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It's a boo bash!

Manic Panic Ghosts is a very little known 2007 touch screen based arcade game from Sega.

The story has the player character caught in a rain storm and coming across a house for shelter. Of course the house is haunted, but thankfully the first ghost the PC comes across is a friendly one name Sebastian who explains the house has been taken over by more mischievous ghosts and could use your help in taming them, arming the protagonist with a wand/hammer to help fight the threats. Along the way, the pair keep coming across a girl who seems to be in charge of the ghosts and that Sebastian seems to be familiar with.

The game is a mini-game compilation similar in the vein of Namco's Point Blank (1994) (Who ironically did something similar in a game called Ghoul Panic years prior). Your given a task and have to reach a quota before the time runs out, often times likewise having to avoid certain targets as well (good ghosts, bombs, etc). Succeed and you stay in the game, fail and you lose a life and losing all is game over obviously. The game is played with a wand which you use on the touch screen to complete the tasks, though a majority of which is generally hitting the target, though a few requires dragging objects. There's also a co-op mode that put emphasis on teamwork, having one of the players doing one task while the other does something else (for example, one raises a gate while the other takes out the ghosts within.).



  • Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence: In the good ending, Sebastian and his female friend pass on to Heaven along with the other ghosts of the house.
  • Brainwashed and Crazy: The Boo-Boss has taken control a few of the ghost in the house and turned them malicious, including Sebastian's friend.
  • Balloon Belly: One game has you feeding ghosts by knocking food toward at them for them to catch then eat until they balloon up and explode.
  • Cute Ghost Girl: Sebastian's unnamed female friend is one.
  • Friendly Ghost: Sebastian is a very polite and well mannered one, there are also a few friendly ones you have to avoid hitting. His friend he's trying to save is initially one, but is being controlled.
  • Haunted House: Natch, the game takes place in one of course.
  • Mini Game Game: The basis of the gameplay, you pick one of two games through six sets and have to meet the quota given while avoiding hitting targets you're not suppose to.
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  • Monster Mash: Most of the enemies you face are ghost, but penultimate bosses are a vampire and Frankenstein's monster.
  • Multiple Endings: A good and bad one:
    • Bad is achieved by failing the final boss fight. The girl Sebastian and you were tailing corrupt Sebastian who then proceeds to attack you.
    • Good has you succeeding in the final fight. After taking care of the monster the girl sends at you, she's purged of her corruption. The game ends here in co-op, but single player has a final round with the Boo-boss. After defeating him, the ghosts in the manor are free from Boo-Boss's influence and proceed to pass on, Sebastian and her female friend included who thank you for your help.
  • No Name Given: We never learn Sebastian's friend name other then that he calls her "Young Miss".
  • One-Winged Angel: Under the Boo-Boss control, Sebastian's friend takes on a Gothic Lolita look complete with wings and a third eye, almost making her look like a succubus.