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Erica Mendez will not be able to reprise her roles as Megumin and Puck.
  • It is most likely because she has a tight schedule: writing and starring in The Promised Neverland as Emma, doing an another Isekai title as Raphtalia and reprising her previous roles as Itsuki and Retsuko.
  • If it's true, she'll only be Darrin'd for the simuldub. It's possible she'll reprise those roles in the home DVD releases. This goes for everyone in the Konosuba and Re:Zero cast as well.
    • Jossed; Mendez reprised her roles as Megumin and Puck.

Possible Voice Actor replacements for Re:Zero and KonoSuba characters.

  • If Ainz convinces Tanya that he isn't Being X but instead her target might be Aqua or at least, affiliated with him/her, he can get the goddess off his back.
    • Jossed: They end up becoming friends.
    • Jossed even more: When Tanya realizes that Aqua is a Deity, Ainz actually calms Tanya down so that she doesn't try to kill Aqua. Note that (nearly) EVERYONE was freaked out by Tanya's loss of temper and only Ainz and Subaru stopped something really bad from happening.

Shalltear and Darkness will become Star-Crossed Lovers by the end of the series(or at least Darkness will think so)
  • Darkness and Shalltear's respective kinks, and well as the extent to which they take them, along with the fact that one is a monster who looks down on humans and the other who wishes to be degraded, will cause them to develop an Odd Friendship with one another with various promises of spending "sessions" together (due to Lighter and Softer). At the end of the series, they will be sent home and their feelings will be one of two ways:
    • Either both will miss the other and will be sad/disappointed to varying extents they could not actually see each other again.
    • Only Darkness will feel these things, while Shalltear has already moved on and discarded a potential new "pet", returning to Ainz.

Class 1, as well as any other classes, have the casts of other isekai series.
  • After all, it's a pretty popular genre.
  • Specifically, they're filled by the main characters of the following series:

  • Jossed. Episode 10 revealed that Class 1 has other people from the same 4 worlds, such as Chris, Reinhart or the Pleiades Battle Maids, with Vanir as the homeroom teacher.
    • Though, hilariously enough, when the Shield Hero cast arrives in Season 2, they get put into Class 1.

Each of the main characters from their respective series came from the same Japan.

Those 7 empty seats are for Rimuru Tempest and his gang (the ogres).
I mean, probably. Gobta and Ranga might tag along by staying in Rimuru's shadow. That, or the seats are just there in case a second season ever came along and the creators wanted more characters, or if they're gonna do a Last Episode, New Character thing.

Roswaal gave Subaru the button and told him what it did before he pressed it.
If someone promised Subaru a world where he and his friends didn't have to fight for everything, Rem, Ram and Emilia could just be normal girls and Beatrice would be able to meet people outside the library and everyone could just have fun, he'd do it in a heartbeat.

The potential English voice actors for Vanir
In the 10th Episode, we discovered that Konosuba’s Vanir is the teacher of a neighboring classroom. And since Konosuba’s second season doesn’t have a dub and this episode will eventually be released in the dub, we don’t have a VA for him. Let’s predict that, shall we? (Note: this also functions as a dream casting/prediction for Vanir should the second season of KonoSuba be dubbed)

The potential voice actresses for Yunyun
In the 11th episode preview, we also discovered that Yunyun is one of the Class 1 students. and since like Vanir, Konosuba's 2nd season doesn't have a dub and this episode will eventually be released in the dub, we don’t have a VA for her. Let’s predict that, shall we? (Note: this also functions as a dream casting/prediction for Yunyun should the second season of KonoSuba be dubbed)

Potential classmates of Yunyun in Class 3
  • Only herself and Wiz is possibly her teacher.
  • The villains from the same worlds (Verdia, Petelgeuse, Mary, Clementine, etc.)
  • Naofumi, Raphtalia, and Filo.
  • Going off the above, Naofumi and the girls will instead be put in Class 1 or 2, while Class 3 will get Malty/Bitch, Motoyasu, Ren, and Itsuki, just to torment Yunyun even further by having her classmates be despicably arrogant assholes.
    • Partially Confirmed: Naofumi's party join Class 1 in Season 2, though Filo was initially found among the "Class 2 pets" for some reason alongside Hamusuke and a Death Knight, while Malty/Bitch and the Hero Trio are uncertain as of episode 1.

Potential transfer students for future seasons
At the final episode of Season 1, Roswaal said that the school was getting new transfer students, potentially meaning more from other worlds are coming. The only question is, which?

The culprit of the odd buttons will be revealed to be...

A colleague of Being X's, referred to as Being Z. It'll also be revealed that he did this just to be an asshole and screw with both the Isekai casts and Being X.

There might be something sinister going on with this world.
Episode 4 of season 2 has Subaru remarking that he studied for tests with Emilia and Rem before, but no such event had ever occurred, with Subaru forgetting how long he's even been in that world. Later in episode 6 Naofumi is the only one to even remember why class 2 was arguing. It's entirely possible that some being is keeping them there in order to prevent them from fulfilling their goals in their former worlds.
  • Subaru was actually referring to the events of Break Time (the chibii-shorts), in which the settings are set in school and in the same artstyle is Isekai Quartet. Beatrice appears to be the only one to remember these events.

Season 3 will focus on a different set of quartet.
Specifically, main characters from 4 more recent series.

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