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Word Of God / Friday Night Funkin' Soft

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Tama has dropped a few bits of character information on both the mod Twitter and in interviews.

  • Grace was not abused by her parents and was more overly sheltered.
  • Benjamin used to have a Sonic the Hedgehog OC, but whether or not he still has the OC is not known.
  • Benjamin always knew about Grace’s struggles in loving her body due to just observing her habits, especially at family dinners and talks in private. He drew her a lot and gave her the artwork in hopes of making her feel better.
  • When Benjamin and Grace were kids, they would always get the other copy of Pokémon that the other one didn’t get. For example, if Benjamin got Diamond, Grace would get Pearl, and vice versa.
  • Benjamin hates NFTs.
  • Benjamin and Pico had their first fight over a game of Among Us where Pico was the Impostor and killed him.
  • Pico is of Polish descent, and he can speak the language fluently.
  • Benjamin knows French and can read it well, but he struggles with using conversational French.
  • Like Benjamin, Pico and Grace have their favorite drinks; Pico likes sparkling vodka, while Grace’s favorite drink is a Shirley Temple.
  • Pico dropped out of high school before his senior prom.
  • Marilyn Mairest is not a singer; instead, she works as an actress and a model.
  • Sven and Grace met each other on the train station in Week 3.
  • Every night, Sven and Grace video call each other on Discord and watch anime such as Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba together.
  • Grace has a dog named Debby, and she used to feed him Little Debbie cakes as a kid.
  • Benjamin and Pico babysit Skid and Pump on Sundays to make extra money. They even accompany them whenever trick-or-treating.
  • Grace's favorite holiday is Christmas.
  • Pico is the only person who knows what happened to the Fairests after the events of Week 5.
  • Grace wants to be a singer like her parents.
  • Pico has accidentally sprayed himself and Benjamin in the face with spray paint. He is notoriously bad at checking where the spray nozzle is facing.
  • Benjamin, Pico, and Grace all have a favorite starter Pokémon: Benjamin's is Oshawott, Pico's is Treecko, and Grace's is Chikorita.
  • Benjamin has a habit of swallowing paint water. It got to the point where Pico has to swap out the paint water with drinking water.
  • Benjamin keeps the marble from every Ramune bottle he drinks, with Pico getting the marbles out with brute force.
  • Benjamin's favorite ramune flavor is blueberry.
  • Pico had a really bad smoking habit before he started dating Benjamin.
  • Benjamin has a habit of re-dyeing his hair whenever his natural hair color starts peeking through. This may or may not be a result of his parents' abuse towards him.
  • Benjamin uses L'Oreal women's hair conditioner.
  • Aside from the Fairests, every character in the mod likes garlic bread.