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Heartwarming / A Crown of Stars

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Page for Heartwarming moments found in A Crown of Stars:

  • In the first chapter Shinji and Asuka are at their lowest point... and then they meet their older selves, holding hands, smiling happily, Asuka pregnant with Shinji's baby and telling them they are allowed to be happy and they must not be scared.
  • Ching is telling Asuka she is not awful and she is not unloveable... and then she shows Asuka the HMS Asuka Langley Sohryu, a moon-sized space-ship crewed by people who has found out about her story and loves her.
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  • Chapter 25, "The Only Question That Really Matters". Shinji and Asuka finally have a long talk. Shinji confesses. Asuka warns him this will not be easy, and Shinji replies that nothing in their lives has been easy, so why would the good things be easy? She asks "And is this a good thing?". Shinji answers: "The best in the world."
  • After the ball, Asuka notices Shinji is looking at her. He starts telling "I'm sorry" out of habit and then she cuts him off and tells "Never ever say you're sorry for looking at me. I want you to always look at me."
  • Asuka telling that Shinji made her feeling happy for first time in years.
  • When Asuka told Shinji that she was pregnant Shinji seemed oddly calm. He said he was on the brink of freaking out, but he knew she was freaking out right now so he could hold it back until she was feeling good.
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  • Asuka finally forgiving Shinji and asking him forgiving her for her actions in Instrumentality.
  • Chapter 74. "I love you". That's all.


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