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  • In general, how terrible rolls of the die can lead to some hilarious results.
  • Episode 1:
    • Vesper's way of getting info out of a bad guy.
      Vesper: I think the Dean needs a little womanly persuasion, I'd like to do a open hand strike on him.
    • Vesper's response to a machine not working is to kick it, Cristina adds that she gets a plus one to tech on her roll.
    • Eddie has to pretend to be the Dean to use his computer, he just does a Bane voice.
      Eddie: This is the Dean, using his computer for Dean stuff.
      Marv: It's your computer.
      Eddie: I mean my computer.
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    • Eddie tries to give his number to any girl he runs into and gets shut down by Marv every time.
    • Their attempts at opening a locked box:
      Marv: I take out my Chronosaber.
      Jack: If we open it wrong, it could blow up.
      Marv: I put away my Chronosaber.
    • Blending in using Ominous Walking.
    • Shortly after Jack comes with a plan of disguising everyone on the academy as the Pink Time Force Ranger as a distraction, Marv tries (and fails) to rescue the real Jen, leading to this:
      Marv: (Thinking he caught Jen) PROFESSOR JEN, WE ARE HERE TO RESCUE YOU!
      Jack: (Annoyed) It's me, Marv.
    • Vesper takes a look at a wrapped package on their time ship, seeing the blinking light inside and decides to open it... with a snap kick. Which results in an 'explosion' of (biodegradeable) packing peanuts.
    • Alpha 55 informs the team that their ship is traveling to Angel Grove in the year 1994.
      Eddie: Guys... I think that there might be other Power Rangers in that time.
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    • At the end of the episode, the team finally gets their Morphers. They don't quite have the dignity of other teams receiving their powers.
      Jack: (Opening the box that Alpha 55 unlocked) Um. I don't want to alarm you... But it's Morphers.
      Cue mass Squee! from everyone, with Eddie's voice hitting a near inaudible pitch
  • Episode 2:
    • Chloe wanders off to find food, comes back with her arms full of burritos, and one falls onto a Big Red Button marked: Do Not Push.
    • When Chloe mentions using womanly persuasion to purchase their costumes, she makes sure to clarify to Vesper that she means the talking kind and not the physically hitting kind.
    • Vesper has the perfect nickname for Eddie: Edward.
    • In true Power Rangers fashion, what helps them to defeat a monster made of candy corn? Healthy pineapple smoothies!
  • Episode 3:
    • The team screw up the name of their team weapon:
      Everyone: Vortex Blaster!
      Alpha 55: Ay yi yi, it's called a Vortex Cannon.
      Everyone: Vortex Cannon!
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    • Vesper thinks wrenches make good pets.
    • Vesper's response to Marv saying Alpha can help repair the time drive is to suggest using them for spare parts.
    • Chloe's version of training involves lots of rainbows, she also makes sure the monster has a cute hat.
    • Vesper and Eddie are having a cute bonding moment while Marv and Chloe yell about how the kitchen is on fire.
      • Chloe starts making a snow angel in the nacho cheese.
    • Everything about Eddie interacting with Scorpina and the rest of the team trying to stop him.
  • Episode 4
    • Vesper's advice to a young girl
      Vesper: A karate chop to the jugular can solve a lot of problems.
    • Eddie at one point calls Zordon "Your Highness."
    • Jack protests Zordon sending Aisha to help them on the grounds of not wanting to break the time-space continuum. Eddie's response: "I wanna break it."
    Chloe: I wanna break it too!
    • Aisha instantly guesses that Vesper is the black ranger, Vesper has no idea how she worked it despite being dressed head to toe in black.
    • Chloe's version of a distraction is to just scream and throw candy corn everywhere, then flirt with the police officer who comes to see what's happening.
    • Vesper's version of stealth is to push her jacket over her head, crawl on the ground and communicate everything she is doing to the team.
    • Chloe responding to Jack trying to keep her and Vesper on track by muting everyone.
    • Jack's comment about needing a more realistic simulation is undermined by a unicorn farting sprinkles behind him.
    • Jack in the Griffon Thunderzord's bathroom. Quote: "It smells like lavender!"
    • The gang trying to figure out what liqueur is, thinking it's related to licorice.
    • Marv pretending to be a Russian Interpol agent.
  • Episode 5
    • Chloe asking Vesper if a donut can help fix their spaceship.
    • Jack intimidating the villain with bushes he ripped out of the ground.
    • Jack also tries to do cartwheels to distract the monster.
    • Another quote from Jack: "New Zord smell."
    • Vesper talking to the refugees at the end of the episode.
      Vesper: I'm not saying to treat me as a God, I'm not saying to call me a queen, I'm just saying I'm here to save you all.
  • Episode 6
    • Vesper explaining that she's making a joke to defuse the tension after no one laughs at her joke.
      • Vesper using the same bad joke to make the Winchester family trust her.
    • Vesper offering Chaz a free haircut.
    • Vesper's song which manages to relax people.
      Vesper: You are not going to die today.
  • Episode 7
    • Eddie's response to last weeks events
      Eddie: Hell hath no fury like a woman who turns out she's a robot and tries to kill you
    • Gem letting the other rangers know about lunch.
      Gem:You see that plate with all the dirt in it, that's lunch. It's great, sometimes there's worms.
    • Gem really obviously pretending to want to join Venjix
    • Marv throwing up on Vesper to distract her.
      Malika: Roll to throw up.
      Peter: I'm going to super throw up. (He then rolls a 6, for a total of 8)
    • Mike's description of how Chloe and Gem get the Morphers.
    • Due to technical difficulties, Gem temporarily ends up with over 12 million energy. He uses it to spontaneously generate sofas for Chloe and him to bounce around on.
  • Episode 8
    • Vesper and Chloe deciding to cut Vesper open to see what's inside her right after everyone's had a deep bonding moment.
    • Vesper trying transform into a unicorn while Chloe cheers her on, and it works. Kind of.
    • Vesper trying to fix Alpha by hugging and threatening him. Then believing insulting Eddie will wake him up.
    • Vesper's made up Christmas carol.
    • Vesper, Marv and Eddie signing an off key parody of Jingle Bells.
  • Episode 9
    • Chloe's response to meeting Tommy Oliver is to sniff his hair.
    • Vesper saying she can only pilot the ship if Chloe raps, which leads to Tommy asking Alpha to rap while Eddie, Jack, and him lay down a beat.
    • The Running Gag of people defusing the mind controlled people by singing to them.
    • Chloe just punching Vesper in the face to snap her out of the mind control.
    • Eddie commenting that Vesper just likes Tommy because he's black.
  • Episode 10
    • Vesper 'speaking robot' to Alpha 55
      Vesper: Beep boop, beep boop.
    • Vesper's description of how Eddie normally acts around her, followed by Eddie agreeing with it.
    • Chloe's reaction to hearing the burrito machine has been broken.
    • Vesper asking Alpha 55 if he's some kind of Spanish, just after he's blasted a hole in the ship.
    • While everyone else is leaping into battle Eddie gently lowers himself out off the ship.
  • Episode 11
    • Vesper once again sniffing a new persons hair, this time it's Lady Guinevere, she happily exclaims it smells like medieval times
    • Vesper names her horse Dark Imperium Master.
    • Vesper reveals she took a lock of Tommy's hair.
    • Vesper's song to stop Eddie being effected by the sirens.
  • Episode 12
    • Yoshi's surprise appearance as Time Force Silver could be seen as payback for Peter surprising him at Power Morphicon 2016.
    • Peter's response to the above, both in game and out:
      Peter: You lied to me! (as Marv) I take a rock and hit [Yoshi's character] in the head!
  • Episode 13
    • Eddie's reasons for talking to Jack is that Marv is dealing with what happened last episode, Vesper is off doing something and Chloe intimidates him.
    • Peter alternating between Marv's curiosity about what could be waiting for them in the town of Briarwood and his own silent squeeing at going there.
    • Jack's way of finding the rangers in 2005
      Jack: Just look for the cutest people in primary colours.
  • Episode 14
    • Everyone being absolutely terrible at pretending to be cops.
    • Everyone being absolutely terrible at pretending to be mutant sympathisers.
  • Episode 15
    • Everything about Vesper's interrogation.
    • Eddie tells Cruger he won't tell him anything, when Cruger tells him he know they lied about what planet they are from Eddie tells him everything that's happened so far.
    • Cruger on Jack
      Cruger: I sense that you are actual law enforcement, as opposed to a teenager who got handed a powerful weapon.
  • Episode 16
    • While everyone else is working out how deal with the situation stealthily Vesper makes some bombs and jumps out of the ship yelling 'Leeroy Jenkins'
    • Chloe breaks Vesper out of a panic attack by slapping her.
    • Vesper introduces Jack to her family by saying he's her husband
    • Vesper giving Joe hair dye as a gift because only she can have white hair.
    • Vesper stole her dog to bring on the time ship
  • Episode 17
    • Jack seems to be getting fed up with Vesper
      Jack: Vesper you're inspiring-
      Vesper: Thank you
      Jack: -me to jump off a cliff.
    • It Makes Sense in Context
      Eddie: I think it's time to arrest a baby.
    • Chloe in Jack's office, she starts by saying it smells like farts and touches everything when Jack tells her not to before finally drinking a five year old coffee which makes her stomach feel like robots.
    • Vesper goes to a Hot Topic to angst, Chloe asks her if she wants to be 'a nemo'.
  • Episode 18
    • Vesper has something important to say to Orion
      Vesper: There are more ships in the ocean... than there are submarines in the sky.
      Jack: ...Yeah, let's go.
    • Vesper had to break up with Orion because he said he was a miner and she doesn't like younger men.
    • After Vesper makes a joke about being able to have 'fish and ships' Paul throws one of his dice at Christina.
  • Episode 19
    • Vesper starts a hashtag to save Zordon, except they don't want to save Zordon, so she creates a new on to find and destroy Zordon.
    • Kyle Higgins, writer of the Boom! comics, guest stars and gets to play the Pumpkin Rapper, who has been spying on the Rangers while disguised as Hicks. The resulting rhymes are as ridiculous as his original counterpart and even make a joke at the expense of Vine.
    • The Reveal of this moment is golden as well as Kyle gets progressively more and more excited and starts grinning more and more as it becomes clear that he's rapping.
    Hicks: The time has come to say good-bye, I'm sorry Rangers for the lie! You've fallen right into our trap, so be prepared for Pumpkin Rap!
    • Also hilarious is when Andre pulls out his own rapping skills and Paul ends up beatboxing for some reason.
    Eddie: You winning? That's gonna be in your head, hasn't anyone told you that vine is dead?
    Eddie: Vesper, this Pumpkin Rapper is a dud- why don't we show him the power of the Ranger Buds!
    Eddie: He tried to hit us with a vine, let's get him back with a clothesline!
    Eddie: Sorry Pumpkin Rapper but you weren't ready for the power of Vesper and Eddie!
  • Episode 20
    • Before the episode starts, the GM proclaims that Jason David Frank can use their Super, Mega and Ultra powers as well as receive Energy from the crowd, causing the rest of the players to let out a Big "WHAT?!" in total shock.
    • Lord Drakkon forcing the Hyperforce rangers to bow to him.
    • After the Hyperforce rangers split up, Drakkon tries to take credit for the idea.
    • Jason David Frank shilling toy Saba swords in the middle of a battle.
  • Episode 21
    • Marv's horrible attempt to flirt with Nadira's friends
    • After Joe finds out Chloe has eaten some of his wedding cake Chloe tries to get away with it by smearing the cake on her hands onto Abigail.
    • Chloe tells Marv if she ever get married she'll have two cakes, one for her and one for everyone else. Marv suggest ten cakes, she agrees, nine cakes for her one for everyone else.
    • Vesper's first thing she does when Joe joins the team is to show him the fanfic she's been working on
    • Vesper thinks all the changes from Shattered Grid were caused by Alpha 55.
    • The reveal of Joe as their Sixth Ranger
    Eddie: Wait, he was Silver and now he's Green? There'd better be an explanation for this.
    Joe: There's a really good explanation for that. So I'm gonna teleport to the uh-
    Marvin (OOC): Okay, Gosei!
  • Episode 22
    • Vesper hoping Eddie and her get another season to work things out, because it's spring.
    • Vesper continually trying to wear the Corona Aurora, including trading her dog for it, so she can try and get a battleizer
    • Marv continually trying to get the Sentinel Knight to train him, so that he can get a Battleizer.
  • Episode 23
    • Vesper still sassing Alpha 55 even while in his body.

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