album, while the latter does not flow well and, to some, was nearly incomprehensible.). Then came the raw, emotional Vulnicura which garnered both critical acclaim and the praise from her fans.


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