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There will be a War Game between Hestia and Loki.
Knowing how much they don't like each other, and they don't like their children getting close it seems likely.

Aiz is a demigod on her mother's side.
That's why her Ariel spell is so powerful, and why the goddess of Evils wants her mother so badly.
  • Close, but no cigar. Aiz is a Half-Human Hybrid, her mother Aria is a fairy. Fairies are described as being close to deities thanks to their natural magic, but they're just another race on Orario.
The dungeon is actually Tartarus.
As in, the abyss where Olympian gods have sealed the Titans after overthrowing them. It might also be that the bulk of their divine powers are occupied simply with maintaining the seal. And even that is inadequate - if it wasn't for mortal adventurers, the monsters would overrun the countryside, and eventually the world. This is why gods have to recruit proxies to do their bidding and can't use their powers within the dungeon as it would weaken the seal, allowing more of the Titans' power to manifest.

Eventually, there will be an arc about a humanoid killing corrupt Adventurers.
As we seen from Lilliluka, some adventurers are basically thugs and are causing trouble for the normal people. Eventually, one person will decide enough is enough and decide to deal with it, violently.

There will probably be some panic, possibly with the public thinking monsters are wandering the town rather than this being the work of a person.

  • Isn't that basically Lyu's backstory?
    • Not quite. Her Guild got wiped out in an inter-Guild war/backstabbing because Astera's Familia set themselves up as Champions of Justice as well as Dungeon Warriors, and caused a lot of trouble for people such as the above. It was more of a 'we only kill each other' type situation.

Aiz is asexual and/or aromantic
...but no one will know until after Bell confesses in a highly melodramatic (and probably public) fashion, only to be politely told 'Thank you, that's very flattering, but I'm not interested in boys OR girls'. She will then become a Cool Big Sis type to Bell (who will continue to worship her as his ultimate Hero aspiration), possibly becoming a Deadpan Snarker on the subject of his love life. If late enough in the series, this will be a trigger for Bell taking consolation in a thrilled Hestia's arms.

Lyu is not a retired adventurer
Following the popular notion that Seal/Syr is actually Freya, Lyu is not a retired adventurer rather than one that has gone undercover to serve as her goddess' clandestine bodyguard.
  • She's definitely hiding something. The stinger of episode 10 has her join Hestia's quest to find Bell completely in ninja-esque disguise.
  • This has been Jossed, episode 12 shows that she's been blacklisted by the guild, basically meaning she can't join anyone else's Familia, nor could she trade magic stones, so she has to find another way of living.

Syr is really Freya
After introducing my friend to the series, he believes that Syr is secretly Freya. I guess it is possible. They are never seen together. Freya seems to have no problem breaking rules. Syr found the grimiore that Freya planted. I think it is possible.
  • Semi-Jossed in later novels. Syr and Freya are shown to be in two different places at the same time in Volume 8 of the light novel series, and Freya later refers to Syr by name, speaking of her as a person separate from herself, who has some as-yet unexplained connection to her Familia. Exactly what is going on here remains unexplained as of the most recent volumes, but Syr does not appear to be Freya.
  • Confirmed. Turns out Syr is the former identity of a girl she saved off the streets who then traded it for the ability to impersonate Freya. Freya transforms into Syr to basically function as a normal human and every instance of Syr giving Bell an item that helps him is Freya directly interfering. Freya is also confirmed to have several abilities that aren't tied to her Arcanium.

Bell is undergoing God-ordained trials to become the first demi-god
In ep 13, Hermes refers to prayers to Uranus (one of the two original Titans, and the grandfather of the original Greek Gods - including Hestia and Zeus); he also reveals that Zeus was Bell's 'grandfather' (and the whole 'a real man has a harem' line he constantly fed Bell makes a lot more sense now!).

At this point, it seems very clear that Hermes is sneakily training and/or testing Bell for something - something that will begin a new 'chapter' of their world. Off the top of my head, the Greek Gods were the only ones who made their really exceptional heroes (or very occasionally exceptionally beautiful mortals they really liked having sex with) into demi-gods. Bell is not only the very first and also most loved follower of one of the oldest Greek Gods (there's a reason the Percy Jackson series refers to Hestia as 'the last Olympian') he was also raised by the leader of the Greek Gods. I'm guessing there's a reason the authour picked that particular pantheon, rather than the Japanese.

Why not Aiz, you ask? (She's certainly Heroic enough) Because she's attached to a Norse God, and the Norse Gods only rewarded their heroes in the afterlife, in Valhalla. Same with the Irish and the Japanese Gods; all the Gods we've seen so far have been Greek, Norse, Irish, Japanese and Indian.

  • At the end of the English version of book 5 (which is what the final arc of the anime is based on) Hermes' speech goes into a bit more detail; he believes that a new age of Heroic Legends, a Familia Myth is about to begin, because there must be a reason that so many great warriors are about at the same time. He rattles off a few examples, and except for Freya's Champion and potentially Bell, all the others (including Aiz, obvs.) he lists are from Loki's guild as well... in other words, all sworn to Norse deities.

Lyu will eventually be taken off the Guild's Blacklist due to her recent deeds.
After that she will join Hestia's Familia to help Bell.

  • The main issue with Lyu/Ryu joining Hestia Familia is that it would require Astrea to release her. Volumes 6 and 7 go into the details of how an adventurer can change Familia. The short version is they have to be released from the contract with their current deity and that can happen one of two ways. First a god can perform a ritual to release them either willingly (like Hepheastus and Takemikazuchi did for Welf and Mikoto respectively or unwillingly if they are compelled to like Apollo's entire Familia as a result of the War Game. The other way is for the deity to be forced back to Tenkai, like Ishtar at the end of Volume 7, thus releasing their entire Familia at once.

If Lyu's blacklist is lifted, she has no need to join Hestia Familia since that means Astrea can come back to the city and formally re-establish her Familia.

  • Astraea left the city on her own will, she is not bared from coming back. There just lack a sufficient reason for her to come back.

Alternatively, being blacklisted doesn’t mean Lyu can’t go into the Dungeon, participate in War Games, or change familia. It just means she can’t step foot into the Guild building.

Albert Waldstein and Aria Wallenstein are Bell's parents and Aiz is his sister
First: In Sword Oratoria it shows a picture of Aiz's parents. While her mother looks just like Aiz doesn't her father bare a striking resemblance to a certain someone? Also when Bell recovers from mind down and wakes up on Aiz's lap he at first mistakes her for his mother, maybe that was him subconsciously recognizing the resemblance?

Second: Albert Waldstein is the protagonist of the book Dungeon Oratoria. A book written by Zeus Bell's adoptive grandfather. It hasn't been stated which familia Aiz's parents were a part of so it's possible they were in Zeus' familia and that's why he would write a book about his adventures.

Third: Though it hasn't been confirmed both are heavily implied to be dead and Bell was raised by his grandfather Zeus after his parents two adventurers in Zeus' familia died. It isn't outside the realm of possibility that they were Albert and Aria.

As for why Aiz never mentions having a brother or why Zeus didn't raise her like he did Bell. Maybe after Zeus' familia got wiped out she panicked and ran away and eventually found her way to the Loki familia. Or for a more hilarious idea her parents kept her existence a secret from Zeus because they didn't want him corrupting their daughter and would have done the same with Bell if it weren't for their deaths.

If this turns out to be true it would not only be hilarious but also be one hell of a revelation for Bell because, well, he's been in love with his sister.

  • This would also be consistent with not only about half the Ring Cycle, but some of the nastier Greek Myths too; in all those cases (including Oedipus Rex) the accidental incest was because of meddling from the Gods, or Fate being a bitch. Now what pantheons are Bell and Aiz sworn to... oh yeah, that would be Greek and Norse respectively.
    • This might also explain why, in the novels, Bell's POV of his feelings for Aiz seems to be 90% Hero Worship (literally) and platonic (because she's far too high above him) adoration, with only a smattering of teenage hormones. Given that Aiz has been Dungeon crawling since she was six, they would have been separated young enough for Genetic Sexual Attraction to be viable.

Tenkai is Earth.
The gods are really just sufficiently advanced humans, while the "humans" are Human Aliens. This explains why Tenkai apparently has public transportation and Loki knows anime fanspeak.
  • My pet theory practically expands on this: Tenkai is earth, Gakai is a game, gods are humans (thus descended gods are players), and the earthlings are Player Characters. Falna is the mechanics. What follows would be the "no limit" type in Player Character Calculus, and the Advisor type in Player and Protagonist Integration. This also explains why gods don't usually enter the Dungeon, since players don't move in the game universe, only a Player Character does. Gods entering the Dungeon is tantamount to hacking it.

if Bell does become a demi-god - or even if he just becomes Hestia's consort - one of their children will be the first Death God/dess
It's only a couple of paragraphs, but book 2 reveals the interesting fact that Tenkai doesn't have a God of Death. If you look through random pantheons, the only two positions that hold through every single pantheon in human culture is a god of death/afterlife and a god of birth/healing (sometimes they're called other things, but this is basically their jurisdiction). Dan Machi has several Gods and Goddesses mentioned who have something to do with healing or childbirth, among other things, but not Death. (No Hades, no Osiris, or anything like the Valkyries.) Apparently, if you die in Tenkai, you have to hope that a God has taken enough interest in you to shepherd your soul to an appropriate afterlife/slot on the reincarnation wheel (sorry, I can't remember which one Tenkai has). In fact, the amount of Gods that have 'come down to Earth' have put so much pressure on the Gods remaining to take care of the influx of human souls, that apparently it's very hard for any more Gods to get a pass to 'come down' (it's implied that Hestia was the last, or one of the last). The obvious solution would be to appoint a God of Death to handle things... but the current Gods aren't going to take that on.

So the next solution is to create one. A Titan could do it (and remember, Uranus has been mentioned once, but a Familia for him hasn't), or an equivalent like Odin (who hasn't been mentioned, I don't think)... but wouldn't it be simpler to breed one? Remember, Hestia is the Goddess of Hearth and Home - who better to raise a potential Death God who will treat the children's souls responsibly and not go dangerously batshit from the job?

After all, look around at the Goddesses we've been shown so far (it'd have to be a Goddess; there's no indication so far that a non-divine woman could survive bearing a God's child). Freya and (the mentioned) Ishtar are both fertility Goddesses, but I can't imagine either of them being willing to risk their figures for a pregnancy. Hesphastios is a rather proper sort of God, I can't see her being willing to try breeding with a human and she doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of most of the Gods. So far, all the evidence shows Loki as being same-sex oriented. Yes, some other Goddesses have been shown or mentioned, but only as one scene wonders. Something as important as a Death God would require a regular cast member.

  • Dionysus noets within Volume 3 of Sword Oratoria that he dislikes human customs of the dead as he knows that there's no spirit left behind to appease: everyone that dies is within Tenkai's hands. This implies that Tenkai is actually the Underworld, or at least the Underworld is a part of it, making it more likely that the Death Gods have their hands busy up there.

Bell's defeat of the Minotaur is an Act of True Love, towards Aiz.
According to Freya, Bell's soul is almost pure. There's just one thing holding it back-Bell's traumatic memories of the Minotaur. Let's go over all of the Faux Symbolism.
  • Bell meets Aiz and the Minotaur at the exact same time-thus, they could be linked in Bell's subconcious.
  • The Minotaur is The Dreaded and an unstoppable foe to all but elite adventurers. Aiz defeats the Minotaur without a word while Bell becomes the Tomato Boy. This would inevitably lead Bell to fear that he could not close the gap between them.
  • Adding onto this, Bell's encounter with the Minotaur was the primary topic of conversation when Bete began mocking Bell. This was enough to make Bell go on an Unstoppable Rage throughout the Dungeon, indicating that he was not completely pure.
  • He was deeply afraid of the Minotaur: Freya knew as much, which was why she sent the Minotaur after him in the first place. In other words, Bell would hesitate upon realizing that he would need to be able to slay a minotaur by himself in order to marry Aiz. This leads on to my second point...
  • Makoto, the Japanese concept which means "pure soul", is defined as "a mind free of distractions, unnecessary thoughts, doubts, and loyalty" according to TVTropes. Once Bell defeats the minotaur, Bell's soul is "completely clean". Freya notes that "the boy only had one thing on his mind."
In other words, after defeating the Minotaur, Bell was free of all but love for Aiz. His soul was pure because his love was true-and defeating the Minotaur and leveling up within a month proved that as unlikely as it seemed, he was devoted enough that he would catch up to Aiz eventually.

Familia members are forbidden from using their powers outside their job.
At least in Orario. The Guild would probably demand such a thing, since having superhumans running around town would get old very quickly. Would also not just apply to adventurers: a Farm Boy should probably not be using his Falna to cheat at carnival games, and deities are forbidden from using Arcanum.
  • It's probably not quite as strict as that since the various adventurers who specialise in crafting like the smiths of Hephaestus and Gobinu Familia are expected to use at least some of their abilities in their crafting job. More likely is that the Guild (which not only governs Adventurers but actually rules Orario places penalties on Adventurers recklessly using their strength or speed in public where non-Adventurers might get hurt.

Bell will kill the Black Dragon and survive.
Why? Because Like You Would Really Do It. More seriously, Hermes has generally been right about Bell Cranel being a great hero, and he predicts that he will be the hero who slays the Black Dragon. It would be a bit bittersweet if Bell died in the process... and well, the boy has survived plenty that should have killed him.

Aiz is actually the reincarnation of Aria, and her relationship with Bell is a Reincarnation Romance.
It is noted within Volume 3 that it should be impossible for Aria to give birth. Meanwhile Aria is apparently a little different in each story, and appears in many of them. Aiz also resembles Aria to an uncanny degree, being entirely identical to the point that Revis confused her and her "mother". Aiz also compares Bell and her father, and the manga interprets them similarly. Add on the fact that Aiz's father must have existed hundreds of years ago while Aiz is only 16, and it seems that Aiz might actually be misinterpreting memories of her mother-or rather, her past self.
  • Volume 5 of the Side Story introduces an alternate way for Aiz to be connected to Aria. If a Spirit shares their blood with a mortal, that mortal and their descendants gain special abilities. This is how the Crozzo family gained their ability to create such power magic swords. So it is possible for Aiz to be descended from Aria in a sense if Aria shared her blood with one of Aiz's ancestors.

We're going to eventually get all of the Olympian gods appearing
They're certainly the most well represented so far. Of the explicitly named deities seen so far it only seems to be one or two from every other pantheon. (Loki and Freya for the Norse, Gobinu and Micah for the Irish Tuatha de Dannan, Ganesha for the Hindu Gods, Ishtar for the Sumero-Babylonian deities, Takemikazuchi for Japan). On the other hands the Greek Olympians have Hestia, Hepheastus, Hermes, Apollo, Ares, Diyonisus making appearances in the story directly while Zeus and Hera are important to the back story. The leaves Athena, Aphrodite, Artemis, Podeidon and Hades to show up.

Riveria (and to a lesser extent Leyfia) are going to live a long, long time
Less a guess and more an inevitable consequence of the fact that high ranked adventurers age slower than normal and elves are traditionally long lived anyway. Combining the two and you're likely to get someone who comes very close to being The Ageless and if they survive their adventuring careers may succeed in becoming a Living Relic

Bell is going to get his with a low grade version of Not Growing Up Sucks
Related to the slowed aging of higher levels of adventurers, Bell is going to run into trouble because of his rapid growth. Since he's canonically only fourteen he's still got most of his adolescence ahead of him, that slowed aging is likely to kick in sooner than it would otherwise, drawing out the entire process. Aiz may have experienced something similar but no one noticed because she was an early bloomer and got past the worst before the effect really started to kick in.

Realis Phase is not the only thing driving Bell's rapid growth
While Bell has shattered records for levelling up, Realis Phase or however you want to spell it isn't the only reason. If he is indeed related to Aiz, the previous record holder, he probably shares her connection to Aria. As such its possible those with connections to Spirits, or at least to Aria, naturally level up quickly and Realis Phase simply acts as a booster to an already high natural rate of growth as well as allowing him to boost his stats higher than was thought possible.

Aiz and Bell are long lost siblings and are (unknowningly) being used in a proxy contest between the Olympians and the Aesir (and Vanir)
Much of the side story is focused on Aiz's potential connection to the spirit Aria and what that means. If Aiz and Bell really are siblings as some people believe, that means that Bell would share a similar connection which could explain, at least in part, his incredible growth. If that's the case and their parents really did belong to Zeus Familia as is also theorised, having someone connected to the Spirit Aria may be the key to unlocking the secrets of the Dungeon, which was why Zeus Familia was so successful before they tried to defeat the Black Dragon. Now Loki Familia has Aiz and along with Freya Familia are one of the most powerful Familia in Orario. However Bell has been clearly set up by Zeus for something so its possible this will ultimately bring him into contact with Loki Familia. It would also explain part of the reason Freya wants him. She can see this potential so she wants Bell as a counter to Aiz so regardless of who succeeds, the Norse gods come out on top.

Hestia's insistence on keeping Realis Phase a secret from Bell will eventually bite her in the ass.
It would result in a rift to form between the two.

Hestia and Loki's attempts to keep Bell and Aiz from forming a relationship is having the opposite effect they intended.
It's human nature to want something you can't have and as time goes on Bell only wants to be with Aiz more.

The Corrupted Spirits are all a specific type of Xenos
Xenos are intelligent, thinking monsters. Lack of sanity aside, the Corrupted Spirits are intelligent. In fact, they might even be the most important type of Xenos as far as the dungeon is concerned and all others are just unwanted by-products.

Aiz and Bell will reach Level 7 at the same time
Probably in the series finale where the side story and main story plots merge together. Quite possibly by defeating Ottar or having to team up to defeat something that's already defeated Ottar.

Haruhime is going to have a special magical weapon crafted for her that allows her to convert her magic power into attack power.
Because having her be just a support mage will eventually lead to her becoming dead weight when the party reaches the lower floors. It could possibly be a magic hammer like the one she uses in the mobile game.

A number of people from other Familia who have supported Bell and the Hestia Familia will transfer somewhere down the line.
  • Mord Latro, as he is among the Hestia Familia's most avid supporters even when accusations were leveled at them in the Xenos arc.
  • Ryuu Lion, if her situation even allows it.
  • Tiona Hirute, probably is Bell's biggest supporter in the Loki Familia other than Aiz herself.

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