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The Devil Inside is an obscure Survival Horror Third-Person Shooter written by Hubert Chardot (who worked on the Alone in the Dark series), developed by Gamesquad, and published by Cryo Interactive on PC back in 2000.

You play as Dave, a Super-Soldier-slash-Occult Detective who fights his way through a Haunted House infested with zombies... ON LIVE TELEVISION! That's right, there is actually a cameraman who transmits your exploits live to the studio, an anchorman who keeps commenting on them and cracking morbid jokes, and even a live audience that cheers for you. For extra Fanservice, Dave can at certain points call upon and transform into his eponymous devil inside, the succubus Deva.

It is completely unrelated to the 2012 found-footage film The Devil Inside. Or with the YouTube series of the same name.

The game provides examples of:

  • Brass Balls: Dave carries a virtual arsenal on his body and has the power of transforming into a devil. Your cameraman has... well, a camera. Guess whose balls are bigger.
  • Deadly Game: It's Dave and Deva versus a house full of very real zombies and demons, broadcast live for the audiences at home.
  • Escort Mission: Subverted: Although you do have to protect your cameraman from the zombies, they will not target him specifically and even if they do, another cameraman will soon replace him.
  • Fanservice: In-Universe, the viewers definitely prefer Deva to Dave.
  • Gender Bender: Dave's eponymous "devil inside" is a female demon named Deva.
  • Haunted House: The first stage of the game is set in and around an abandoned house populated by zombies and demons.
  • Hot as Hell: Deva is damn good-looking, even for the time's graphics.
  • Hyperspace Arsenal: Dave's. Deva averts it by using magical spells.
  • Meaningful Name: Jack T. Ripper, the host.
  • Our Zombies Are Different: Lots of subtypes of them here, some a lot nastier than others.
  • Occult Detective: Dave seems to specialize on this kind of jobs.
  • Show Within a Show: And you are part of both.
  • Survival Horror: Though it's much easier to survive with all the guns you find than in most specimen of the genre.
  • Video Game Caring Potential: Seriously, can you really let your silent companion, the Cameraman, be mauled to death by zombies?