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  • What Chucky says in Child's Play 3:
  • Andy's Pre-Mortem One-Liner to Chucky towards the end of the first film.
    Chucky: (when about to be burnt up in the chimney) Andy, no. Please. We're friends till the end. Remember?
    Andy: This is the end, friend. (lights him on fire)
  • Let's play a game; Chucky says move your ass.
  • Whitehurst's Heroic Sacrifice in the third movie by Jumping on a Grenade.
    • Indeed. He'd been suffering the emotional abuse of his Jerkass cadet leader for quite some time before the film began, so a moment of true courage showed just how unbreakable his spirit was.
  • DeSilva standing up to Shelton and completely showing him up when ordered to do one-handed push-ups.
    • "I said 'You asshole' sir!"
  • In Cult of Chucky, after nearly 30 years and 7 movies, Chucky finally succeeds in possessing someone: Nica.
  • While he is a case of We Hardly Knew Ye, John Bishop earns a moment by not only refusing to aid Chucky in his scheme to become human again, but also giving him a brief but nontheless commendable "Reason You Suck" Speech.
    John Bishop: I can't do that, Chucky.
    Chucky: Why not?
    John Bishop: Because you're an abomination... an outrage against NATURE! YOU PERVERTED EVERYTHING I'VE TAUGHT YOU AND USED IT FOR EVIL, AND YOU HAVE TO BE STOPPED!!


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