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Page for Wild Mass Guessing on A Crown of Stars:

The Super Robot Wars army is allied with the Avalon Empire
Come on. It is completely logical. Both sides have cool ships, ridiculously overpowered cool mechas and a bunch of people determined to make heroic deeds. And the different Super robot armies have travelled across the time and dimensions. It is pretty much inevitable that some versions of Kouji Kabuto, Ryoma Nagare, Amuro Rei and Noriko Takaya are running around in the Empire.

After helping "A Throne Of Bayonets" Shinji and Asuka, Daniel will rescue their counterparts of more worlds
Specifically from Scar Tissue, The Death Of One and The Lighthouse, because they are also very messed-up.

Shinji and Asuka will have a daughter...
And she will be their universe's counterpart of Aki of The Second Try and Aki-chan's Life or Teri of The Child of Love. Most likely Aki, since she has been conceived post- Third Impact.

After the war Shinji and Asuka will meet more counterparts of other realities
They will be introduced to the Shinjis and Asuka from
Super Robot Wars, Nobody Dies, Once More with Feeling, The Second Try, Scar Tissue, Evangelion 303, Children of an Elder God, Shinji And Warhammer 40 K, Thousand Shinji, Last Child of Krypton and maybe some more universes. A bunch of interesting and awkward conversations will follow.

One of the areas of the Second Chances resort world serves as kindergarten for Shinji and Asuka's offspring of different realities
And you can find Aki Ikari and Teri Ikari often playing together in the sandbox.

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