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See here for the original franchise.

The whole 'artificial intelligence' thing is a Red Herring
It'll turn out that Chucky is Haunted Technology possessed by Charles Lee Ray's vengeful ghost
  • or at the very least a form of Brain Uploading where his mind is inside Chucky.
  • Nope. It's a straightforward 'malfunctioning AI' tale.

The film will set up Tiffany.
After the chucky doll is destroyed, Kaslan realizes this will stain their image. So all buddi dolls are scrapped, and production on a new doll named "Tiffani" Begins, just around the same time a woman with the same name is murdered...
  • Jossed. The film ends on a shot of a recalled Buddi malfunctioning in its box.

Kaslan will blame everything on some anonymous hacker
Their internal investigation will lead to the discovery of what the factory worker had done (disabling the safety protocols from his workstation) and lead to internal changes. But, publicly, they'll just claim that all the horrible events that took place were committed by some unknown hacker or group to avoid any civil or legal liability.
  • To give the cover story more credibility, they'll claim the hacker is named Charles Lee Ray and he's the one who coerced the worker into disabling the doll's protocols as a protest. They'll also add that it's an alias, so law enforcement will chase after a ghost, driving attention away from Kaslan.

Chucky can transfer his mind into another doll.
Before Chucky "died", he transfered his mind into another Buddi doll. The doll you see at the end is really Chucky.

The sequel will feature a human Tiffany.
Two things could happen: 1. In the next movie, Chucky will develop romantic feelings for a troubled teenage girl name Tiffany. 2. Tiffany will have a doll fetish (agalmatophilia), and fall in love with Chucky.
  • Chucky will show his love by killing Tiffany's abusive boyfriend (who'll resemble the goth from Bride of Chucky).

Shane is Andy's father.
Years ago, Karen and Shane had an affair while she was married to her husband. After the husband left her and Andy, Shane came back into her life. She is aware Shane is married and the father of her kid. All Shane wanted to do was bond with Andy (doing a sucky job at it).

Buddi dolls are modified military hardware.
This would suggest why they have such strength and violence settings.

Mark Hamill will return if there's a sequel.
It'd be great to see Hamill voice Chucky again since he did a good job.

The Kaslan CEO/founder will be killed by Chucky in the sequel
To continue following parallels/similarities to the other films.
  • Additionally, it is believed that Child's Play 2 from the original franchise was going to have multiple Chuckys, but had to hold off because of budget restraints until Cult of Chucky. The new Chucky is an AI in the Cloud, and we already saw him control multiple dolls within ZED Mall.
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  • The CEO/founder's death will be the result of his ill-fated attempt to revive the Buddi dolls, believing enough time has passed to recover from the bad publicity, as well as ignoring protests from the board of directors who fear the revival would only lead to more negative repercussions for the company.

The sequel will introduce a traditional Chucky
A serial killer named Charles Lee Ray will buy a Buddi doll. Because of its loyalty to him, the doll will become murderous and evil. Eventually, Charles Lee Ray will die and arrange for Brain Uploading into his Buddi doll, creating the traditional Chucky.
  • Alternately, Charles Lee Ray will be a pedophile who'll use the Buddi doll (which may be the same doll at the end) to lure children. An accident will place his mind into the doll.