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WMG / Kamen Rider Heisei Generations: Dr. Pac-Man vs. Ex-Aid & Ghost with Legendary Riders

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Pac-Man won't be the only video game character in this movie
Being that Pacy's owned by Bandai Namco, there's a chance that we could see other characters from their IP library like, say, Valkyrie, Heihachi Mishima, and maybe even a couple of surprises like Colette Brunel or Reiji & Xiaomu.
  • Jossed, Pac-man's the only one to show.

Pac-Man will eat Kamen Rider Gaim
Hey, we all know Pac-Man eats fruits and Gaim is a fruit-based Rider...!
  • With similar logic, Ghost will be the one who deal a great damage to Pac-Man... until he eat power-up pill. After that, all hell break loose.
    • Turns out Pac-Man eats Ghost's driver.

Pac-Man will gain a new form for the final battle
With said form being his Pac-Man World 2 design.
  • Downplayed joss, Whle his Pac-Man World 2 design does make an apperance, it was only for an instance.

In lieu of past Rider actors, past supporting characters may appear as well
They've confirmed Onari already, so we might also get:
  • Shigeru Wajima - turns out a MacGuffin was hidden in his shop the whole time.
  • Kyojiro Bando - he gets to chat with Kuroto Dan, and makes an oblique reference to having worked in a Mega-Corp.
    • Alternately, Iyo shows up to beat on some Bugsters, just for interrupting her break time.
  • Oren Pierre Alfonso - turns out those camo pants Taiga always has on are from his days as Oren's combat medic, which says a lot about his overall attitude.
  • Honganji Jun - overuse of that cheap Rider belt has given him a Bugster infection, but his treatment is more in line with traditional medicine for some reason.
  • Genpachiro Ota - having faced Roidmudes, he's grown experienced when faced with Bugsters. Or possibly not.
  • Rinna Sawagami - gets a chance to study the Bugsters, maybe put Kiriya in his place, even if she's Not That Kind of Doctor.

Much like the Wizard x Gaim crossover, the main riders from Ex-Aid will gain gashats for the main riders of the 4 previous series.
While we already know that Ex-Aid will gain Ghost's gashat, there has been no word if the other riders will get similar upgrades (traditionally, the current rider usually gains powers similar to the previous one for the movie - plus, a photograph showing a rider wearing a Drive Gashat has been leaked); so, there are 2 possibilities for the Gashat each of the other 3 riders will receive.If they choose to have the rider gain the gashat of the reverse corresponding rider series:
  • Brave will gain the Drive Gashat (second introduced, and second series before Ex-Aid).
  • Snipe will gain the Gaim Gashat (third rider introduced, and third series before Ex-Aid).
  • Lazer will gain the Wizard Gashat (last rider introduced, and the earliest series before Ex-Aid).
Alternatively, they could mix things up with the other 3 riders from Ex-Aid:
  • Brave will gain the Gaim Gashat, possibly hinting towards his role in the future (much like how Baron gaining the OOO Lockseed was a hint as to his ultimate fate)
  • Snipe will gain the Wizard Gashat (Referencing how he's become someone that people love to hate, much like how Wizard has become the go-to punching bag for Kamen Rider fans)
  • Lazer will gain the Drive Gashat (For a Pun, as well as because it's the only one left that he could gain unless Kamen Rider Double, Kamen Rider OOO, or Kamen Rider Fourze cameos).

Wait, the Mugen Damashii form's in this movie? Something's off here…
So…OK: according to the Kamen Rider Wiki, this movie takes place after Kamen Rider Ghost Episode 49, in which the Ghost Mugen Damashii Eyecon disappears to, supposedly, never be seen again. And yet Takeru is seen assuming Mugen form right after the Toucon Boost and Grateful Damashii fail to get the job done. This troper just wants to know…what's up with that? Did he get it back somehow, or did the Ghost Mugen Damashii just magically appear in his hand because Rule of Cool?

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