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Webcomic / Short Psychotic Alien Monkey

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"The first one to ask "Are we there yet?" gets blasted out of the sky..."

SPAM, short for Short Psychotic Alien Monkey, is a webcomic by LillyKitten of DeviantArt and Tumblr. It's a mostly humorous depiction of the daily life of the Prince of All Saiyans. It's set primarily in around the end of the manga... with parts taking place in Vegeta's childhood, the Android Saga, the Buu Saga, GT, and... Alright, it's setting is all over the place. It's also filled with references to the abridged series, with Ghost Nappa being a recurring character.


It used to be available here or here, but then LillyKitten had a Creator Breakdown and deleted all the material. Later, under a new username called HappyBiteySnake, the user recovered and promised to eventually start over.



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