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Video Game / Star Strike (1995)

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Star Strike is one of the last FMV games for the Sega CD by Sony Imagesoft. The video was done by Stargate Studios. The pending release in late 1995 was canceled due to the demise of the system only for the game to get picked up 5 years later by Good Deal Games who released it under their own name primarily targeted at retro enthusiasts.

You play as Trace, a rookie pilot who must defend Earth against the Protoids, a race of evil brain-eating aliens. His quest will take him to the farthest reaches of space, where everything looks the same and joystick wiggling is mandatory each time an enemy ship is shot down.


The game was MSTed by Retsupurae. If you've got half an hour to kill, it's definitely worth watching.

Not to be confused with the Intellivision game of the same name.

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