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Trivia / The Devil Inside

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  • Creator Killer: The poor reception of the film temporarily killed off Paramount's Insurge Pictures sublabel note , and with the exception of Project Almanac and Katy Perry's Part of Me, was relegated to near Direct to VOD movies and shut down in 2016.
  • Genre-Killer: For Found Footage Films. While Chronicle, released a month later was well-received, the genre as a whole started to decline in popularity. To date, no Found Footage film has been able to match The Devil Inside's $33 million opening.
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  • Not Screened for Critics: This was cited as the likely reason the film opened with blockbuster numbers in its first week and then virtually disappeared in subsequent weeks.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Plans for a sequel were swiftly aborted after the massive fallout that followed the film's lack of an ending.


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