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Word of God in Webcomics.

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  • The Order of the Stick creator Rich Burlew has outright stated, several times that Belkar is Chaotic Evil (and no other alignment is remotely compatible with either his observed behavior or things like the effects, or lack thereof, of various spells on him); this doesn't stop some fans insisting that he is Chaotic Neutral. He's said it in the Giant In The Playground forums, he put it in this comic, not only explicitly states that Belkar is Chaotic Evil, but lampshades it by making it the literal Word of Archon (angel). And if you still don't believe it (fool), Belkar even says so himself here
    • That being said, the Dungeons & Dragons rules that govern the comic explicitly allow for alignments to change. Belkar's self-description was undoubtedly correct at the time, but the 14 years and 600+ strips since then have involved major Character Development for the halfling, enough to legitimately call his alignment back into question.
  • 8-Bit Theater creator Brian Clevinger has had to repeatedly enforce the idea that Black Belt was Killed Off for Real to the point where a strip which was (presumably) created to actually shoot down a fan theory was titled "Now Shut Up".
  • Similarly, the writer of In Wily's Defense assures quite often that Pharoah Man is dead for good and created a strip to reaffirm that.
  • Tom Siddell, author of Gunnerkrigg Court, is very helpful about providing background info and answering fan questions. So much, in fact, that it's become necessary to make an index(called the Word of Tom) to keep track of it all. There were two threads on the forum (54 combined pages, and counting) consisting of nothing but Tom answering fans' questions. The forum threads have since been abandoned in favor of Tom's formspring account, in which he has answered over 5000 questions at the time of this edit
  • In an Irregular Webcomic! forum thread:
    Does that mean, that every Death was originally the first person to die by that method?
    No, it doesn't mean that at all. In #1970: "ACCORDIN' TO THE LAWS OF THE OONIVERSE, CHOO'RE NOW DEFF OF GOIN' BACK IN TIME 'N' MURDERIN' CHORESELF." But what exactly the relevant law is, is not explained. It may or may not have anything to do with being the first person to have gone back in time and murdered oneself. Word Of God.
  • Averted in the Erfworld IRC. According to a "news" post on the main site, "You may NOT quote what I say as Word of God. There's a lot of thinking out loud. Anything I say in there is not canon, and may be changed, ignored, or totally reversed."
  • T Campbell of Penny and Aggie often responds on the forum to questions about aspects of, or incidents in, the characters' lives not covered in the comic, as long as answering wouldn't constitute a spoiler or limit his future options.
  • In Ultima-Java's UJ-verse a lot of the unimportant background and world establishing information was described on the Wiki or through discussion on the UJ Forums. The site is discontinued.
  • In Mob Ties, what Author Ninja says is law. Case in point:
  • Andrew Hussie, creator of MS Paint Adventures, has been pretty good about clarifying some of the more vague plot points of the latest series, Homestuck. A Recap Episode featuring his Author Avatar immediately after the one-year anniversary update particularly squashed a few misconception that were floating around the fandom. He also answers fan questions on his formspring, though he is just as likely subvert it by responding to persistently asked questions with "I don't know. At this point I'm probably just withholding those details to bug people." He is also a fully-fledged Teasing Creator who takes advantage of this trope to do things to annoy his fanbase, like declare all the fantrolls "Canon, even the shitty ones".
  • Precocious creator Chrispy typically replies to the comments people leave in the comments section of each strip's page and explains things when necessary. As well as occasionally on his blog. For example, he Jossed most of the potential Toy Ships. invoked
  • Tess Stone, author of Hanna Is Not a Boy's Name, has been very generous with his godly words both on his DeviantArt and in The Rant.
  • Dan Shive of El Goonish Shive has often answered questions through Q&A comics. He also used to do so through the forum but has since ceased posting because of repetitive, predictable complaining. He has started answering questions via formspring but seems to be very selective about which questions he answers. On the other hand he tweets liberally about El Goonish Shive, often using the hashtag #EGS and more recently #EGScomics.
  • Doc Nickel of The Whiteboard is a regular on his comic's forum, and frequently answers fan questions. He's not above poking fun, either: in response to a fan's question on the forum asking what had happened to the rest of Sandy's Egg McMuffin, he invoked Word of God, then had a bit of fun.
  • Writers Steven Applebaum and Ryan Hoss of the sequel to the film Super Mario Bros. (1993) regularly add background information to each page, while further clarifying other issues in the comments.
  • The creators of Children of Eldair often have comments below the comic panels, some of them hinting at things yet to come or just commenting on the artwork in a particular frame.
  • The writers of Exterminatus Now pay attention to stuff posted on their comic's TV Tropes page, and posted this page to answer some questions on the Headscratchers tab.
  • Chris Hazelton, creator/writer/artist for Misfile, has weighed in on many issues on the forum (registration required).
  • MK's The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde: The creator has a trivia section for the tropes page of her webcomic to clear the air on small details about the characters which explain their situations and reasons for being.

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  • MSF High: There are no incubus in the msfhigh universe and there never will be. This is the only known race to be directly stated not to exist in the MSF High universe. Though it is for good reason.
  • CreepKnight and the Mass from Voodoo Walrus are not in fact the same character.