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"Let's get you back to mama. Wendy'll worry. And she shouldn't have to worry another day in her life. That woman's paid her debt."
Dick Hallorann

"Our beliefs don't make us better people. Our actions make us better people."
Dan Torrance

"We're all dying. The world's just one big hospice with fresh air."
Dan Torrance

Snakebite Andi: I thought we lived forever."
Rose: Did someone promise you that, Andi? Did someone say you were immortal? I said "live long, eat well". We can live long, very long. And we do, most of us. But we haven't been eating well. Not for a long time.

Lloyd: Slow night, Mr. Torrance.
Dan: Not for long, I imagine.
Lloyd: You are a whiskey man, are you not?
Dan: I was, most of the time.
[Lloyd pours a drink and hands it to him.]
Lloyd: On the house.
Dan: This was your brand. Jack Daniels. I used to see the bottles in our home. Our real home before all this. It smelled like something on fire, which I suppose it was.
Lloyd: I'm afraid you've confused me with someone else.
[The camera pulls back to reveal Jack Torrance, dressed in Lloyd's garbs.]
Lloyd/Jack: It's Lloyd.
Dan: Lloyd.
Lloyd/Jack: I apologize, Mr. Torrance. I don't know where everyone else is, but it'll pick up.
Dan: Oh, I know where they are. And you're right. It'll pick up.
Lloyd/Jack: If you don't mind my saying, Mr. Torrance, you seem... put upon.
Dan: Put upon?
Lloyd/Jack: Ain't that the way? Man just living his life, trying to do his work. He gets put upon; pulled into other people's problems. I see it all the time, if you don't mind my saying.
Dan: So, we lived in Florida.
Lloyd/Jack: I'm sorry?
Dan: Mom and I.
Lloyd/Jack: I'm afraid I don't know who you mean.
Dan: We never wanted to see snow again. So we lived in Florida. Tiny place, but it was comfortable and we were happy. I mean, we were grieving... We were traumatized. But there was happiness, too. But she... She would look away. She'd look at me, but she would always look away after a second or two. It took me a while to notice it, but after the Overlook, she wouldn't look me in the eyes, not for long. Couldn't figure it out. But it... It was you. She saw your eyes in me, and she'd have to look away. It tortured her to have to do that, so I fixed it. I fixed for her, and it was the last time I ever used it. So that she wouldn't see you anymore, when she looked at me. I was twenty when she died. And back then, I saw... when someone was gonna die, I saw flies. Black flies, "death flies", I called them, circling people's faces. And in those last weeks, she was covered. Her whole face. I could barely see her eyes. And I tr- I tried to comfort her, but I could hardly look at her! And she saw that! She just lay there, dying. With her son who couldn't look at her.
Lloyd/Jack: Maybe something warm to push away such unpleasantries...
Dan: Don't you wanna hear about it?! She was your wife!
Lloyd/Jack: I think you've mistaken me for someone else. I'm just a bartender.
Dan: Oh, yeah? Just Lloyd the bartender, pouring joy at the Overlook Hotel.
Lloyd/Jack: I'll pour whatever you like, Mr. Torrance.
Dan: Oh, dad... This drink'll cost an awful lot.
Lloyd/Jack: Your money's no good here. Orders from the house.
Dan: It'll cost more than money. It'll cost me eight years. Eight behind me and who knows how many in front of me...
Lloyd/Jack: Your credit is fine, Mr. Torrance.
[Dan picks up the drink and contemplates it.]
Dan: Man takes a drink. The drink takes a drink. And then the drink takes a man. Ain't it so, Dad?
Jack: Medicine. Medicine is what it is. Bonafide cure-all. Depression. Stress. Remorse, failure, wipes it all away. The mind is a blackboard and this...
[He takes the drink]
Jack: Is the eraser.
[He gulps it down, then sets down the empty glass.]
Jack: A man tries. He provides. But he's surrounded by mouths that eat and scream and cry and nag. So, he asks for one thing, just one thing for him, to warm him up. To take the sting out of those days, of the mouths eating and eating and eating everything he makes, everything he has. And that family. A wife. A kid. Those mouths eat time.
[He refills the glass]
Jack: They eat your days on earth. They just gobble them up. It's enough to make a man sick. And this...
[He pushes the glass towards Dan]
Jack: Is the medicine. So tell me, pup... are you gonna take your medicine?
Dan: I'm not.
[Jack angrily swipes the glass across the counter. Dan nearly breaks down]
Jack/Lloyd: Oh, look at that. I'm sorry. Clumsy old me, Mr. Torrance. Let's get you cleaned up.
[Cut to the bathroom. Jack is now dressed in Delbert Grady's attire and cleaning Dan up.]
Jack/Grady: Management is concerned.
Dan: Concerned?
Jack/Grady: It's horrible, what she's done to you. Pulled you into her mess. A smart man... well, he'd let her handle it. Let things unfold as they're meant to. Why should you pay her tab, Doc? And for what? For this little girl who started all this trouble?
Dan: What would management have me do about that?
Jack/Grady: Nothing. Easiest thing in the world to do, son. Just bring her inside, and then, well... You accept the things you cannot change.

[Rose stalks towards Dan, who's flat on his back and clutching the fire axe.]
Rose: How the hell did we miss you? You and I should've met years ago. Danny? That's your name, isn't it? Well, something happens to the Steam when you rubes get older. It gets polluted. Dirty. You know that. I see the grease all over you. You don't Shine quite the same. Growing up spoils that, I guess. Seriously, Handsome... where have you been hiding? I can make you an offer. An offer I rarely make.
Dan: Oh, yeah? I can't wait.
Rose: Such a gifted boy, hiding his light under a bushel for so long. You could live a long, long time, live well too. Indulge yourself! No consequences! No hangovers... Eat well, live long.
Dan: You must be lonely. Being the last one, I mean the last one in the world.
Rose: Oh, sweetie, I'm not the last, far from it. I'm just the prettiest.
Dan: I assume you know my answer.
Rose: Pity. So are we doing this or not?

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