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YMMV / Barbarian Queen

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  • Accidental Innuendo: When the torturer attempts to rape Amethea, it is clear in the unrated cut that she is squeezing his lower body between her muscular thighs. The R-rated cut eliminates all the shots below the waist depicting this, causing it to look like Amethea is crushing the torturer's penis with her super-strong vagina.
  • Broken Base: Opinion is divided on whether or not this can be considered a feminist film. On the one hand, there are a lot of rapes depicted on-screen and quite a lot of male-gaze Fanservice. On the other hand, the whole movie is a subversion of the usual Heroic Fantasy tropes and The Hero is never made out to be a weak figure, even when she's strapped naked to a rack!
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  • Complete Monster: Lord Arrakur and his army wipe out Amethea's village, along with at least one other village over the course of several days raiding. He abducts the young men, forcing them to be gladiators in his arena and takes the women, including Amethea's younger sister, to be sex slaves. Arrakur allows his men to torture, rape and murder as they please. He captures Amethea and tortures her for information on the whereabouts of the rebels and tries to have her broken in anticipation of making her an obedient Sex Slave.
  • Cult Classic: The film has a following, for several reasons.
  • Narm: "Too tight! TOO TIIIIIIGHT!"

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