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Western Animation / Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series
aka: Trailer Park Boys

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Picking up immediately after the events of season 12 of Trailer Park Boys, Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Randy, Mr. Lahey, Jacob and Corey, having eaten large amounts of mushrooms, turn into cartoon characters.

The show premiered on Netflix March 31, 2019.

This show provides examples of:

  • An Arm and a Leg: Corey gets a compound fracture after a car crash. He decides to spin his arm like a windmill, which causes it to fly off. They get Sam Losco to reattach it.
  • Call-Back: In a previous season, Ricky bluffs a cop by claiming to be a deep undercover detective infiltrating a motorcycle gang called Satan's Bastards. The Satan's Bastards show up and trash the park after Ricky tries to steal a box of hash Cyrus asked them to deliver for him.
  • Call-Forward: Several in a flashback episode revealing how Ricky and Julian met Bubbles, brought on by smoking old school hash.
    • The boys go to Julian's trailer to get drunk and high, Bubbles suggests Julian cut the rum with cola, while Ricky suggests Julian use his father's tumbler glass.
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    • The local bully warns them that his cousin Cyrus will hear about them beating him up.
  • Cassandra Truth: Shortly after leaving jail, Mr. Lahey is grabbed by an actual shithawk and taken away. Randy is the only one to witness this. Mr. Lahey later shows up as a "liquor ghost" whenever Randy drinks an entire bottle of whiskey. Naturally, everyone dismisses him as being drunk, seeing as he is drunk.
  • The Greatest Story Never Told: The boys get a job growing weed on a space station. After setting fire to the station and escaping to earth with the weed, the company that hired them seizes the weed at gunpoint and forces them to never speak of what happened.
  • Groin Attack:
    • Sam Losco reveals a bear bit his cock off and ate it.
    • To pay off a motorcycle gang for losing their shipment of hash, the boys kidnap Cyrus and have Sam Losco harvest one of his kidneys and both his testicles, replacing them with clacker toys.
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    • In a flashback episode, Ricky shoots a local bully in the penis with his own BB gun, which apparently went right into his urethra.
  • Little Useless Gun: Randy asks Tyrone for a gun to hunt the shithawk. Tyrone gives him a derringer, so Randy points it at Tyrone's face and demands the biggest gun he has. Tyrone gives him a full size Uzi, which Randy fires uncontrollably until it runs empty, then admits he probably should take the derringer.
  • Papa Wolf: Ricky, as he fingered Sam Losco's mystery hole to prevent Jacob from cheating on Ricky's daughter Trinity (then revealed he used Corey's severed arm).
  • Put on a Bus: Mr. Lahey gets grabbed by a shithawk in the first episode and is taken away. Randy runs into it again and finds Mr. Lahey's sunglasses, but can't find Mr. Lahey. He later appears as a ghost whenever Randy drinks an entire bottle of whiskey, suggesting he was Killed Offscreen and is now Commuting on a Bus.
  • Series Continuity Error: In a flashback episode date 1978, Ricky and Julian meet Bubbles for the first time, yet "Halloween 1977" shows the three being friends before then.
  • Wrong Genre Savvy: Ricky insists that since they're animated, cartoon laws now apply, so he punches a car window, thinking Soft Glass and Invulnerable Knuckles apply. Instead, his hand gets badly cut up, revealing adult cartoon laws apply, meaning injuries are gruesome yet hilarious.
    • Earlier that same episode, Cory runs headfirst into a wall, thinking the same way as Ricky

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