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  • "Candy is Dandy": Mojo Jojo had just got out of jail so the Powerpuff Girls could get free candy by "stopping" his crimes.
    You'd expect: That Mojo Jojo would be smart enough to realize that the girls accept candy as bribery and exploit it for all it's worth.
    Instead: After having his "fun" for a while he steals their candy, just to break their hearts. This decision would likely have been his death if the girls didn't stop to reflect on their actions after beating him to a pulp.
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  • "Cootie Gras": Mojo Jojo throws the girls into a pit along with Harry, a dirty boy with cooties, that the girls are mortally afraid of.
    You'd expect: For the girls to remember they could, oh, i don't know, just fly out of the pit.
    Instead: They run from Harry around the pit. Only when they realize that their fears of him were completely illogical do they fly out of the pit to beat Mojo Jojo.
  • In the episode "Mommy Fearest," the scene when the girls fly out of their windows to fight crime when they've been told they couldn't. The girls finish the duties.
    You'd Expect: The girls to fly into the house through the windows, to avoid getting caught by Ima Goodlady (really Sedusa in disguise).
    Instead: They enter the house through the door, get caught, and end up grounded. Sedusa's only exposed when she tries to steal the Mayor's jewels and ends up getting arrested.
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  • In the episode "Powerpuff Bluff", three inmates disguise themselves as the Powerpuff Girls to escape from jail.
    You'd Expect: The guard would easily see their disguises. They're literally six times their height and their voices are completely different to the girls, who end up on TV often enough due to fighting crime.
    Instead: He lets the criminals out, allowing them to rob the bank, the jewelry store, and the mayor's office. After they beat the mayor up, Ms. Bellum points out that they were men disguised as the Powerpuff Girls.
    You'd Then Expect: The mayor would call the girls and tell them that the same men they recently stopped three times have escaped from prison, are dressed up as the girls, and are still at large.
    Instead: He misinterprets what Ms. Bellum told him and calls the chief of police to arrest the Powerpuff Girls. Nice going, Mayor!
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  • In the episode "Daylight Savings", the girls start falling asleep in class, causing the Professor to start taking the whole "Saving the world before bedtime" thing seriously. This leads to the villains taking advantage of this, plunging the town into chaos at night.
    You'd Expect: The Professor to make an exception in extreme cases.
    Instead: Even after watching news reports about the absolute hell on Earth occurring at the time, he still refuses to wake the girls up.
    Luckily: The professor quickly realizes that it was Daylight Savings Time and he forgot to set the clocks back, and he quickly wakes the girls up to save the town.
  • In the episode "Moral Decay", Buttercup spends the next few weeks fighting crime and knocking teeth out of many criminals (and even a monster's), making hundreds of dollars. Eventually, no crime happens for a day.
    You'd Expect: Having lots of money, she would consider what she wanted to buy and either buy the punching bag, which she probably has more than enough to afford, or spend the day buying whatever she wants, as she would have all day to do that.
    Instead: She continues to wait for more crime to occur, until she loses it and decides to beat up Mojo Jojo, the Gangreen Gang Team, Fuzzy Lumpkins, and Him to steal their teeth.
    As a Result: The villains call Blossom and Bubbles and tell them what Buttercup had done to them and the two of them gather all of the villains that had their teeth knocked out to beat up Buttercup and knock most of her teeth, causing her to pay all of the money that she had earned to pay for her dental bills.
  • In the episode "Knock It Off", after Dick sees the girls' potential for money and outright declared them as such right in front of Professor Utonium, the Professor realizes just how much of a douchebag Dick really is.
    You'd Expect: That after kicking Dick out, the Professor tell the girls that Dick is not someone to be trusted and should be avoided as much as possible.
    Instead: He doesn't do this, giving the girls no reason to suspect Dick's true intentions.
    • Dick Hardly arrives at Pokey Oaks Kindergarten, offering them a ride home, and then starts telling the girls about how much evil there is in the world. Then he asks what the girls are made of.
      You'd Expect: That one of the girls would just say they can't tell him anything.
      Or: For all three to realize they're potentially dealing with a stalker and get the hell out of there or threaten to call the police.
      Instead: Not only do they tell him anyway, but they actually get the Chemical X for him.
      As A Result: Dick attempts to mass-produce Powerpuff Girls to make a profit. Most of the results end up horribly deformed.
    • The girls finally decide to confront Dick Hardly at his laboratory after seeing an infomercial on the Powerpuff Girls Xtreme. When they ask him to give them back the Chemical X that they gave him earlier in the episode, he snatches the bottle of Chemical X and they back him into a corner.
      You'd Expect: That the girls would either snatch it from him or destroy it using their Eye Beams.
      Instead: They keep verbally trying to get him to hand it over.
      As A Result: Dick Hardly panics, swallows the Chemical X, transforms into a monster, and nearly kills the girls.
    • In the climax, the Professor comes into Dick's lab and sees the knockoffs before witnessing the girls being drained of their Chemical X. In a panic, he begs Dick to release the girls and offers to give him all the Chemical X he wants.
      You'd Expect: Dick to see the benefits of having lots of Chemical X and release the girls.
      Instead: He coldly brushes this off and tries to get them both, resulting in his creations turning on him and killing him.
  • In the episode "Schoolhouse Rocked", the Ganggreen Gang is sent to Pokey Oaks Kindergarten. During milk and cookies, they bully the other children and the Powerpuff Girls draw Ms. Keane's attention.
    You'd Expect: The girls to step aside and let Ms. Keane have a word with the Ganggreen Gang.
    Instead: Buttercup persuades the girls into dishing out the justice themselves and they start beating the gang up. Ms. Keane reminds the girls that no fighting is allowed in class and punishes them while letting the Ganggreen Gang off easy.
  • In "Gettin' Twiggy With It", Ms. Keane gives the class hamster, Twiggy, to Mitch Mitchelson to take home with him during the weekend.
    You'd expect: Oh right! Ms. Keane knows how much of a jerk Mitch is! There's no possible way for her to trust Mitch of all of her students alone at home with the class hamster.
    Instead: She decides to give him the hamster anyway.
    As a result: Mitch is left alone at his house to torture the poor creature For the Evulz. Granted, he did get punished at the end, but still, Ms. Keane knows Mitch well enough not to leave a small creature in the hands of her Jerkass student. If not for the girls, Twiggy would've been seriously injured.
  • In "Fuzzy Logic", Fuzzy Lumpkins is going on a rampage because he's upset with the people of Townsville touching his property.
    You'd expect: The Townsville citizens to direct Fuzzy over to his belongings and point them out without touching them. That way, he can pick up his things and go on his merry way.
    Instead: They continue to pick up his belongings and Fuzzy becomes increasingly pissed off, repeatedly screaming at everyone to keep their hands off his property.
  • In "The Boys Are Back In Town", the Rowdyruff Boys get resurrected by HIM and proceed to attack the Powerpuff Girls. They decide to use their feminine wiles and kiss them to make them explode like they did last time, but to no avail as their Spear Counterparts grow bigger.
    You'd Expect: For the girls to stop after they saw that it wasn't working the first time, and think of a different method like, oh, how about finding Antidote X and dousing them in it to make them powerless?
    Instead: The girls continue kissing them until they're literally giants, enabling them to beat the shit out of them, until the Girls discover their enemies' new weakness.
  • In "Twas The Fight Before Christmas", Princess Morebucks breaks into Santa's computer and sees that once again, she's on the naughty list, while everyone else is nice. So she switches it around.
    You'd Expect: Santa to be suspicious that the list shows ALL the children in the world are naughty, (including the Powerpuff Girls who he is a huge fan of) except for the one girl that has always been on the naughty list, and do an investigation.
    Instead: Santa believes the tampered list, and falls into a depression.
  • In the episode "Bought & Scold," Princess' father buys Townsville for his bratty daughter, and Princess passes a bill to make crime legal. This means that people can commit crime with no intervention from the police and/or the Powerpuff Girls whatsoever. This also means that Princess herself can be a victim of crime.
    You'd Expect: For Princess to edit the bill legalizing crime, but only making crime illegal if said crimes are committed against her and her father. This would have kept the girls from stealing her and her father's belongings.
    Instead: She doesn't, which causes the Powerpuff Girls to steal her and her father's belongings.
    As A Result: To avoid getting in trouble with her father, Princess is forced to make crime illegal again and to give back Townsville to the Mayor & Ms. Bellum. Even after this, she still gets some Laser-Guided Karma from her father.
    • Princess' father also counts even off-screen. Princess wants to buy Townsville from the mayor so she can control the town and make the rules.
      You'd Expect: For Princess' father to realize that letting a 5-6 year old girl owning a town would be asking for trouble, since kindergarten-aged children aren't even old or mature enough to run a city.
      Instead: He buys the town for Princess, and due to Princess' impulsive behavior, his mansion gets robbed.
      As A Result: He (albeit justifiably) gets angry at Princess for recklessly making crime legal, and punishes her off-screen.
  • In "Burglar Alarmed", a burglar creeps into the Utonium household, and the girls try to beat him without waking the professor.
    You'd Expect: The burglar to realize his mistake around the time the girls start using their superpowers, and subsequently get the hell out of there.
    Instead: He doesn't, for whatever reason.
    • In the end, the burglar is inadvertently defeated by the professor sleep punching him, and Bubbles throws him out.
      You'd expect: The Burglar to go rob someone else's house. Presumably someone whose an easier target, and doesn't have super powers..
      Instead: He decides to try and burglarize Mojo Jojo's lair.

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