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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

  • The fact that the naked ghost lady followed Danny and his mother when they escaped the Overlook Hotel is this along with Halloran teaching Danny to trap the woman in a mental box. At the end of the film, Danny teaches Abra to do the same.
  • The effortless manner in which Abra turns the tables on Rose when the latter tries to invade her mind, combined with Rose's more and more panicked reaction and desperate attempts to get free. While Rose is terrified out of her mind, it's hard not to laugh when she's beaten in her own game so soundly.
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  • When Dan and Billy are about to start digging up Baseball Boy's body, Dan says "You should go home now." Billy's face screams "Then why the hell did you drag me all the way to Ohio?" before Dan clarifies that he was talking to Abra's projection.
  • At one point in the film, when Rose is entering the Overlook, she bears witness to the iconic vision of the blood pouring out of the elevator and flooding a hallway. What makes it humorous rather than scary is her reaction. Rose, no stranger to supernatural apparitions, just looks mildly nonplussed before moving on.
  • The Woman in Room 237 goes from genuinely scary to push-over to The Chew Toy, ending the whole film with a chuckle, as she's again stalking in someone's bathroom and has to be dealt with once more.
  • During Dan's brief confrontation with Rose at the end of the film, once more Ewan McGregor has the high ground. It really doesn't help him this time.
    • Well, he wins and his opponent dies, so...


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