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Nightmare Fuel / Björk

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  • "Cover Me" (from Post) is extremely spooky with all those programmings and harp arrangement. It also portrays Björk's desperation pretty well.



Medúlla(To be precise, this album is half scary and half inspiring.)

  • "Pleasure Is All Mine" is full of intense bass vocals and all those disturbing choruses. It's intimidating yet very glorious in its own way.
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  • "Ancestors". By far her most avant-garde song, it features throat singing that turns into a dog choking for air.
  • "Where Is the Line?" has creepy, stuttering bass vocals that could easily qualify. The music video's also rather dark. Definitely the darkest in Medulla's era.
  • "Submarine" is far too creepy for a motivational song Björk wrote for herself.


  • "Dark Matter" is also quite creepy, consisting of nothing but a dissonant, rumbling organ with her chanting gibberish over it.
  • “Virus” has soothing vocals and pretty chimes, giving it a sort of dreamlike feel, but the lyrics make it unnerving when noting the title; namely “I knock on your skin, and I am in”.


  • "Family" stands out as a particularly dark track, with the use of dissonant, atmospheric strings and heavy bass tones. This makes sense considering that dark ambient artist The Haxan Cloak helped to produce the song. The lyrics, on the other hand, stick firmly to Tearjerker territory.
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  • Andrew Thomas Huang's cover art for the CD and vinyl editions of the album.
  • "Mouth Mantra". Both the song itself and its video.

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