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Tear Jerker / Child's Play

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"Don't make the same mistakes your mom and dad made... especially your dad."

You'll wish it was only make-believe...and that you had a few tissues to spare.

  • From the very day he meets Chucky, Andy's life is set on a downward spiral from which it never returns from — getting placed in a foster home, being separated from his mother, having to deal with one spectacularly unhelpful individual after another with few allies to speak of, and by the end of the third film, presumably getting arrested. By the time we catch up with him in Curse and Cult, his ordeals with Chucky have left him a lonesome wreck, and if the latter's ending is anything to go by, he may never seem to find any sort of peace.
    • Andy's trauma is reflected in the haunting end credits theme, described as the theme of childhood innocence being destroyed beyond repair.
  • In the second film, Phil's death at the hands of Chucky. For all his Obstructive Bureaucrat sliminess (though that aspect of him is downplayed in the TV cut) and being the closest the second film has to that of a Hate Sink, you can't really say that he deserved it, especially with how absolutely terrified he looked in his last moments. Joanne's reaction upon coming across his body doesn't help, and even if she did blame Andy, her grief was likely clouding her judgement more than anything.
    • What's to say Andy didn't take Joanne's accusations to heart? After all, it was his idea to confront Chucky in the basement, and the ensuing commotion was what led to Phil checking to see what was going on.
    • Phil undergoing Adaptational Nice Guy and being portrayed as a Jerk with a Heart of Gold in the TV cut makes his death much more tragic and undeserving and justifiably contextualizes Joanne's mourning and grief upon discovery than in the theatrical cut, in which Phil was instead portrayed as sort of an Asshole Victim and making Joanne appearing to have a Horrible Judge of Character if not already by her blaming Andy.
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    • Also, the only thing Phil was guilty of, especially in the TV cut, was that he and his wife Didn't Think This Through before giving in to foster Andy, which provided some understandable justification to reconsider sending him back and his frustration when he questions the boy's sanity, which further made his death not completely deserving as well.
    • Depending on whatever theatrical or television depiction, out of all the other Asshole Victims of the film installments, Phil is the least terrible compared to them, which further makes his death not really deserving.
  • Whitehurst's death in the third film. After spending the entire film being the Butt-Monkey, he acts as a human shield to a grenade that would have likely killed or seriously injured his fellow soldiers (who were too distracted by Sheldon's death to give the grenade much thought) and ends up dead. Andy doesn't even have time to shed tears as he must pursue Chucky to save Tyler. The only one to shed tears besides Andy is Ivers.
  • In Seed of Chucky, Chucky murdering Tiffany in cold blood as depicted in the page image, and Glen's reaction to it.
    • Tiffany's dying words, found under the page image, can come across as especially poignant given that in Curse and Cult, she's fallen right back into her old habits.
    • Glen is essentially forced to murder his own father as a result, and the ending confirms that Glen still loved him after everything he's done.
  • The ending of Cult of Chucky: Chucky has succeeded in murdering everyone in the asylum (barring Nica and Andy), possesses Nica (who learned that Alice was killed and whom Andy tried to rescue) and escapes with Tiffany and a living Tiffany doll. Andy meanwhile is now locked in the same asylum with another Chucky doll who will either torture him or try to possess him like he always wanted to. Even worse is that Andy has no supplies or weapons with him except for a pistol which is now empty. On top of that, it's likely he'll take the fall for all the murders that happened there again. Even considering The Stinger and Andy being set to return in Chucky, this is the bleakest ending of the series yet.
  • Meta: John Lafia (who co-wrote the first film and directed the second film) dying of suicide on April 29th, 2020.