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Heartwarming / Children of Men

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  • During the battle between rebels and government forces in the end when Theo rushes in to rescue Kee. As he's leading her out to the waiting boat, her baby starts to cry; a sound that hasn't been heard by anyone for 18 years. Both soldiers and rebels stop fighting and stand in stunned silence as Theo and Kee pass by with the baby. Some pray and cross themselves, some sing, some reach out to touch Kee and her baby. Through all the destruction, chaos and despair, hope shines through.
    • Also a Crowning Moment of cinematography considering how long that continuous take was.
    • Also, the leader of the soldiers calls for the rest of the troops to cease fire so Theo, Kee, and the baby can leave safely. Keep in mind that these were the same soldiers who shot refugees who were trying to peacefully surrender.
  • Jasper telling Kee and Miriam about Theo and Julian's late son, Dylan.
    • Not to mention the final scene in which Kee tells Theo that she'll name her daughter Dylan after his son. There was no greater act of gratitude she could have shown him.
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  • The final scene where Jasper (Michael Caine) says goodbye to his catatonic wife, reduced to that state through torture at the hands of the government. As he opens up a suicide kit for her, The Rolling Stones' song "Ruby Tuesday" plays in the background.
    She would never say where she came from
    Yesterday don't matter if it's gone
    While the sun is bright
    Or in the darkest night
    No one knows
    She comes and goes

    Goodbye, ruby tuesday
    Who could hang a name on you?
    When you change with every new day
    Still I'm gonna miss you...

  • The movie's opening credits begin in silence. The final credits begin with the sounds of children laughing.


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