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See here for the reboot film.

The Doll bodies turn back to normal once Chucky/Tiffany die
  • We know that the longer a human soul lives within the doll, the more human it becomes, eventually getting blood, reproductive organs, etc. Well, if this is the case why doesn't anyone ever question why a doll involved in multiple murder cases has the human organs of a long dead serial killer? Because once the human soul leaves the body, the doll reverts back to a normal doll. At the end of Child's Play 1, Chucky's dying voice slowly turns from his human voice into the doll's indicating his death. For all we know, with time, his human dna would morph back into plush and plastic.
    • Most of the films end and begin with 1) Chucky's body being destroyed and then 2) Made anew by combining it with new parts. So really, if there were organs inside it, no one would have noticed at all given his gruesome deaths. His skull is still metal when its used to create the new doll of Child's Play 2 as he was not entirely human yet so there's no indication but in Child's Play 3, it was only his blood that was used to create the new doll as his body was exploded and melted into wax. In Bride of Chucky, his skin was stitched together with new doll pieces, and in Seed he was mechanized to be used as a film prop.

Andy's and Karen's names were cleared during the events of Seed of Chucky.
Why else would they do a Movie Within a Movie about Chucky being the killer without any mention of Andy?
  • The entertainment-news program about the film did mention that it was based on the "urban legend" that a living doll had committed the crimes.
  • It was also most likely based off the events of Bride of Chucky since it included Tiffany in the plot.

The reason Tiffany joined back up with Chucky in Curse is because...
After his arm killed human Glen (and probably human Glenda too) Chucky's head convinced Tiffany that the two of them were better off without kids because now they could spend more time with each other. Cue their set up in Curse.
  • Considering how quickly Tiff forgave him for the events of Bride at the beginning of Seed, I think it's plausable that Chucky could convince her of anything.

The reason an army of Chuckys wasn't created at the beginning of 3 is because the Damballa spell has a one vessel limit.
So that's why only one "Chucky" doll was created from a whole batch of blood infused plastic.

Tiffany tipped off Andy.
She was still pissed at him for the events during Seed of Chucky so she played his game until he was delivered to Andy.

Nica died after she had her heart attack.
The rest of the movie is her in Hell. Think about it, after she has her heart attack, she's almost never mobile. First, Ian has her hands strapped down so she can't move the chair on her own, and then Chucky throws her to the first floor through the banister, which caused her wheelchair to break. Then later, at the end of the film, Nica is found mentally unfit and is condemned to live in an asylum for the rest of her life. Seems like hell, right?

Also, as Nica faints from her heart attack, we see Chucky approaching Ian from behind. Yet, we later see that Ian moved Nica from the garage and didn't even notice Chucky. Why would he approach him from behind if he wasn't going to do anything?

The Tommy Doll was actually John the Voodoo man.
He wanted to keep a close eye on Andy and was willing to go against his religion to do it. He was not able to fully transfer his soul into that one, but enough so he could move around instead of speaking verbally to warn Andy. Hence why he was standing at the end of the stairs like he was waiting for Chucky.

The reason Chucky doesn't bleed in Curse, and also the reason he doesn't need the Heart of Damballa to transfer his soul into Alice is...
He has a new body. It's his old head from Seed, which got chopped off by Glen, but Tiffany must have put it on a new Good Guy body and since Alice is the first person he told his secret to with this new body, he can do the transfer without the amulet.
  • Although the after credits part does show that the transfer didn't work anyway. Why is never explained.
    • It wouldn't work because Alice wouldn't be the first person he revealed himself to. It would have been Tiffany.
    • Cult has it that the ritual did work. He was in Alice's body for a while. However we have yet to get any real explicit explanation on the magic change but Chucky has clearly learned more about magic since the early days.

Everything after the hospital scene in Seed of Chucky is Glen's dream.
Basically since the movie opened with one of Glen's dreams it only stands to reason that it should end with one too. In reality Tiffany, now in Tilly's body, took doll Glen home, faked Tilly's death and stole all her money, then ran away to start a new life with her son/daughter. Eventually she dyed her hair blonde and began acting like her old self again. She never transfered Glen/Glenda's soul into the babies because that would basically be like killing them and even she's above that, so she put them up for adoption instead. Tiffany and Glen/Glenda lived in peace and hapinness for many years until Chucky showed up again and talked Tiff into going along with the whole "special delivery" plan.

The reason Chucky is alive again between Seed and Curse is because the Hack/Slash vs. Chucky comic is canon.
'Nuff said.

Andy did NOT kill Chucky at the end of Curse of Chucky.
If I recall correctly we did not hear any kind of gun shot, so one can assume that he did NOT shoot Chucky. There will be one final movie featuring Andy and could possibly be the end of the saga.
  • And you had recalled incorrectly as we totally DID hear a gunshot. So yeah..jossed hard.
    • Counter-jossed with Cult. Chucky didn't die from the gunshot, he just lost a good corner of his head and Andy held on to the rest of it.

The Voodoo priest in the first movie used his voodoo doll in a messed up form of masturbation.
Can you think of another reason to have a voodoo doll of yourself lying around in your own house other than Power Perversion Potential?

Glen and Glenda after Seed of Chucky
It seems odd that they haven't been mentioned since, considering how they triggered the plot to the movie and obviously Chucky and Tiffany cared about them. The ending shows Chucky's arm strangling Glen, but it's not definite if he really killed his own son, when he spent the whole movie trying to bond with him and even showing pride in him for killing him, so "revenge" seems jarring. Also, what happened to Glenda? Tiffany is back to being Chucky's Dragon in Curse and Cult, and is also possessing Jennifer Tilly as she did at the end of Seed so it isn't Canon Discontinuity and given how devoted Tiffany was to Glen, it seems uncharacteristic for her to forgive even Chucky if he did murder both their children.

So where are they, if they're still around and their parents are running around enacting revenge plots? The ending to Seed showed us - living at the Tilly house, looked after by nannies. Or, given by the power to possess multiple bodies Chucky has by the time of Cult, it'd be all too easy to make another Tiffany (and possibly Chucky) to stay at the Jennifer Tilly home, watch over, and raise the kids at home, while other Chuckies and Tiffanies get their hands dirty. At least Tiffany would be happy with this arrangement, and while Chucky probably wouldn't be, he could still commit random murders and try to coach his kids into murdering, so it wouldn't be totally unacceptable to him. Knowing their kids are safe and well cared for, any other Tiffany and Chuckies are free to do whatever they want.

  • I imagine if the series continues on we will probably be getting that explained as it goes on. I don't expect everything to be spoiled up front when they do get ready.

Tiffany will pull a Heel–Face Turn at the end
Since the writers are trying to make her more sympathetic but not doing very well, maybe they will try taking it to the next level by having her straight turn good and perhaps help destroy Chucky once at for all.
  • Presently she did turn against him again but not for reasons of making her sympathetic. More as in because she's more attracted to Nica.

Damballa used to be a benevolent god.
Just like in the real-life Voodoo religion. But over the years, he was tainted by those who used his powers for evil. By the time Chucky came alone, he liked being evil and made Chucky a "master". One of Chucky's attributes as a master was for nearly everyone within a 100-mile radius (or more) to be affected by Damballa's dark influence, hence why it's a World of Jerkass.
  • It's stated in the first film by John, that Chucky had perverted what he was taught it and used it for evil, when John learns what Chucky has done. So it seems the soul transfer spell is not inherently evil. It is likely Damballa (like most deities) is probably just very indifferent to the whims of humans, and would likely allow anyone who invokes him the power to do what they wish.

In the Chucky 2021 series, the kid who is a Youtuber will upload videos detailing Chucky's past murder victims and cases
Because it'd make sense for a Youtuber who does videos like that to research on Chucky. Also he'd likely start doing his research either with the protagonist or others when Chucky is not around.
  • Jossed: Devon a character in the series is an audio podcaster who does true crime research. He was aware of Charles Lee Ray as far as him being a serial killer who grew up in his hometown but was unaware of the Chucky urban legend until the events of the series unfolded.

The Chucky 2021 series will end on a cliffhanger or a to be continued ending
Apparently if this takes off, they maybe interested in doing more TV seasons/series of Chucky.
  • It ended with two cliff hangers for Season 1 and has a Season 2 now.

The new series will explain how Chucky learned about voodoo.
Perhaps it'll be explained even further in this series compared to the first film.