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WARNING: Spoilers are unmarked.

The Book

  • Abra's response to Rose's attempt to spy on her. Rose narrowly avoids losing her hand (and possibly her life), an injury that manifests in the real world for everyone to see... and then turns to see that the little girl on a bicycle is now Daenerys fucking Targaryen on a white charger with a lance in her hand. Rose only barely manages to avoid getting skewered, and while she's freaking out, Abra does a little snooping of her own in Rose's mind and finds out who she is and what the True Knot has been doing.
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  • Danny finishing off the True Knot members before fighting Rose by releasing Concetta's cancerous steam and one of the ghosts he'd locked up years before. The first pretty much killed all but two of them, and the last turned out to be the Spanner in the Works in Rose's plan to kill Abra by killing off her would-be-assassin.

The Movie

  • "I always called it the shining."
  • The final shot of the trailer is Dan putting his head through the same door that Jack Torrance slashed through all those years ago. Like father, like son.
    • Then the title appears to the tune of the iconic opening theme of The Shining. It's clear that Mike Flanagan has done his research and will be respecting the original film.
  • Rebecca Ferguson's chilling portrayal of Rose the Hat can steal the show for some people. She portrays someone with Uncanny Valley in personality form and makes the role her own. The depravity of Rose is so obscene that Rebecca had a lot of trouble staying in character for the murder of Bradley the Baseball Boy, that's how disturbing the character was to her.
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  • To tie into its prologue in 1980, the film opens up with the classic Warner Bros. Shield from 1984-98, complete with static background and the first seven notes of its predecessor's theme. Brilliant.
  • Young Danny being taught how to lock up the ghosts that have followed him from the condemned Overlook; having been scared to the point of wetting himself previously by the old naked lady, the next time sees him calmly walk into the bathroom with the ghost and close the door; we then hear the ghost screaming.
  • Remember how in the book Abra projected herself as Daenerys Targaryen in her mind? Well, in the movie, she takes the form of Emerald Sustrai as the cabinet slams of Rose's hand. Then she struts up to Rose like a boss just to mock her as she raids Rose's mind, true to what Emerald does as part of her power set.
  • Billy and Dave helping Dan to ambush the True Knot. Billy helps Dan to gun down members of the True Knot to assist his friend while Dave remains behind to protect his daughter Abra. This makes their deaths later on more heartbreaking.
    • True Knot are strong enough to not instantly die from sniper rounds, but not strong enough to survive either. Considering this, dying more slowly rather than being knocked out instantly sounds very unpleasant. In the film, Rose appears to be overwhelmed not necessarily with grief but also presumably the pain of her lackeys being incapacitated as they die. Since we saw how they tortured Bradley the Baseball Boy earlier, it feels like they had this agonizing death coming to them.
  • A villainous awesome moment for Snakebite Andi. Rather than die the pitiful death her book counterpart did, the film's version directs her last words to Billy: "Kill yourself". Billy is forced to comply, right in front of a horrified Dan, and Andi literally has the last laugh.
  • Dan and Abra getting the better of Crow Daddy, who has become complacent and overconfident in his immortality to the point that he doesn't do something as basic as buckling his seat belt. One car crash later, Crow Daddy is dying as Abra bluntly tells him she hopes it hurts because he deserves it for all the children he has murdered on top of having just murdered her father.
    • After Rose proceeds to fuel herself with the Steam that she has in reserve to recover and hunt down Abra, projecting herself right into view to intimidate Abra... the little girl just walks through as if she's not there.
  • Danny and Abra head west for the final confrontation with Rose...and then a familiar theme starts to play.
  • Almost every moment after Danny and Abra reach the Overlook Hotel. From revisiting all the famous rooms from Kubrick's film, to the fight against Abra in the hedge maze, the hotel's famous ghosts coming out to defeat Rose in truly horrific (and well-deserved) fashion, and the eventual destruction of the Overlook is almost nostalgia overload for fans of Kubrick's adaptation.
    Rose: [after seeing the boxes of Overlook spirits in Dan's mind] What's in those? Something special, huh?
    Dan: They're not special. They're starving!
  • Jack's appearance. While it's debatable if its really him (see this page), just seeing Jack again will put a smile on the face of any fan of the original movie.
  • Rose the Hat appears to be getting the best of Danny and is deriving great enjoyment from this apparent victory as she tortures the steam out of him, but is quickly reduced to terror when Danny unlocks the spirits of the Overlook from his mind and she is rendered helpless by the steam-hungry spirits. For that very brief moment, the Overlook Hotel is Danny's cavalry, and Rose is utterly defenseless against the hungry ghosts who vaporize her quickly but painfully.
  • Dan destroying the Overlook. He smartly overloads the boiler so that even if he fails to stop Rose, the place will still be destroyed.
    • Even better, it can be argued that Dan finally took vengeance against the hotel for destroying his family and tormenting him for so long. After years of drinking and trying to block out the pain of what happened, Dan's come back to where it all began, and the very first thing he does is ensure that, no matter what happens, the Overlook is going to be reduced to ashes. And to make it better, in the end, Abra tells Dan's spirit that she heard the Overlook scream. That's right, the Overlook, the same place that tormented Dan and anybody else who set foot into the place, including every single spirit that haunted him to adulthood... screamed as they were destroyed. Catharsis Factor doesn't even describe it.
  • Abra is a real badass in this movie. Besides setting a trap and giving the overconfident True Knot pause, she stares down the naked old woman ghost and challenges her to "Try it" even after being surprised by the appearance of the ghosts of Overlook. She's clearly horrified by the actions of the True Knot yet is still brave and smart enough to boldly fight against them. She's almost overconfident when it came to the death of her father, but she still struck a major blow.
  • Dan finally confronting Jack and showing that he is the better man of the two by resisting the Overlook's temptations. Despite all he goes through and it being a brutal struggle at the best of times, Dan never breaks his sobriety.