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You cannot stop The Devil Inside.

The Devil Inside is a series by McJuggerNuggets (best known for the Psycho Series), which is followed up from the Snapper series, in which Jesse snaps into several different characters. In this series, Jesse has snapped into the character Isaac, the main manifestation of his depression from the end of the Psycho Series, and indulges his sorrows in drugs, pranks, and other dangerous behaviors. All the while, the Ridgway family, as well as Parker, is concerned for Isaac, as they still believe he is Jesse Until the video my life is falling apart, that is.

The playlist can be found for this series here.

No relation with the 2012 found-footage film of the same name. Or with the Survival Horror game from 2000, for that matter.


"You ready for some FUN TROPES?"

  • The Aggressive Drug Dealer: Zig-Zagged with Longbags, Isaac's dealer.
  • all lowercase letters: All the videos from my life is falling apart to the devil inside, as well as people are overrated. not you though.
  • Anti-Hero: Isaac.
  • Battle Strip: In VENGEANCE IN THE GRAVEYARD, after Isaac attacks Jake Dufner, Ademir Adamo, and Mikey Manfs, he is left shirtless.
  • Darker and Edgier: In comparison to the early episodes of the Psycho Series, the series is admittedly dark.
  • Driven to Suicide: Isaac has made several attempts to end his own life, to the concern of the Ridgway family.
  • Even Evil Has Standards: When Isaac accidentally loses his cocaine stash, Joe Bumpus' children get into it, not knowing what it was. This actually gets Isaac worried, as he usuaally has a carefree attitude.
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  • Knife Nut: Isaac, but he only has one... that we know of.
  • No Name Given: The descriptions of each video addressed Isaac as '???' until the video my world is crumbling.
  • Wham Line:
    "My name isn't Jesse. My name is Isaac."


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