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Multiple solutions to the fertility crises are in effect by the start of the movie, but politics grew so toxic, they can’t be advertised.

The violence we see on screen isnt about fertility, but the refugee crisis, and how poorly its managed.

We never hear from an actual authority figure about the governments’ attempts to solve the fertility crisis. If an infertility crisis of this magnitude happened, ethics and funding would cease to be road blocks. The chances of solving the issue goes higher, but so does the types of atrocities committed.


The main characters are all 3rd party groups and not “in the know” of official science operations, and carrying out their actions mostly for political reasons.

As sort of a metaphor for the rest of the movie: we see the military fighting with rebels. Despite being in the presence of a baby, the military itself, never thinks to provide an armed escort team to get the mother someplace safe. Mainly, because they dont have orders to. Why? Because once again, the fighting isnt because of the infertility crisis, it's about the civil unrest and terrorist organizations.

Since the government doesn’t appear to have an official stance on the fertility issue, and the probability they at least got test tube babies created, it becomes a “we can neither confirm nor deny” type of situation.

Britain is not the only country with a functioning government.

  • It was possible that the British government uses the "Britain stands alone" line to say that it was the only surviving nation left.
    • Supported implicitly in the movie. The youngest person on Earth was an Argentinian who was killed (ostensibly by accident) while leaving a club in Buenos Aires. Doesn't sound like an anarchy to me. The idea seems to be that there are functioning governments, but they are a minority among those that collapsed.
    • If Britain wasn't an attractive place to live the refugees wouldn't be trying so hard to get in, so that supports the assertion that at least mainland Europe is in big trouble.
    • Theo passes by the Argentinian embassy just before he is kidnapped by the Fishes, it has flowers laid in front of it, so someone in Argentina is sending out ambassadors to other countries, or at least it's still a symbol of Argentina to people in London.

The sterility plague was not caused by nuclear fallout.
If it were, humans would not be the only species affected, yet we see many animals (cats, dogs, chickens) that have much shorter lifespans than 18 years. Whatever caused it specifically affected only humans.

The government of Britain is mostly comprised of reasonable authority figures.
Many oppressive governments have tried to scare their people into believing the world is falling apart, and that the only reasonable course of action is to bear down to keep the outside from coming in so citizens can live in peace. What if it wasn't fiction, but the God's honest truth? How would a good government respond to a world that has actually
gone to Hell in a hand-basket? The British government may simply be doing the best it can to hold things together, driven to brutality in the attempt to preserve what semblance of civilization remains.

England has identified the source of the fertility plague and it is communicable
Hence why they are trying to get the fugitives out of the country or destroy them. They want to do so before releasing the cure.

The sterility plague is wearing off. Kee was one of the first women to regain fertility.
Pretty much confirmed by the sound of children laughing and playing at the very end of the film. Whether or not this means that all women are spontaneously fertile as suddenly as they lost their fertility, or they found a cure of some kind by studying what made Kee different from other women (antibodies? genetic mutation? exposure to chemicals? whatever it is, reproducible) and applying it to other women isn't answered. But the film's symbolism (up to her name, Kee, or rather, Key) suggests she's central to curing the plague.

The sterility plague is a side effect of the flu epidemic.
This seems to be implied in-universe, where it's stated the epidemic took place in 2008, with the last baby being born in 2009. While correlation does not necessarily equal causation this seems a bit too much of a coincidence to not be related. This would also match with the Wild Mass Guess above that the government had identified the source but is Withholding the Cure for use solely on their own people. Presumably Kee is immune, if this theory holds.

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