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Pink Bitch Club (as it is known as a whole) is an ongoing series of mysterious videos by creator Vivinos, originally known for their cute animations before going into horror. The animation series follows four girls (Minako, Gyaruko, Charlotte, and VYT-24) through their cute and fashionable lives! And deaths, maybe.

Watch on Vivinos' channel here.

Pink Bitch Club provides examples of:

  • Aerith and Bob: The girls' names range all over the spectrum: Minako is a normal Japanese name, and Charlotte's name is abnormal for Japan. Then there's Gyaruko, whose name literally translates to Gyaru Girl or "gal child", and VYT-24, whose name is her serial.
  • Animesque: The web animations are drawn in a way that's reminiscent of '90s-early '00s Shōjo anime (or galge in the case of VYT-24), while also drawing some inspiration from Gals!. The series' theme song also sounds like an old anime opening.
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  • Author Appeal: Ultra girly aesthetics, horror themes, the complex and toxic relationships between girls, and a heaping dose of Homoerotic Subtext can be found in many of Vivinos' other videos, but they're at their most blatant here.
  • Bishounen: The Cherry Bitch Club characters are depicted as tall, handsome, and stylish, just like their cuter female counterparts.
  • Censored Title: The series is variously censored as PINK BXXCH CLUB or PINK B*TCH CLUB on its YouTube playlist, or by its initials PBC in Vivinos' promos.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: Employed for short segments in videos like "OTOMEROID" or "PINK BITCH CLUB" (albeit the latter with a dark blue filter), usually to communicate Minako's displeasure with something.
  • Dramatic Irony: All of the other girls' videos emphasize that while Charlotte, VYT-24, and Gyaruko all have their interesting quirks, all of them, at some point in the videos, see something special in Minako that she isn't seeing in herself (VYT-24 sees her as the pretty one of the group, Charlotte sees her as a savior, and Gyaruko thinks she helped her out of a bad situation). Not that Minako cares, since she's so blindly obsessed with the three's qualities that she kills them.
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  • Gender Flip: Vivinos released an April Fools' Day video featuring genderbent versions of the characters, titled "CHERRY BITCH CLUB". However, not only are these characters genderbends, but the story also plays out a little differently from the Pink Bitch Club timeline, such as implying that everyone is still alive in the end. Maybe.
  • False Friend: Minako, potentially, as it's heavily implied that she killed off the rest of Pink Bitch Club out of jealousy.
  • First-Episode Spoiler: The very first video posted for the series, "Minako's Room", vey blatantly reveals that Minako eventually kills Gyaruko, is jealous of her, and might commit suicide afterwards. The rest of the series explains through the characters why things ended up as bad as it did.
  • Four-Girl Ensemble: The only four characters that exist match cleanly with this trope. Gyaruko is the tomboyish one (as she joined a gang in the past and is the most blunt), Charlotte is the delisusional ditzy one, VYT-24 is the shy one who learns to express herself more, and Minako is a twisted version of the figure who binds them all together.
  • Gyaru Girl: Gyaruko (who leans towards the "kuro gyaru" subtype) and Minako (who seems to be a plain gal).
  • Jump Scare: Most videos have at least one of these, although it isn’t the primary source of horror.
  • Kill the Cutie: "PINK BITCH CLUB" shows that all the groups members except Minako, the perpetrator are dead, and their respective character videos that came after are meant to show what they were like prior to their deaths.
  • Ominous Visual Glitch: The main reason for the previously mentioned jump scares.
  • Present-Day Past: Though the entries in Minako's Room are dated 2003, VYT-24 references contemporary internet culture, uses a modern cell phone, and uses applications such as Twitter and one with a TikTok-like interface during "OTOMEROID". This may, however, simply be a case of the series evolving and defining itself.
  • Repetitive Audio Glitch: Happens often with the audio, most notably in "GYARU TALK" where ‘tomodachi da yo ne?’ note  repeats again and again while Gyaruko’s face glitches and changes in several different disturbing ways.
  • Whole-Plot Reference: Gyaruko's backstory as revealed in "Super Battle Smashing Loyalty GAL!". Gyaruko is a former violent gang leader who is found and reformed by Minako, the protagonist, who she ends up becoming best friends with. While we don't see what Minako did to cause Gyaruko to reform, it's almost beat-for-beat with what Miyu Yamazaki's backstory was revealed to be in Gals!.