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Unmarked Spoilers Ahead!!

MIMI will occasionally post information relating to the comic on external websites such as Evernote and via Q&A sessions held on her personal Twitter account. An English translation of the Department Heads' backstories have been compiled here.

An unabridged version of the April 2021 Q&A can be found here

  • Rose had been in love with Catt since the Hookah Caterpillar incident.
  • If Rose hadn't sacrificed themself to the Staining Rose, then Shasha would've taken their place instead, with Rose becoming the new Head of Disciplinary.
  • Rose's highest stats are Fortitude, followed by Prudence. By the time of the Staining Rose arc, all of Rose's stats were Level 5/EX.


  • By the Epilogue, Catt is located in a place that's currently inaccessible to ordinary people. The Abnormalities that followed them when they escaped the facility couldn't keep up, so they scattered like stars midway, leaving Catt all alone in the end. Some of them likely ended up being drawn towards the Library, while others headed towards their desired environments.
  • Catt had eaten the cake on top of Bottle of Tears as an attempt at suicide. It didn't work because their mind and body were so strong during that time.
  • The rabbit that works alongside Distorted Catt/A Party Everlasting acts as an external organ, a heart outside of the body.
  • Catt had re-distorted in the Epilogue because it's difficult for the human mind to forgive itself, and it's also difficult to lean on the help of others.
  • Catt's stats are even all around.


  • The smoke that Taii's E.G.O weapon produces allows them to move at high speeds while in it.
  • As a Fixer, Taii's is Grade 9-8. They have no ambition to ascend to a higher grade or become a Color, though they're just strong enough to freely roam through the Ruins.
  • Taii had managed to awaken their E.G.O thanks to the sheer determination to save Catt at all costs. In the process, they had awoken Rose, who was resting within Staining Rose's E.G.O Suit. Taii and Rose act as one so long as Taii is wearing the E.G.O.
  • Taii always keeps people and their hearts in mind first and foremost. Going off of this, they would likely refer to Distortions as "The Distorted" as acknowledgement of their innate humanity.
  • Taii's highest stats are Justice, followed by Temperance.


  • Ella's highest stat is Prudence.
  • Finn's highest stat is Fortitude.
  • Finn had never went to college, and had joined Lobotomy Corporation through expedient methods.
  • Ella had worked as an iconoclast writer before joining Lobotomy Corporation. They've started writing again following the company's collapse.
  • Beozzi had kept the fake E.G.O gift since the beginning, since they had always felt their real E.G.O gift would be taken away from them.
  • Beozzi always had strange views on friendship. Those views ended up being amplified thanks to the Servant of Wrath's E.G.O Gift.
  • Beozzi and Dal, respectively, are said to be based around Sakura Kinomoto and Tomoyo Daidouji from Cardcaptor Sakura.


  • White Lake is one of MIMI's older OCs, created back in 2019. After being unable to figure out just what she wanted to do with said OC, she decided to repurpose the character for Wonderlab.
  • The baby-looking Abnormality shown in Episode 45 is the intermediate stage before an Abnormality takes full form; it's not actually any kind of baby. It was used to help Taii realize that Abnormalities are unethically-made creatures.
  • The name of the Staining Rose's E.G.O is "Blooming".
  • If Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary and the Blue-Smocked Shepherd were to meet, the Mercenary would hate the Shepherd with all of her being.
  • The Blue Smocked Shepherd knew about the events with some of the other Abnormalities like White Lake due to a special ability they have. They can take a peek at and listen in on all the other Abnormalities housed in whatever facility they're being contained in. If allowed to roam free in the world, they'd be able to sneak a peek at pretty much every Abnormality or Distortion.
  • Gone with a Simple Smile is a manifestation of the last bits of Catt's human vestige, and it's more of a of "pseudo-illusion" than any true, Enkephalin-producing Abnormality. It symbolizes Taii's subconscious desire to find and help Catt, even though Taii had forgotten of their existence for a moment due to the shock surrounding the death of Rose.
  • Anything that's done within the Containment Unit of the Staining Rose qualifies as work, as long as the Agent meets the conditions to manage it. Rose folding paper roses and then eating them was their own choice.
  • Besides the Agent needing to have all stats at Level 5 to manage the Staining Rose, they'd also have to display a high degree of Fortitude, along with a selfless personality and the ability to keep secrets.
  • If one were to accept the "love" of Piscine Mermaid, she would absorb the employee with a kiss and then breach containment.
  • The Staining Rose is not based on the concept of Hanahaki Disease.
  • Red Queen isn't provided with a class in-comic, but MIMI later revealed on her Twitter that Red Queen is TETH-classed.
  • Titania and Nobody Is didn't perform a Fusion Dance in Episode 34. They didn't disappear either.
  • The "SO CUTE!!!"- looking E.G.O set does indeed come from an Aberration of Ppodae. This Aberration is named "Carr" (까르), after MIMI's own pet dog. Despite Ppodae being a Backer Abnormality, and thus non-canon, the Aberration's E.G.O Suit was allowed in anyway since its appearances were so minimal.
  • The appearance of Scaredy Cat's docile form is based on the Simba puppet from the musical adaptation of The Lion King.

Department Heads

  • Daisy's appearance was designed around the concept of an actor in the 50s.
  • The sunglasses/masks that the Department Heads wore in Episode 10 were ready-made items used to shield their eyes from the light of the WARP pad. They're not E.G.O.
  • Joe and Shasha's relationship is "a queer love" based on their mutual understanding of Joe being aromantic. While the two haven't declared each other as lovers, Daisy knows they're together due to being good friends with both.
  • Among the Department Heads, Daisy is the tallest.

Team Captains

  • Dal's E.G.O is capable of BLACK damage, as well as short-distance teleportation across the facility.
  • Rza is the tallest of the Team Captains.


  • Flower was able to survive working at L Corp for so long because they're good at their job, and they don't easily succumb to panic reactions.
  • Since the fall of L. Corp, Beebi had been building a vigilante group alongside other altruistics who managed to survive the ordeal (two of which are Toma and Dal, the latter also volunteering for medical services). Purin, meanwhile, had gotten a prosthetic arm, had a change of status, and moved to the Backstreets alongside their family.
  • While human-to-human interactions aren't possible since souls aren't capable of speech, Taii is aware of the presence of Rose's soul being within the Staining Rose E.G.O, and Rose is aware in return. They are capable of communicating in a similar manner to the brain sending signals to various parts of the body.
  • Rose's parents used to work under a Wing as senior accountants/office workers. Knowing of Rose's death does upset them both, but they'd have to keep quiet about it if they themselves want to continue living.
  • Flower was able to found the Bloom Office using their insurance plan, the savings that Taii accumulated while they were still working at Lobotomy Corporation, along with some money contributed by Finn and Ella. Still, the funds were too low, so they picked an especially cheap building that was rumored to be haunted.
  • The E.G.O gear that Rose, Taii, and Catt had taken during the "Titania/Nobody Is" arc got retrieved by L-Corp employees going over to investigate the collapse of the northern branch.
  • Flower and Beebi are two of the youngest employees working at the branch.