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Derry and Castle Rock are also company towns.
  • Although the True Knot probably stays away when Pennywise is awake.

The True Knot built The Overlook Hotel.
They originally planned on using it as a conduit to harvest steam on a grander scale. The boiler exploding pretty much ruined that plan.
  • This would explain the Overlook's intense interest in Danny.
  • Rose's conversation with Sarey as they wait for Abra's arrival seems to suggest no prior connection with the Overlook. She talks about the sense of evil saturating the ground as though it's entirely new to her. It's also heavily implied elsewhere that the True Knot were attracted to the site by this evil residue after the Overlook was destroyed, it being the main reason they chose the site as a camping ground.
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  • The Overlook was built by Wattson's grandfather, there's no indication in the book that he was anything other than a rather poor businessman.
Dan and Co. will show up in King's new detective series.
  • There was nothing supernatural in Mr. Mercedes, but the boy band 'Round Here is mentioned in both. If true, that ties everything into The Dark Tower universe, since 'Salem's Lot is mentioned in this book as well.
If there is a film adaptation, it will use a Broad Strokes retelling of The Shining as a backstory
  • This allows the narrative to keep iconic moments like the twins and "Here's Johnny" while also reinserting elements that would make it more faithful to the novel, such as the boiler explosion and "Tony"'s true identity.
  • Jossed. The film is explicitly a sequel to the Kubrick film.
The opening credits will be a recreation of the opening credits of The Shining
  • Semi-jossed. The opening credits are recreated in the third act when Dan and Abra head to the Overlook.
Dick Hallorann will be revealed to have been Danny's spirit advisor after the events of The Shining
  • In the novel Dick survived, but in the film he was murdered by Jack. As the Overlook Hotel is shown to be intact but abandoned (whereas in the novel it was destroyed), the film thereby follows the events of the film rather than the book. However, as Dick is shown in the trailer, it follows that he was able to advise and teach Danny from beyond the grave, enabling film-Danny to use the same technique to "lock" bad shines into a mental lockbox like his novel counterpart.
    • Confirmed.
As part of a scene lifted from the book, Jack Nicholson will make a surprise cameo as Jack's spirit.
Rose learned to harvest steam from children from...
  • During her Motive Rant in the movie, she explains that children have a brighter Shine that loses its luster over the years of adulthood. She also states that ‘someone else’ taught her the meaning of belonging and heavily implies that this same person was the one who shared the secret of Steam with her. She quotes Randall Flagg almost verbatim afterward.

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