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The film series

  • Actor Allusion:
    • In the second film, Grace Zabriskie's character get killed by Killer Doll Chucky aka "The Lakeshore Strangler" at the film's climax, which is funny as a decade earlier prior to the release of this sequel, Grace had played an alleged murder victim in the climax of the Don Knotts and Tim Conway mystery comedy The Private Eyes, where her character is found with a doll staged to look like it was strangling her, before it's revealed she and the other seemingly murdered victims have faked their own deaths.
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    • In Cult, Chucky refers the mental hospital is snuck in as a cuckoo's nest, a nod to his portrayer Brad Dourif's Academy Award-nominated film debut as Billy Bibbit in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.
  • Actor-Shared Background: In the second film, the role of foster mother Joanne Simpson reflects on her portrayer Jenny Agutter's real life charitable services that involves helping children, which includes the Diabetic Association and NCH Action for Children, a charity which provides home and other help for homeless children, with which Agutter has been involved for five years. The role also reflected on Agutter's real life aspects that were recent at the time she filmed her role as Joanne including Agutter's then-latest marriage and her expectance of becoming a mother for the first time to her then-unborn child Jonathan who was later born on the same year Child's Play 2 was theatrically released, which is considered ironic as Agutter's character in the film was unable to conceive children of her own while Agutter herself was able to so.
  • Billing Displacement: Jenny Agutter is given second billing in the second movie, despite her role to be nothing pivotal and more of an irrelevant Innocent Bystander who ends up an Asshole Victim after she shortly Took a Level in Jerkass by finally taking Phil's somewhat inconsiderate recommendation to send Andy back to the orphanage, while Christine Elise, who plays Kyle and is given fourth billing, is the true Supporting Protagonist next to Andy. Same goes to Phil, who's given third billing, but is not as important as Kyle's or Andy's roles and he ends up an Asshole Victim as well.
    • However, the second and third billings of the Simpsons are made more sense in the television cut, due to the theatrical cut gave them little screen time to make Andy and Kyle the focal points, while the television cut gives them more screen time to a point their roles are equivalent to being Decoy Protagonists (akin to Karen Barclay's role in the first film as a parent initially concerned for her child and why he blames the murders on a seemingly inanimate doll before realizing the child was telling the truth all along), until they get bumped off and the points of view shifts to Kyle and back to Andy.
  • Channel Hop: The first movie was by MGM/United Artists. In between the first film and the sequel, MGM was in the process of being sold to another company, Qintex, that had no desire to do horror movies, leading to David Kirschner buying back the rights to the franchise and in turn, sold it to Universal, which has produced all the sequels (sometimes through a subsidiary). Ironically, MGM and Qintex ended up dropping its merger negotiations shortly after Universal bought the sequel rights!
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  • The Danza: Grace Poole (played by Grace Zabriskie) in the second film.
  • Deleted Scene: Various throughout the series, but more infamous in the original film to the point where the original cut of the film ran 3 hours long. Unfortunately the scenes have never been released and have only surfaced through promotional photos and script details. Many rumors have swirled around through the years as to what happened to them including the scenes being accidentally destroyed, Tom Holland owning the original film dailies/workprint with them intact. The only scene that has managed to surface so far is a slightly alternate scene of Charles Lee Ray’s voodoo chant at the beginning of the film.
  • Development Hell: The remake of the first film. According to Don Mancini in the commentary track for Curse, it's due to legal issues between MGM and Universal. The remake was finally given the green light in 2018 and will premiere on June 4th 2019.
  • Fake American: British actress Jenny Agutter as American foster mother Joanne Simpson in Child's Play 2.
  • Filk Song: A hilariously bad one in Portuguese by a Brazilian band, "Segura o Chuck" ("Hold Down Chuck [sic]").
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Hannah Spearitt - famous pop star and later cult TV star - playing a PA on a film set
  • Old Shame:
    • Jenny Agutter regrets having done Child's Play 2 (likely due to how her character was Demoted to Extra in the theatrical cut, while the deleted scenes that were later Re-Cut for TV she filmed fleshed out her character more long with her co-star Gerrit Graham's character), saying "It was much less than the script I read."
    • Jason Flemyng has said the only film he'd erase from his filmography is Seed of Chucky - "I was dressed as Santa, getting killed by a doll, on a set in Romania, thinking: 'Where did it go wrong?'"
    • Writer Don Mancini has called Child's Play 3 his least favorite because he felt he was out of ideas so soon after the second film.
  • Production Posse:
    • Chris Sarandon and Jack Colvin, who played Mike Norris and Dr. Ardmore in the first film, had both previously worked with director Tom Holland on Fright Night (1985) with Sarandon and an episode of The Incredible Hulk with Colvin when Holland was an actor. Also, before being cast as Chucky, Brad Dourif a year earlier had been directed by the first film's director Holland before in Fatal Beauty, which like the first film was distributed by United Artists.
    • Terry Wills, who plays the ill-fated garbage man in the third film directed by Jack Bender and produced by David Kirschner, had another a bit part as a photographer in another Bender/Kirschner production a year earlier in television film The Dreamer of Oz.
    • John Ritter, who played Jade's Smug Snake Dirty Cop Da Chief uncle in Bride of Chucky, had worked with the franchise's producer David Kirschner before in the aforementioned The Dreamer of Oz and the short-lived animated series Fish Police.
    • Kathy Najimy, who had The Cameo as the hotel maid who discovered the remains of the thieving couple in Bride of Chucky, had previously worked on the franchise's producer David Kirschner's family-oriented productions Hocus Pocus and Cats Don't Dance.
    • In a reversal sense, Gerrit Graham playing the Obstructive Bureaucrat foster father in the second film would be his first collaboration with the franchise's producer David Kirschner and a couple years later would work with him and the franchise's distributor Universal again on a short-lived television animated series of the An American Tail franchise, Fievel's American Tails, as The Other Darrin for John Cleese's character from Fievel Goes West.
  • Real-Life Relative: Curse of Chucky and Cult of Chucky star Fiona Dourif, the daughter of Chucky himself Brad Dourif.
    • Also in the original Child's Play Chucky was played in a one scene by Alex Vincent's (Andy's) little sister when Chucky runs from behind the couch while the babysitter was watching tv.
  • The Red Stapler: Inverted. Ever hear of "My Buddy" dolls? They looked a lot like Chucky. And the series effectively scrapped the line.
    • Played straight as well, as you can buy full-sized Chucky dolls.
  • Refitted for Sequel: Several sequences:
    • The death of the teacher and the factory finale in 2 were both intended to be featured in the original.
    • The opening scene in Child's Play 3 was originally how Child's Play 2 would have ended (and, in fact, a different version of it is used in some TV versions).
      • It was also how Child's Play was going to end back when the factory was the intended finale.
    • The evidence locker scene in Bride of Chucky was going to be the opening of Child's Play 2.
    • The electrocution of Tiffany in Bride of Chucky was how the babysitter died in an earlier draft of the first film's script.
    • The ending of Curse of Chucky with the court case and Chucky being among the evidence and Nica being declared legally insane was intended for the beginning of Child's Play 2 with Karen Barclay's character.
    • Child's Play 3 was going to have multiple Chuckies, which wound up being used in Cult of Chucky.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: As mentioned above, MGM owning the first movie and Universal owning the rest of the series has gotten in the way of producing a planned remake of the original.
  • Talking to Himself: In Seed, Tiff's voice actor, Jennifer Tilly, is a separate and very main character. They lampshade this a lot.
  • Throw It In!: Brad Dourif ad-libbed Chucky's infamous "fuck you" in the first film's elevator scene.
  • Troubled Production: The original film was plagued with issues. To wit:
    • Don Mancini's original script was retooled by Tom Holland, who argued that there was nobody to root for in it. Holland would go on to claim that Child's Play was his original script. When co-writers Don Mancini and John Lafia got the WGA involved, Holland had both barred from the set, greatly disappointing Mancini.
    • Problems during production included but did not stop at subzero temperatures during location filming in Chicago. Chris Sarandon recalls his vocal cords freezing during a scene between him and Catherine Hicks.
    • Tom Holland and David Kirschner had a highly contentious relationship on-set. It ultimately led to a physical altercation, largely due to Holland bullying Alex Vincent to get a believable performance during the scenes set at the mental hospital.
    • Kevin Yagher's Chucky puppets were very unreliable, due to the technology to create them still being quite nascent. Hours of filming time were lost due to F/X-related frustrations. Yagher recalls Holland asking things of his F/X team that were impossible to accomplish, including Chucky throwing objects at John Bishop in a rage(a scene similar to one included in Bride of Chucky).
    • Once post-production rolled around, things did not go much more smoothly. Holland's cuts of the film tested poorly with audiences. Jessica Walters gave a vocal performance as Chucky that Mancini claimed was unintentionally hilarious, citing that Chucky "sounded gay". Brad Dourif was brought in to redub the whole thing, resulting in some lip-sync issues with Chucky. Ultimately, Holland was let go in post, as he and the other filmmakers couldn't agree on how much screen time Chucky should have.
  • What Could Have Been: Child's Play creator Don Mancini original conception of Child's Play was completely different. Originally titled Blood Buddy, the dolls would have synthetic blood, and Andy would mix his blood with Buddy's fake blood as part of a blood brother ritual. The doll would come alive as a manifestation of Andy's ID, and kill the people Andy had unexpressed anger toward.
    • A Chucky video game for consoles was planned, but sadly the Kickstarter project only raised $585 of its $925,000 goal.
    • Initially, there was supposed to be a shot in Curse of Chucky that revealed that Andy owned a gun store, illustrating just how ready he was for Chucky's return.
    • The first movie was originally supposed to start with Charles Lee Ray following a drunken lady (with her face covered by a scarf) leaving a bar from Eddie Caputo’s van, chase her into an alley, then rip her scarf away to reveal Detective Mike Norris. This would then be followed by the chase that started the movie.
  • The Wiki Rule: The Child's Play Wiki.
  • Word of God: In an interview, it was revealed by Don Mancini that Tiffany’s maiden name is “Valentine”.

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