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Linkara will play the team's Sixth Ranger
Come on, this has to happen.
  • Unfortunately that's unlikely due to the distance, with it being filmed in L.A. and Linkara being in Minnesota. But hopefully, he could show up in some role if the timing works out, maybe being a historian who studies Power Rangers that the players need to visit or something.
    • When asked about participating in this, Lewis has said he hasn't been asked and that it would be rather difficult for him because of the distance.
    • One good option would be for him to record recap videos to get people up to speed with events, in the style of History of Power Rangers.
    • Ultimately jossed. The Sixth Ranger is actually played by Yoshi Sudarso, Peter's brother.

There will be at least one voice actor joke, especially with Vesper.
Most likely tiny ones like being able to play a mean bass guitar in her spare time, dressing up as a magical girl with a black color scheme, or dressing up as a nurse and having a syringe ready for emergencies.

The team will go and sort out what happened with Dino Charge
Destroying the world in one timeline and then preventing the extinction of the dinosaurs would definitely catch Time Force's eye.

The team's Sixth Ranger will be...
  • Another red ranger, just like in the prequel.
  • Jen Scotts as a second Pink or a different color, if she recovers in time.
  • A green ranger, if only so that they can have the same color line-up as the original Time Force rangers.
    • More like the Mighty Morphin rangers.
  • Silver, because it's the color that's the most commonly used.
    • And on the topic of metallic rangers, I believe we're forgetting gold.
    • We got a silver, but they're technically a Time Force Ranger and fought alongside the team.
      • That Ranger does become an official member of the Hyperforce team, switching from silver to green.

The design of the Chronos Hyperforce Megazord is meant to invoke the appearance of the original Megazord
  • The chest is red, the left leg is blue, the right leg is yellow, and one arm and the shoulders are black. Sound familiar?

Jack turns out to be a distant descendant of Bulk
  • Because of the similarities, beyond being played BY Bulk himself, are too good to pass up.
  • Alternatively, he could ironically be a descendant of Skull.
    • Hell, Skull canonically has at least one kid, making him more plausible than Bulk!

The Rangers will eventually be able to get messages from other teams sent to their time ship
It'll be a way to incorporate other rangers or big-name fans who are unable to be physically present in the studio. The Rangers can be flying around and pick up the signal; they can either be Rangers who have heard of a different team being attacked or rangers in distress who have been too badly beaten when the Hyperforce rangers arrive to help them in full.

The Alliance's goal is to reverse the events of "Countdown to Destruction"
In episode 9, Mercer/Mesogog reveals to the Rangers that the Alliance's plan involves them using Zordon. If they intend to make sure that Zordon survives, then that would mean the United Alliance of Evil will be able to successfully rule the universe with no one able to stop them. The Hyper Force Rangers' goal will be to make sure that the events leading to Zordon's Sacrifice are not altered in any way.

  • Confirmed! And the Alliance succeeds in doing so.

Hyperforce will get a Sentai adaptation !
It will be ironic, since PR gets adapted from Sentai, so why not have a reversed situation. Besides, Power Rangers is popular in Japan.
  • Another possibility, that wouldn't involve starting an entire separate campaign, would be to have a Hyperforce episode where they travel to the Sentai universe. They could meet an alternate Sentai version of themselves, along with an English-speaking guest star from Sentai, like Basco, Kyoryu Cyan, or Hilltop.

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