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Heartwarming / Child's Play

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For the film series:

  • In Child's Play, a six-year-old Andy making Breakfast in Bed for his mom on his own birthday. In the same scene, when he attempts to rouse her by opening the window and stating that it is a beautiful day, his mother gazes at him, smiles, and agrees.
  • In the television cut of Child's Play 2, Phil and Joanne's interaction scenes, which exhibits Phil's Pet the Dog moments and shows he's not really a straight Jerkass that the theatrical cut interprets, but a Jerk with a Heart of Gold who genuinely loves his wife Joanne and his Obstructive Bureaucrat-ish suggestions to send Andy back to the Crisis Center was steering more towards to while Phil has nothing for Andy unlike his wife, he also has nothing against him, making himself clear that he is just unconfident that he and his wife could take care of such a troubled child. Unfortunately, the editors for the theatrical cut had to throw it all away, making Phil a straight Hate Sink and looking like that Phil wants to send him back because he does have something against him, unlike the TV cut's interpretation, and his death appearing to be less tragic then the television version.
    • Kyle developing a Big Sister Instinct towards Andy after viewing him as an annoyance at first.
  • In Bride of Chucky, Tiffany asks her neighbour Jesse to help her with a trunk in her car. Little does he know the trunk contains a recent victim of her boyfriend, Chucky. Because he broke her heart earlier, Tiffany tries to move on and flirt with Jesse, who politely rejects her, stating he already has a girlfriend. Rather than adhere to the stereotype of the serial killer ex, she takes it well and even offers Jesse useful advice that would help the relationship last. This would later prove too useful, though, when he points out the flaw in Tiffany and Chucky's marriage, which causes the killer couple to fight, saving the sweet innocent couple.
    • The moment when Chucky apologizes to Tiffany for putting them in their predicament (trapping her in a doll body after mocking her for holding a torch for him, and then both of them having to abscond all the way to Hackensack to retrieve the Heart of Damballa) is perhaps the closest that Chucky ever seems to come to showing both genuine remorse and something approaching selfless love (rather than just self-gratifying lust, amusement, or perverse admiration) for anyone besides himself, minor though it may be when compared against his litany of other crimes and despicable behavior.
  • In Seed of Chucky, Tiffany's instant concern for Glen upon meeting him ("Where are your mother and father?"), and subsequent reaction to finding out that he is her and Chucky's son. In the previous film, it had been hinted a couple times that she didn't just want to be a wife, she wanted to be a mother, so when she discovers that that dream has become a reality, the first thing she says to him is an overjoyed "Come to Mommy!", and gives him a big hug. And as the film goes on, she is the one that fully accepts that Glen doesn't want to be a killer, and even tries to turn over a new leaf herself for the sake of her child.
    • A slight moment in the ending. Despite the fact that Glen had to kill him, he still carries the photo Chucky took of them and the photographer they killed with him, showing that Glen still loved his father.
  • The Stinger in Curse of Chucky assures us that for all the crap Chucky gave Andy and his mom throughout the first three films, the two have finally managed to live a normal, happy life. And when Chucky tries to kill him again, well...let's say Andy's prepared this time.
  • In Cult of Chucky, Chucky of all people gets one when he kills Dr. Foley. Why? Because the good doctor had been sexually harassing Nica, whom Chucky has apparently considered her a Worthy Opponent enough for him to respect her. I guess Even Evil Has Standards. And what does Chucky say right before bashing Foley’s face in? “This is for Nica.”
    • And considering who Chucky and Nica are portrayed by, it makes this even more heartwarming.
  • Andy's plan to try and rescue Nica from the asylum. It doesn't work but it's the thought that counts.
  • After the Downer Ending in Cult of Chucky that sees Andy locked in the same asylum that Nica was in and may very well take the blame for the murders that happened there, it's nice to see The Stinger showing his foster-sister Kyle appearing at Andy's cabin to torture the original Chucky head. Not only that but her line "Andy sent me" implies that not only are they still in contact with one another (assuming that Andy didn't contact her while he's locked in the asylum) but that she'll hopefully try to rescue Andy.