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Quite some time ago, some guy named someguy2000 created a mod for Fallout 3 called Potomac Breakesnote . He was not pleased with the progress of the mod and decided to re-make the series in Fallout: New Vegas under the title New Vegas Bounties. Though the premise is simple, you hunt bounties in New Vegas, it was well received and became a well-known mod for its great voice acting, deep, lore-friendly story and hard battles. It even became part of the famous New Vegas Enhanced Content mod.

Soon afterwards, someguy2000 created several more mods, all of which are tied in some way to the original New Vegas Bounties.

Thus was born The Someguy Series. An incredible set of questlines for New Vegas, the stories are all deep and compelling, the voice acting is near if not AT professional level, and the battles are big, hard, chaotic and freaking awesome.

The master file regulating all the mods can be found here, with links to all the mods themselves in the page.

Considered some of the greatest mods in the fandom, the Someguy Series is a must look for anyone who wants to extend their FNV shelf life.

Other than modding, someguy has also done Let's Plays and mod reviews on his YouTube channel which can be found here.

Mods under The Someguy Series:

  • Released:
    • Potomac Breaks Part 1: Someguy's first mod he made for Fallout 3. The story is about the player working for the regulators as a bounty hunter under the orders of a man known as Marshall Cooper. Broad Strokes canon with the rest of the series.
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    • New Vegas Bounties, II and III: as described above. Designed to be a remake of the planned Potomac Breaks series.
    • The Inheritance: a Heroic Bloodshed ish story about a man asking you to deliver a package, and you getting caught up in what happens next.
    • Russell: a companion mod adding the eponymous former Desert Ranger and Bounty Hunter, a cynical man who hates the NCR but nonetheless fights for good. Requires Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road DLC installed. Note that the story is complete, but some characters lack voices. Also note that this is the only adult-rated mod, due to massive Gorn.
    • King of the Ring: a boxing mod someguy made as a little side project during the development of New Vegas Bounties 3.
    • New Vegas Killer: another bounty hunter mod following the events of NVBI if you side with Judge Richter at the end.
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    • Bad Mothafucka: A super mutant companion with some rather interesting philosophical points.
    • New Vegas Bounties III; the long-awaited conclusion to the New Vegas Bounties series, including a climactic final confrontation with Marko.
    • The Better Angels: A short epilogue to the New Vegas branch of the series as a whole, centering around dealing with the fallout from the slave uprising that would have featured in Sinners and Slaves and The Siege of Firebase Zulu, while also wrapping up several other minor plot threads.
    • Checkpoint Gary: A minor mod someguy made to cope with "burgeoning madness" that he was suffering while waiting for the then-upcoming Fallout 4. The mod puts courier nearby Grand Canyon where the local garrison is trying to repel seemingly never ending swarm of abominations attacking them.

  • Upcoming Mods:
    • Big In Vegas: Little is known about this New Vegas project at this point, other than it's going to be a collection of random small quests and it's only loosely related to the rest of the series.

  • Cancelled Mods:

Tropes from the entire series:

  • Anachronic Order: Averted for NVB, played straight for the rest. NVB 2 will not start until you complete NVB 1. The others, however, can be played in any order you wish.
  • Ascended Extra: Marko was originally just a mysterious rapist and serial killer mentioned in a note found on the corpse of a wastelander in Fallout 3 who died trying to track him down for revenge. He becomes the Bigger Bad of the Someguy Series, leaving a trail of innocent victims across the devastated USA, and now commands a small army of psychopaths aligned with Caesar’s Legion. Though unseen in NVB I, he drives the plot, as Randall’s bounty hunting career was triggered by Marko’s rape and murder of his wife and child, and The Judge reports to Marko. He’s still the unseen Greater-Scope Villain of NVB II, and finally shows his ugly face in III.
  • Author Appeal:
    • Being a native Texan himself, Someguy's mods tend to have a lot more southern characters around than it would make sense in the setting. This gets lampshaded by Bobby Bass in New Vegas Killer
      "People say "That's not possible! How's a Southerner-" Motherfucker, I WALKED! I got two legs, I walked my ass here."
    • He also has a thing for creating simplistic title artworks, usually just containing text on a stock image background.
    • Many locations throughout the series have famous classical paintings on the walls.
  • Big Bad: A mysterious man named Marko plays a big role in all the mods... we haven't seen him yet, but he's responsible for nearly everything you face and feared by nearly everyone you encounter.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: At the end of The Inheritance, if the player claimed Zimmer's cache of gold, the Courier will be approached by various people who have heard of their newfound wealth and ask for charitable donations. One of these is a woman named Esther, who asks for ten thousand caps to start an orphanage. She actually uses the money to start a child slavery ring, and forces the player to make a Sadistic Choice between taking their revenge and saving the kids. What's more, she gets away scot-free the ''second'' time she runs across the player, too! And, even more cruelly, the third time you run into her, she is pregnant and dating a character who is arguably good. If you kill her, he turns on you and you are forced to kill him as well!
  • Bittersweet Ending: Most of the mod's best endings fall under this:
    • In the New Vegas Bounties, if you choose, Marko can be ultimately be hunted down and killed at the hands of the Courier, at the cost all of the residents of Frosthill. The Courier is badly wounded and emotionally shaken by these events, but after the battle of FOB Omega, comes to a measure of peace and closure after helping to save the remnants of a slave uprising.
    • In Russel, the heroes managed to save Silverwood from the Legion attack, but Glanton managed to get away with his slaughter of the Sand Wolves, and the aforementioned tribe eventually fragmented, with a few survivors swearing an oath to enact vengeance on Glanton and the Courier who failed to stop him.
    • In the end of Inheritance, the Courier can potentially inherit the Enclave gold that everyone was after, but at the cost of Sean Bradley's life, not to mention afterwards, the various folks who want a piece of the treasure themselves, most of them have ulterior and/or malicious intentions.
  • Bounty Hunter: Play a big part in all the mods. NVB follows your career as a bounty hunter, Russell follows you helping the guy with a particularly difficult bounty, and several organizations you meet make use of or are against bounty hunting.
  • Cluster F-Bomb: Bad Mothafucka. The exact description, by Someguy himself: "Bad Mothafucka isn't merely profane - it is a celebration of profanity."
    • Taken to the next level with Cocker and Cutty in Bounties III and The Better Angels. Their rants must simply be heard to be believed.
  • Compensating for Something: The aptly named Charlie Halfcocked, whose penis was shot off, is the proud owner of a seven foot long sniper rifle named The Penetrator.
  • Continuity Nod: Your actions in one mod, and the sequence you do them, affect the other mods. Aside from that, Someguy also makes references to the other Fallout games, as well as the people and events of New Vegas itself.
  • Cut-and-Paste Environments: Interior maps based on Goodsprings' Victor shack, Goodsprings saloon, and the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker are all over the place.
  • Country Matters: Plenty of characters utter the c-word quite a lot in his mods, including the Courier in select dialogue choices.
    • New Vegas Killer and Bounties III even have a character named Cunty McLean.
  • The Dreaded: The above mentioned Big Bad, Marko.
  • Dynamic Difficulty: Starting with The Inheritance, someguy has put in variables that allow dungeons to change depending on your actions.
  • Foreshadowing: Firebase Zulu, a former NCR firebase now under Legion control, is discussed by many important NPCs throughout every mod, and many know that soon, a war will break out that will heavily influence the Mojave in countless ways. May be turned into You Should Know This Already once the main mod comes out and someguy modifies the master file to account for the order in which you do things.
    • Aborted Arc: Unfortunately Word of God states that we will never actually see Firebase Zulu as it has been scrapped.
    • Marko is also revered by/feared by/commanding many characters in the game. Especially seen in the ending of Russell's companion quest.
  • Grey-and-Grey Morality: Though most of the time you can choose to be in the white, even then, the forces you ally and go against have ulterior motives and questionable means and to achieve them. Unless you take the other route, of course.
  • Let's You and Him Fight: Near the end of The Inheritance, Zimmerman, head of The Syndicate, locks you and Bradley in a weapons vault primed to fill with nerve gas. He gives you a Sadistic Choice: the two of you can fight to the death, or you can refuse and die to the nerve gas. You can either fight Bradley, talk him into going out on his own terms, or win a coin toss.
  • Motor Mouth: Bobby Bass will run your ear off about plants, dogs, and big titties.
  • Nazi Gold: The closest Fallout equivalent shows up in The Inheritance, in which the eponymous inheritance turns to be a cache of Enclave gold.
  • Nintendo Hard: Ohhh boy. Finding NVB I somewhat easy, someguy kicked up the sequel heavily, with you assaulting entire bases filled and crowded with mooks in heavy armor instead of the original's one-versus-one battles. The other mods tone it down, but only barely. God help you if you go into the Better Angels without every game-breaking weapon and companion in your arsenal. Likewise for fighting Zimmer in a sword duel without dedicated combat skills and perks.
  • Pokémon Speak: The titular "Bad Mothafucka" is a Super Mutant who only says the word "Mothafucka" with various inflections.
  • Sadistic Choice: Someguy loves this trope.
  • Sequel Hook: All of the mods end with you getting closer to finding out who Marko is, and foreshadow your meeting with him. Best seen in Russell's ending, which shows EXACTLY what's happening in NVB 3.
  • Shout-Out: Nods to the works of Cormac McCarthy, namely Blood Meridian and No Country for Old Men, are prevalent in most of Someguy's mods. Many bounties are references to film characters such as Tony Montana, Freddy Krueger, and Mr. Joshua from Lethal Weapon. He also gives several nods to AlChestBreach in his mods.
    • A quest in New Vegas Bounties II has the Courier storm yet another Fiend drug den and it's possible to encounter and kill Jesse Pinkman and Walther White who work for the Fiends as drug producers.
  • Take That!: Several scathing rants by various characters are aimed at Lonesome Road villain Ulysses, calling out his tendencies to be wholely self-centered and to ramble on about political anarchy.
    • New Vegas Killer has a few:
      • Jorge Martin is a food-loving novelist, who has been taking forever to finish writing his popular fantasy series, and owns a pair of dogs named Jon and Tyrion. Sound familiar?
      • A couple of Bobby Bass' comments about Dexler are clearly poking fun at one of the more reviled story arcs in later seasons of Dexter, and its effect on the title character.
      • Bobby also takes a jab at the NCR soldiers' tendency to relentlessly complain about the local weather in the main game.
  • Those Two Guys: Cutty and Cocker.
  • The Syndicate: And guess what? It's called The Syndicate.
  • The Western: NVB and Russell definitely count, with all the main antagonists and even some of your allies cowboys of the highest caliber. And yes, they all use revolvers and knives and wear dusters and cowboy hats. Even in the other mods, where the effect is lessened, you can't deny the Western feel of it all.
  • Wild Card: Russell and Bradley, two of the main characters in the mods, really don't like the NCR leadership and find many doubts over whether they can hold the Mojave. Russell especially, if you ask him, says straight upfront that he supports an Independent New Vegas.


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