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Heather is Brett’s mother.
A Storyteller Guessing poll on the story’s discussion page reveals that almost half of all the respondents believe that Heather is the ex-camper telling the story. Gwen, with about 1/8 of the vote, is a distant second.

Heather is, by a comfortable margin, the story’s most prominent contestant, and the only one who rivals the host in that department. Brett’s mother admitted in the prologue that she “did pretty well, but didn’t win”, which seems a likely fate for the main antagonist. The more mature Heather isn’t proud of having played a villain’s game, which is why she uses negative labels when describing teen Heather’s dirty tricks and claims to have been "a different person then". It wouldn't be the first time Heather was a matured mother in one of the author's stories, either.


Harold isn't dead
Though Harold never reappeared, neither did his body. Nor was there any sign of a struggle. If he had landed into a pool surrounded by sharks how could there not be any blood or noticeable action moved against them? This story is full of twists, so it's more likely than not that Harold is alive. I have two theories as to how:
  1. Harold's 'death' was staged. Chris would want a big ratings stunt to kick of the show, which was a one hour special as Brett's mother recounts. But Chris wouldn't risk lawsuits this big necessarily (he lets the interns die sure, but with Harold's death this featured it's more bound to get attention than the interns). Harold was likely a mole for Chris, not even really 'Harold' perhaps but an actor. Or perhaps Harold was just a contestant who Chris paid off. It's not unheard of for reality shows to have moles like this, nor is it out of the show's budget.
  2. Harold escaped the shark attack. Harold got lost in the water somehow, and landed somewhere else. Bridgette already had a dream similar to that in the awake-a-thon, which could very well be foreshadowing this. Not only that, but there are areas close by, such Boney Island. It wouldn't be hard to see him floating there and then making a reappearance in the future. In fact, given that Boney Island is suppose to be haunted by spirits, it would be a logical thing for him to reappear there, first thought of to be a ghost. It's possibly been foreshadowed already, with Heather pretending to see Harold's ghost on Boney Island.

Brett's Mother is actually Chris
Chris gets a large amount of focus in the story, and it's often played that Chris has a lot of power (such as when Heather thinks that Chris “giveth and taketh away”). That naturally sounds like something Chris would do. Chris could be just building himself up in importance and focus, as it is implied that Brett's Mother is stretching some of the truth of the story. Not to mention it would make sense that Brett's Mother knew a lot of the behind the scenes information; being Chris she has all of this knowledge. It also seems apparent that Brett's Mother wants to hid her identity for personal reasons, so telling Brett she was a contestant is part of hiding that until he's ready to know more. Going under the identity of a female could also be part of hiding his identity.

Brett isn't the only relative of a former contestant to be on Total Drama: The Next Generation
What are the odds that Brett just happens to be the relative of a former contestant? Isn't that just too much of a coincidence? Either they intentionally tried to find relatives of contestants, or got enough in there auditions that they decided to find others and make that the theme. After all, the title for the show wasn't initially known to Brett, so it's likely they didn't have an idea for it until they got the auditions and chose the cast. Adding to the fact the new host is a younger relative of the original host, and it's all the more reason for them to go that direction. While likely not every first season contestant has a teenage kid, it's said Total Drama had run for seven years, meaning it likely had enough seasons with plenty of contestants to make a big enough of pool of young newbies. Even if they aren't all children of the contestants, they could likely be cousins or nieces like how the host is a niece of the original.

Tyler is the writer of the love letters Courtney and Gwen have been finding, which have been for Eva
When Heather's posse showed off their makeovers, Tyler whistled at Lindsay in her new look. But he felt sheepish about it, especially because he was crushing on someone else. Later when Noah is injured, he asks Cody to find Tyler for him. It wouldn't be hard to say that Tyler was asking for Noah's help in writing poetry, as Noah knows a lot about poetry. Not to mention he is one of the few male contestants left, and who we know is certainly crushing on someone.

The choice for who is Eva. The poem does mention raven hair or black hair, and while Gwen brings up the fact most poems aren't written about brunettes, Tyler would likely mean it literally. Since this plot line is still continuous we know they must be for someone still on the island. Tyler noticed Eva's fear as well, paying attention to her. He also tries to reassure her when she feels guilty over her fear and Tyler also smiles when he hears Eva's true test in the phobia challenge, saying "I like those odds. She won’t let us down.” Tyler is an athlete so it wouldn't be farfetched to say he'd go after someone athletic as well. Not to mention, Tyler and Eva are often partnered together (cooking, as deer, canoeing,). Is that just a coincidence?


During the horror challenge, a wendigo will be the reason the real escaped serial killer arrives at the camp
Dawn establishes that there is a wendigo in the camp, as wendigos attach themselves to people who have returned from the other side or eaten human flesh, among other criteria. Given that LTDI is more dramatic, the serial killer will likely be much more serious and deadly, meaning he could fit someone possessed by a wendigo. And given the evil nature of wendigos, it's even more fitting. The serial killer will be drawn to the camp by his wendigo because of the camp's connotation with death, if he isn't already, given there is a wendigo there and that a lot of boats come to the island to bring interns, it would make sense that he could easily get on the island.

Dawn and Izzy are related
Dawn and Izzy clearly know each other, Izzy calling Dawn by her middle name, and Dawn knowing Izzy has meds and seems to be familiar with Izzy's 'imaginary' friends. They seem to be pretty close, and Dawn seems to enjoy Izzy's company. So it's entirely possible they are related. They both say they have a 'history', which if they were related would mean they'd have enough time to form a history. And as family they'd know each other's names, explaining the names they call each other.

Both are also perhaps the two most unusual characters in the story, and in the show they both have unusual ears (Dawn's ears are like elves, while Izzy's are upside down). Given that LTDI makes connections like this and expands on them, it would tie these two characters together. Dawn also says she could've found Izzy if the RCMP asked. Dawn's mystical nature has shown to be limited to an extent, but since she and Izzy are related, she would have a much easier time finding someone of her own blood. The fact that Izzy's imaginary friends were able to assist in Dawn's ceremony shows that Izzy might be mystical in nature, like Dawn and her family.

Izzy is being hunted by the RCMP for stealing Californium
Californium is one of the most dangerous elements and is extremely rare, so how did Izzy get it? As the author has mentioned, "...the amount needed for even the bullet-sized sub-tactical bomb [Izzy] accidentally made is more than there is in the [real] world." Since again, Californium is dangerous and is only made inside nuclear reactors or particle accelerators, it makes sense Izzy would've stolen it. Perhaps, from the government.

The RCMP is implied to have been hunting Izzy for quite some time, as Dawn has a history with Izzy, including an accident at a Marine Base. The Marine Base is where Izzy stole the Californium and why she is so deeply sought after by the RCMP. The explosion likely lead them to put two and two together that 'Izzy' was the most recent disguise of Captain McAllister.

Izzy worked for the Marines
It's established that Izzy is actually an adult (though we are never told her exact age) as she has a great knowledge of wine. Later when the RCMP shows up they refer to Izzy as Captain McAllister. Why? "Captain" can mean several things, but one noteworthy and most often used meaning is captain of a vessel or ship.

Dawn mentions an accident at a Marine base caused by Izzy, meaning a body of troops trained to fight on land or sea. Marines often use boats and Captain is a title someone can earn in the Marines. It can't be coincidence that Izzy is called a Captain and has history with the Marines? Izzy must have been a captain in the Marines at one point.

Dawn does mention she wished Izzy would take her meds, so its possible that there was a point where Izzy was stable enough to hold down a job. However, she stopped talking her medications, as she didn't like the side effects, causing her to become crazier and causing the accident at the Marine base and leading to her being hunted by the RCMP.

Brett's father died on the show and Brett's mother is telling this story to explain to her son how his father died
It's established that Brett and his mother live alone and Brett's mother works to earn a living for them both, so we know Brett's mother is not receiving alimony or child support. And its known that Brett's mother conceived her son while on the show. But it seems unlikely that any of the females left (as of the twentieth night) wouldn't want payments to support their child. And most of the males are nice guys, with the possible exception of Duncan, and even he seems to have a nicer side. They aren't the type to not care for or support their son. So why is that Brett's father is unmentioned and not supporting the family?

The only logical explanation is that Brett's father is incapable of doing so...because he's passed on. After all, it wouldn't be the first time someone died on the show or even the first male contestant to die! And given there is still a second half of the story left with the upcoming merge, it makes sense there would be a shocking moment like one last death of a contestant. Many of the challenges that happen after the merge, such as the killer challenge or castaway challenge, could result in death.

Brett's mother hasn't told her son this story until now, when he is relatively old. And it's clear that Brett's mother is going to have to bring up how she and Brett's father formed a romantic relationship. But that's why Brett's mother is telling the story; to reveal the events of his conception and more importantly, explain why he doesn't have a father now that he's old enough to understand, being a teenager himself.

Courtney is The Storyteller
As of the twenty first night, only six females are left in the competition; Leshawna, Heather, Gwen, Katie, Lindsay and Courtney. Brett's mother admits she got far in the competition, so she has to be one of these contestants. But which one?

Well Brett's mother has shown to have a good memory of the details of the show, being able to recall the whole story without aids, is well spoken and can support herself and a child at a job. This eliminates Lindsay, due to her low intelligence (struggling to even remember names) and Katie, who has developed issues with her memory.

Out of the remaining four, Courtney is the most logical choice; she's very intelligent so she'd remember all these details. She's also very independent and career orientated, so she'd able to work a job with a single income.

Courtney also has the most ship teases of the remaining girls. Leshawna doesn't have many to any at all, Lindsay is currently with Justin who isn't still there to conceive Brett. Katie's love interest seemed to be Noah, but he too is eliminated. Gwen has made it clear that she's with Trent (also eliminated) and has no interest in dating anyone still around, so she isn't making a baby anytime soon. And while Heather has two ship teases in DJ and Cody, she's made it clear she's focused on the game and not relationships.

This leaves Courtney who is been teased to end up with Duncan, Ezekiel, and DJ, three guys who are all her teammates and still in the competition. Her relationship with Ezekiel has been significantly developed since the start of the season and has received a lot of focus. Which makes sense, as The Storyteller would focus on something that she'd personally experienced, remembering it well. If she's telling the story to explain how Brett was born, it would also make sense for her to emphasis that point.

Even if Ezekiel is not Courtney's baby daddy, Duncan and DJ are also good candidates. Duncan and Courtney's relationship has been very focused on and its clear Duncan is interested in the C.I.T. The two also have a canonical romance and given Duncan's bad boy ways, it'd make sense if Duncan was in prison or abandoned Courtney, explaining why Brett has no father.

Courtney being the Storyteller also explains why Courtney has given such a big focus, as she's always been one of the bigger characters in the story. Courtney lived that and so she'd be able to recall a lot of her experiences rather easily when telling the story.

Another thing to notice? This wouldn't be the first time that the author had focused on a story centering around Courtney, having written a story about her and her cursed violin. It also makes sense that the reason Brett's mother is able to offer so many viewpoints about the story is because she gathered facts on it from the other contestants. In the author's other story, guess which character keeps track of the other contestants and their lives? Hint: It's Courtney. The author has her following a similar course of action her in this story as The Storyteller.

Given all the evidence against the other girls and in favor of Courtney, Courtney is The Storyteller and Brett's mother.

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