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Nightmare Fuel / Doctor Sleep

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  • Brad Trevor, the Baseball Boy, is tortured until his vocal cords rupture from screaming and he whispers pleas to be killed. The True Knot doesn't seem to notice, and they keep right on going.
  • The implication that the True Knot has been kidnapping, torturing, and slaughtering children like this for centuries.
  • Rose's brief, right-the-fuck-out-of-nowhere transformation while consuming an entire Steam canister. Her eyes become pinholes, her jaw distends to her chest, and her mouth becomes a toothless, gaping maw.
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  • The return of the rotting, malevolent spirits of Horace Derwent and Lorraine Massey, who prove powerful enough to survive the destruction of the Overlook. Special mention goes to Derwent's second appearance at the end of the novel, where he kills Silent Sarey.

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