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Ichabod the Optimistic Canine is more or less a Furry Comic starring Ichabod, a Welsh Corgi that has an optimistic approach to life, known mostly for how cute and uplifting the series is. The comic can be read here.

An adventure Spin-Off of the comic, where Ichabod and his friends team up with his sister Rhys to reunite with his siblings and find a cure for their mother, can be found here. Note that it's not to be confused with the other Corgi Quest.


Tropes in Ichabod the Optimistic Canine:

  • Blatant Lies: When Ichabod saw that Barnaby is stuck in a tree, Barnaby replied that he just LOVES getting stuck in trees.
  • Caffeine Bullet Time: Ichabod gets one after he dumps an entire bowl of sugar on his tea.
  • Darkest Hour: ...downplayed due to the format. At times, Ichabod appears to have died, only for the next panel to show how he came out all right. It tends to be Played for Laughs, as well.
  • Insult Backfire: Roy gets one of these:
    Roy: Hehe-hey shorty! Who cut off your legs??
    Ichabod: Hahaha! They are pretty short, aren't they!
    Roy: Wha—
  • Fictionary: The "Corgan Dictionary" currently has two entries.
  • Not So Above It All: Roy scoffs at Ichabod and Barnaby for being too old to be playing with stuffed animals. Barnaby gives him the stink eye, but Ichabod tells him that just because people grow older doesn't mean they can't enjoy what they do. Later, Roy digs up an old stuffed animal and hugs it with a sniffle, saying, "Hey there, Mr. Fluffybottoms. Didja miss me?"
  • Shout-Out:
    • The title of 'The World Smiles With You' can be a reference to The World Ends with You.
    • 'How to Make a Bunny' is a reference to HowToBasic.
    • 'Thinking With Puddles' is one of Portal.
    • 'Pocket Corgi' is one of Pokémon GO.
    • The title for 'Pizza Time' is based on the Meme from Spiderman 2. Spider-Man also cameos as the Pizza Delivery Man.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: In-Universe, Roy thinks that a film that Ichabod put up is this. Ichabod, however, is more than happy to switch to the type of film Roy likes...
  • You Are Better Than You Think You Are: Ichabod delivers on to the reader in Happy New Year 2016!


Tropes in Corgi Quest:

  • Abandoned Laboratory: Where Rhys currently stays. Ichabod's family was taken here for experiments back when she and Ichabod were puppies.
  • Big Damn Reunion: Ichabod hugs Rhys and licks her face as soon as they meet.
  • The Caretaker: Orion is this to Ichabod and Rhys' mother after she lost her mind when she saved Ichabod from the machine. He also takes care of the lab while Rhys is away.
  • Find the Cure!: Besides looking for their siblings, Ichabod and Rhys have to find a way to turn their mother back to normal after being hit by the machine's ray.
  • Portal Network: The spirit creatures escaped into interdimensional portals, and Ichabod and co. will have to find them in hopes to save his mother.
  • Stepford Smiler: Ichabod tries holding back his tears when he reminisces the day he was separated from his family so he won't let Barnaby worry about him.
  • Taking the Bullet: When Ichabod was chosen for the experiment, his mother jumped in front of him when the machine fired at him, causing her to collapse, releasing spirit-like creatures into the world.
  • Trash Landing: When Ichabod was shot out of the lab due to the explosion, he landed in a garbage dump, where he first met Barnaby.
  • Unreliable Narrator: When Ichabod tells about he day he was separated from his family, when he is placed in a restraint to be experimented on, he claims that he was happy cause he was wearing his first collar. When Orion remembers the events, it shows that Ichabod was clearly scared about what was happening.
  • Walk on Water: Ichabod paddles like a motorboat to take Barnaby to dry land.