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Tear Jerker / Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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An action packed series with many many awesome moments... And of course some sad ones as well.

Main Series:

  • Hestia's predicament at the beginning of the series. In the backstory, she was always teased by the other gods and goddesses for not finding a man in heaven. She managed to survive with the help of Hephaestus, but was forced to live on her own because of her laziness. Even after recruiting Bell, Hestia still spends the rest of her days living in an abandoned church with her familia and working several part-time jobs.
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  • The scene in episode 1 when Bete goes on a big drunken ramble about Bell's botched fight with the minotaurs in the taverns and how pathetic he is while at the Benevolent Mistress Pub....where Bell also is. And Bell also hears every single thing that Bete says about him. He runs out of the restaurant practically crying. While Bete does get his just desserts it's still incredibly sad seeing Bell in such a broken state.
  • Episode 6. Where do we begin?
    • Right from the get-go we're hit in the heart with Liliruca's backstory. Poor girl goes through a lot. She lost both of her parents, is subject to various amounts of abuse from other adventurers, is betrayed regularly by people she thought she could trust, and has to resort to stealing from others just to stay alive. All since childhood. And every time she tries to escape from her abusive familia, they always find ways to find her.
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    • Pretty much everything after she steals Bell's gear and leaves him to die in sector 10 of the dungeon. After returning back to try and trade the stolen things for money, the others in the Soma familia respond by stripping her of her white dress, stealing almost everything else she has, and leaving her to die in the dungeon. Already hard to sit through, but even more so when she considers all she's been through and basically accepts her oncoming death as the only way to escape her abuse. Just...damn.
    • When Bell saves her she launches into a gigantic "Reason I Suck" Speech admitting to everything she's done and breaking down, and wondering as to why Bell managed to save and forgive her after she left him to die—much in the same way she was left. He still refuses to hold a grudge against her, and she breaks down in his arms. A moment that's as tearjerking as it is Heartwarming.
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  • Welf's memories of his family essentially disowning him for not using his gift for greed.
  • Liliruca running into another Soma familia member early in season 2, who then tries to force her to use her abilities for his own selfish gains. She ends up leaving with him, not wanting to cause trouble for Bell who was currently being attacked by members of the Apollo familia due to Hestia's refusal to take part in a War Game he proposed. Hestia ends up conducting a rescue mission on her, knowing that Bell wouldn't be able to focus on becoming stronger while worrying about Lili's fate.
  • Bell's first meeting with Haruhime when running and hiding from Aisha and the Amazons who were eager to rape him. She tries to seduce him at first, thinking he was just another customer while working as a prostitute. But then she passes out before she's able to do anything to him. She then hides him till dawn until she could show him an escape route from Aisha, and they find out they're both fans of heroic novels which inspired him to become an adventurer. She then tells her tragic backstory and how she was sold off as a prostitute after angering her father, who disowned her when she was only eleven years old, and how she felt she could no longer dream of being a damsel in distress because she no longer considered herself pure due to her job. When she shows Bell an escape route, he has a troubled look on his face, since he was unable to do anything to help her at the time.
  • When Bell learns that the Ishtar familia wants to kill Haruhime for a cheap "power-up" and there's nothing he can do to stop it, he has a Heroic BSoD so hard, Makoto has to physically drag him out of there, and Aisha's "The Reason You Suck" Speech didn't help matters, at all.
    • Then there's Aisha's backstory, sweet lords, that backstory...
  • Haruhime finally breaks down when Bell proves just how far he's willing to go to save her. Her words after she powers him up so he can fight Phryne evenly sum it all up:
    "I don't want to sell my body anymore. I don't want to hurt anyone anymore. I don't want to die. Help me!"
    • Even worse, you can hear how her voice progressively cracks with each line.
  • Season 3 has a few, but the biggest is definitely when Wiene dies in Bell's arms. Manages to be even more tear-jerking when she's brought back right away by Fels. You can just feel the emotional roller coaster Bell just went through.


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