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Heartwarming / Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

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Main Series

  • The whole scene where Bell comes to Lily's rescue in spite of her betraying him, and him forgiving her for everything, moving Lily so much she pulls a Heel–Face Turn.
  • Bell accidentally catches a glimpse of a bathing Ryu after other hijinks involving Hermes and the rest of the extended female cast. He is quick to apologize and she understands it was an accident. Bell, looking down on himself, is worried that she thinks he's lying. Instead Ryu admonishes him for that.
    Ryu: Cranel, humility is a virtue, but do not insult yourself. It's a bad habit.
    • Immediately following this we see what she planned to come to the 18th floor anyway. She wanted to lay flowers at the mass grave of what was once the her clan, the Astrea Familia.
  • When the Soma Familia come calling on Lili to get her back during the War Games arc against the Apollo Familia Hestia has Bell go off and train for the upcoming battle, fully intent on getting her back herself. Despite being Sitcom Archnemesis with Lili, Hestia was completely devoted to this mission, because even though Lili could be seen as a rival, she was still someone Bell treasured as a friend and that was enough to bring her into Hestia's Familia.
  • The War Games arc itself is full of heartwarming moments.
    • Welf is willing to incur the wrath of his God Hephaestus by asking for her permission to join the Hestia Familia, which leads to him parting with her on good terms.
    • Mikoto begs Takemikazuchi to join Hestia as he is lamenting if there is more that he can do to help. This shows how close the two families have gotten after Mikoto and her party had almost gotten Bell, Welf and Lili killed.
    • Ryu joins in as the only helper that Apollo would allow, dual wielding magic weapons that Welf had created to give them an edge.
  • Bell rescuing Haruhime. Though he's initially hesitant because she's a prostitute, he eventually pulls a Screw the Rules, I'm Doing What's Right! moment, and rescues her because he wanted to help her escape her Sacrificial Lamb predicament within the Ishtar Familia.


Sword Oratoria

  • In volume 1, Ais, Tiona and Tione all promised that they would protect Lefiya, Ais especially told her that she would protect her forever.
  • Aiz giving Bell a lap pillow after she and Riveria found him passed out in the dungeon has a lot more meaning from Aiz's point of view. She notices that he has new armour, and that in spite of that, it has already been used a lot, proving he has been working hard in the dungeon, earning her admiration. She thinks that overall, he has an innocent and pure spirit that was capable of getting rid of her Blood Knight tendencies, subtle as they are. When Bell wakes up, he mistakes her for his mom and Aiz realises Bell's mom is gone like hers and felt more connected to him.
  • Lefiya succeeding in getting Filvis to open up after learning about the latter's Dark and Troubled Past.
  • In volume 11, Filvis begged Lefiya not to join the crusade against Kronnos, saying that she doesn’t want her to die. After Lefiya refused, Filvis said that she will protect her, if it means herself dying in the process.
    Filvis:If that’s the case, then I shall be the one to protect you, only you, I won’t let you die. Even if I’m going to sacrifice this body.
    • Then she carried through that promise, quite literally. Dying in front of Lefiya to keep her out of the dungeon due to being in shock.


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